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#1 Fajita's entry
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#2 Lyn-J's 1st entry
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#3 Lyn-J's 2nd entry
45 (45%)
#4 SewRuthieSews entry
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#5 Ros' entry
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Vote for the Winner of the Selfless February Contest


Vote for the Winner of the Selfless February Contest
« on: March 01, 2019, 01:12:36 AM »
# 1 - Fajita's entry

I finished the shirt for the other half.

Fajita's Entry (indicate the number if you have more than one entry)

What is it and for whom.       
This is a man's shirt, made by request for my husband.

Pattern used       
This was a commercial Mens' shirt pattern, Version A of Simplicity 1544 BB

A short description on how you made it/problems overcome/etc.
It was sewn on a Bernina 550QE, and it was tailored slightly by increasing the back and front lengths, and a belly adjustment; the sleeves were shortened and the cuffs shortened. The front pocket was increased to take account of fitting in a mobile phone.
The biggest problem I had was sourcing buttons, locally.

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# 2 Lyn-J's 1st entry

Baby outfit for DGS7
Sew Over It Strawberry Sweatshirt and Tangerine Trousers

this is a test run using fabric from stash. Sewinf aroung the feet was easier than I expected, but because I used quite a wide overlocking stitch when I turned them right side out the seam went into "corners". Its the same on RTW, I'll try narrower overlocking next time. sorry blurred picture.

#3 Lyn-J's 2nd entry

Baby's Wardrobe for DGS7
Sew Over It: Strawberry Sweatshirt, Tangerine Trousers, Honeydew Hoodie, Clover Trousers, Dandelion Dungarees
Butterick 6030 for Hat, Shirts, Jogging Bottoms and Tee-shirt.
Sweat shirting and Navy nautical print is new the rest is from stash.
Started off making just a few things, then kept on making things out of left overs. Original project tripled in size. I used plastic poppers for the first time, much better than metal ones with spikes. I embroidered the tee shirt.

#4 SewRuthieSew's entry

Glamorous Nun Character Costume for my friend B

My friend B has been invited to a Murder Mystery party, where each of the guests has a character. Hers appears to be a nun though it later turns out she is not. So she wanted a nun costume with a few wrong bits to give the hint.

She is a much smaller size than I am, so I took a few measurements and chose styles which didn't need a lot of fitting.
For the main dress we used Simplicity 8055, cutting a 10 in the upper body, flaring out to a 12 at the hips.

I added 14 inches to the length of the dress and 9 inches to the length of the sleeves. This gave a long dress with long sleeves.

For the white collar, I made a polo neck poncho from a white knit fabric, using Simplicty 8376 as a starting point.

I traced off the upper front and back and extended the shoulder line and added a curve. I also cut the neckband much deeper than the pattern to give a polo neck (turtle neck). I finished the edges with overlocking.

I thrifted two necklaces and combined them to make a neckpiece.

I made a headdress from a square of fabric with one corner cut off and the opposite corner rounded. This was stitched to a headband sized to B's head.

(Excuse the cushion pad standing in for B's head!)

It was a lot of fun making this and I hope to get a photo of B wearing it soon.

#5 Ros' entry

I have been selfless and finished/made 2 tops for my mum's birthday. A scroop henrietta maria in a viscose print and a cashmerette montrose in cotton. Hopefully have managed to attach a picutre of the latter.  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

For interest the HM was graded from size 42 neck/shoulder to 46. 3 inches added to length as this pattern is short even for us stumpies.  Circa 2 inches removed from sleeve width neck to wrist. I started this in Jan so not eligible (but practically remade last weekend with all the flippin tweaks).

The montrose was much easier. Bust dart moved up half an inch. Graded 18C/D bust out to 20 at waist and 19 ish at hip. Added 6 inches to sleeve length to make it full length with a thin binding finish.

Mum loved both.  :angel:

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#6 Starryfish’s entry
What is it and for whom- pyjamas for DH

Pattern used Lekala 61082 T shirt and Lekala 6048 elasticated waist bottoms

A short description on how you made it/problems overcome/etc.- - Lekala have custom measurements so I did not have to adjust for DH's expanded waistline. I compared the shape to his existing Ts and it seemed very close. The bottoms were quite a lot wider than his current ones so I narrowed them, they were also longer and I cut them down to match. He only wears them to sleep, so I saw no need to add pockets or a decorative drawstring.


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