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Re: Singer 99k handcrank
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I should make a pair of pot holders too. I used to have a single red pot holder with a sort of pocket that made it very handy, the hand slipped in easily into it and were insulated. I haven't seen any like it for ages, I guess it's one of those things we have to make our self. What type of batting for pot holders?

You have sorted it all out now, but when my old 99 didn't release tension it was cause by very sticky old oil at the bottom behind the face plate. There is a lever tilting back and forth, it has to be clean and only a bit of clean, fresh oil on the metal parts.
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Re: Singer 99k handcrank
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Cleaning out that bit was one of the things I did. Somewhere I read it's a build up of oil dripping down from other bits and very common.

I use my old ironing board cover and some quilting cotton for pot holders. Double thickness padding, an 8 inch square and a 8x5 rectangle. Layer and quilt both. Binding on one long edge of rectangle and then binding fixing the two together. One pot holder you can put your hand in or use as a mat. 
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Re: Singer 99k handcrank
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It is possible to buy 'thermo' wadding because I have some that I bought for my sister-in-law's table runner. Where'd I buy it??? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe Amazon...  -<
How much is an ironing board cover? Probably cheaper and also a little bit genius!  8)
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Re: Singer 99k handcrank
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I got some insulating stuff for the ironing board last year - from the Pound Shop.

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