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Sewing For Little Ones - Voting Thread


Sewing For Little Ones - Voting Thread
« on: March 02, 2019, 23:30:55 PM »
#1 Bodgeitandscarper’s 1st entry

The first little romper suit I've sewn for my first grandson due in June.

It's from Simplicity 8098, view B, but without the top half/shirt section.
For the first time ever, I traced off the pattern in case I want it for bigger sizes.  As I omitted the upper half, I even did it properly and cut some facing bits for the top edges, and had to extend the straps to go down the back (they finish at the shoulders on the pattern).
I sent my daughter a pic and she said "it's amazing".  I wouldn't go that far...

#2 b15erk's entry

Finished yesterday, the Lily Poppins dress.

The top was made using Burda 5148 and I added the self drafted collar.  This was meant as a toile, and so, if I make another, I will raise the neckline a little.  It is fastened using a placket at the back, and metal snaps.  The button band at the front is faux, but has no buttons on yet as they failed to arrive in time for WBDay.

The skirt was made using the coat skirt of BurdaStyle 12/2012#156 as an A line base.  It is quite heavy as I used a thin cotton base to which I attached 3 frilled layers, and filled the top in using offcuts, so that the white base wouldn't show through when I added the pleated apron at the front, and the large bow at the back. I lined the skirt and attached both layers to an elasticated waistband. 

The hat was decorated by Lilya and mummy.

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#3 Bogwoppit's 1st entry

World book Day - Lift the flap - Human body.

My youngest helped me draw internal organs on a plain t-shirt. I sewed a rib cage from a funny brushed fabric. Thought it was felt but it is woven and frays so I did a narrow zigzag around all the edges before cutting the holes. Used a permanent marker to highlight edges under instruction from the wearer and drew a spine and shoulder blades on the solid back. Sternum is double and has velcro so it can be opened to show the organs.

Skin coloured waistcoat from lining material. I used Oliver and S parachute polo as a base shape and added front button bands and velcro. Neck and arms are bias bound.  My husband said why are you taking so much time over that - I was practicing techniques on a fabric I've not used before.

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Might managed a modelled pic in the morning.

Here we go, with big brother as Dr Who (David Tennant, his best mate went as Matt Smith). Sewing for brother was taking up sleeves, narrowing trousers and shortening tie.

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#4 Bodgeitandscarper's 2nd entry

Simplicity 8098 for another little romper suit.

This time I used some clear kamsnaps instead of the white ones on the first romper, but other wise much the same, using view B but without the shirt top part.  I elasticated the back waist on both of them.

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#5 sewmuchmore's entry

Only had time to do a couple of simple Skorts for the Diva who is 8 and now learning to be a cheerleader so wanted something to wear to class.
The pattern was from a Prima mag, last year I think. And the fabric was from the stash, it is a plain cotton feel scuba from the Textile Centre, their description Light-weight poly/viscose/elastane jersey. This fabric has a two way stretch giving a comfortable fit when garment is made. Powder soft to the touch. One side has a cotton feel and the other side is your typical scuba fabric, only lighter in weight.
The colours are really vibrant and the fabric was lovely to sew.
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#6 SewRuthieSew's 1st entry

Refashion of an old adult Rugby shirt into a pint sized version for the mascot, with bonus shorts.

Here's the mascot in his new shirt and shorts.
For the shirt I kept the collar and logo of the original shirt but cut the sides and bottom away. I used the bottom section of the sleeves to make new smaller sleeves, and coverhemmed the hem of the shorter shirt.

The shorts were made from a the lower edge of the shirt.

With a stitched opening for the tail.
As this is a sitting bear I lengthened the back crotch and shortened the front crotch.

I didn't use a pattern for the shirt, just made it to fit the bear.
For the shorts I used New Look 6961 as a starting point then shortened the legs to shorts, angled the waist to give a longer back crotch/shorter front crotch and stitched round a hole I had left for the tail.

Here's the XL shirt I started with.

#7 Starryfish’s entry

 A dress for my only Granddaughter aged 2 1/2

Pattern used  New Look 6441

I had no real issues apart from the usual sewing pieces to the wrong piece and unpicking sessions. I only had an invisible zip, so changed the sewing order. I bought the fabric for me originally but thought small flamingos suited her better.

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I have some coral jersey to make a matching cardigan but that won't be this month.

#8 Sakar’s entry

I made a Star Trek Uniform for our son Wolfgang's first Karnival party.

I used no specific pattern, but it's not self-designed either. I just took his best-fitting pants and tried to make a copy of it. Then I had to re-design and add all the Star Trek things to get a nice costume.

This is the inspiration: Captain Jean-Luc Picard from the USS Enterprise :D
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And that's what came out:
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I tried to make it big enough to get some warm clothes beneath it while keeping it comfortable for him.
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I redoubled the knees with black leather, because crawling around is a demanding job for simple jersey fabric.
And the most difficult things for me were, how to make the points on the shoulder to meet perfectly and how to make the ranking pins/insignia in a proper way, in the end I used some metal jersey buttons.
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#9 Samantha's entry

Shirt dress for my youngest daughter Willow aged 8

Pattern used - New Look Tweenies shirt dress 6487

The pineapple print cotton fabric was brought in Paris last year when we stumbled across the Paris equivalent of Goldhawk Road.

It was a pretty straight forward make, I've done a few shirt dresses before so nothing new to me.  But this pattern did have a different way of doing the collar. Previously I have made the collar up then attached it to the neck edge but this way attached the collar band to the neck first then attached the collar, I think I preferred it as it meant the collar band was the right length for the neck edge which I've had issues in the past with due to my slightly off cutting and sewing!!

The customer was delighted with it  :D  (PS I did press it but she was wearing it for a good hour before I got round to taking photos)

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