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Ernest Wright scissors in Production again.


Re: Ernest Wright scissors in Production again.
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As some of you know, I purchased a pair of 10 inch side bent scissors about four years ago, from Ernest Wright. I've only used them twice/ three times during this time however, as they have always been very stiff to open and close after cutting into any fabric 'a few times'.  So not really wanting to make a fuss and knowing all the troubles and past problems Ernest Wright has had, I decided to put them aside and 'forgot about them', thinking in time with maybe the 'occasional use' they would 'loosen up', however each time I used them, the same problem ensued - after a few cuts, the scissors just became to stiff to use over time my scissors simply became 'forgotten'...  :'(

Anyway, this week I had tidy up in my sewing space and I discovered these beautiful engineered scissors again and decided to give them another try at cutting fabric.....however, sadly again the same problem occurred.  Then I remembered I'd received an email a few weeks ago, from Ernest Wright saying they were now back in business again. So not knowing what to expect, I decided to contact Ernest Wright regarding my problem....and Paul, whom I have been chatting to regularly, replied promptly and with upmost professionalism every time, he suggested I return the scissors  for a further examination, either by post or in person, as it seemed something definitely wasn't right.....and after arranging  with him beforehand, that is what I and my hubby have done today and made the trip to Sheffield.

I met Pam, a lovely lady who clearly has Ernest Wrights best interests at heart and again was very pleasant and happy to see that my scissors were put right. I have to say, after trying out my scissors for herself, Pam wasted no time in agreeing with me, 'something wasn't right with my scissors' and set off to bring in Cliff who also 'assessed the scissors'.

So, whilst Pam, myself and my hubby chatted, together.... Cliff, opened and closed my scissors, gave them a once over, with his expert eye..... and then with a 'look on his face, that only a man with the many years of experience and knowledge that Cliff has'.....he disappeared.. and brought in Peter, who both immediately began to discuss the scissors ... (Peter is another lovely man and is part of the team that make up the new owners of Ernest Wright), Peter is learning 'the ropes' from 'Cliff) and both men today proved to me, that  they both 'clearly know their stuff'' and whilst Cliff is truly one of the best in his trade, Peter is learning the trade from Cliff, very well. They both went off and returned a while later, handed me my scissors and said to me, 'try these again'..... My scissors are now the best they have ever been and cut as precisely as they ever did before, but the action of opening and closing is so much smoother and fluent.

The problem Cliff told me, was that they had been fitted originally with two holding springs, .....Cliff removed one and reshaped the edge, making adjustments as he found necessary..... they are now absolutely perfect and a joy to use, once more I look forward to many years of use with them.

So, if you are thinking of buying a pair of Ernest Wright scissors, be assured that you really are getting the best in hand made precision and if like me, you do happen to find a problem with your scissors, be also assured that Ernest Wright will do their best to put things right., with no qualms or quarrels....
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Re: Ernest Wright scissors in Production again.
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Really nice to hear!