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« on: February 15, 2019, 15:43:48 PM »
Lovely jersey and other stuff, just bought the trees French terry, though I wouldn’t call it a true French terry, there’s no terry but is more sturdy than a jersey, think a bit thicker Art Gallery knit.


Re: Loubodu
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Oooh - they have some lovely stuff!   :loveit: 

I like the way they're doing their pricing, too - on the thumbnail page the price is per metre, so you know from the outset what the price it, but on the product page it's per half metre, and clearly marked as such.  No going to the product page and getting a nasty shock!
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Re: Loubodu
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@Efemera   thanks so much for this - I had never heard of them but following your post I have discovered they are only 10 miles away from me - and I didn`t think I had any decent fabric shops nearby!  A little trip might be in order tomorrow!
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