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I love my job!


Re: I love my job!
« Reply #30 on: May 24, 2017, 17:11:16 PM »
Unfortunately some of the difficult ones stick in the mind longer than the many many many lovely women and girls who come through my workroom. I guess if they're a pita, they stand out from the crowd.

I do have a few on a "blacklist" who I'll be too "busy" to fit in, if they ever do approach me again. I keep quite thorough records......


Re: I love my job!
« Reply #31 on: May 25, 2017, 08:37:34 AM »
Oh, Bloobell  :(....Goodness me! You've dealt with some awkward people, haven't you? Blimey.
I like the idea of a 'blacklist'....good for you.

The strangest, urgent bridesmaids dress alteration which sticks in my mind was one which was 'a bit tight'. ><  It was size 14 and the lady was more like 18 - 20 around her hips.

She couldn't pull it over her head. I had to remove the zip and lace up the back, starting from around her thigh area to get it over her bottom. She was wonderful, helpful and thankful. She was more than happy to drive around to get fabric and ribbon for the lacing and modesty panel for me.
It looked odd, to say the least, but she was so happy to be able to get into it.

Sadly, the photo's I took were lost when my old laptop died.



Re: I love my job!
« Reply #32 on: May 25, 2017, 09:22:24 AM »
I do find some people just take the ****..'just needs taking in a 1cm on the sides'.. is 10cm and means taking out the zip and re-cutting the armholes and they look totally amazed that you can't do it till next week because they want it for this weekend. Mind you the lady I shortened a dress for one week rang the following week to change her mind and I had to tell her the work was done already (overlocker was threaded in correct colour so I did it straight away)
I once had a ball gown to alter..'just needs letting out a tiny bit'  classic 90s ball gown fitted bodice gathered skirt just like sewsuzies  pic luckily as it was the 90's it had a bow on the back which was sacrificed to make 2 centre back panels and the gathers were adjusted
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Re: I love my job!
« Reply #33 on: May 25, 2017, 10:24:39 AM »
I don't mind awkward jobs - those are the ones that really stretch your creative thinking and the challenge is always fun. I love a bit of a challenge when it comes to fitting or adding that "missing something" to an outfit.

I do, however, mind awkward clients. I don't mean those that consider themselves hard to fit - I have many of these and I love seeing them blossom when the realise that yes, they DO look wonderful in their outfit now it fits them properly. By awkward clients, I mean those with unrealistic expectations, those who refuse to cooperate and those who think I can live on fresh air and don't have bills. Those clients I can do without.


Re: I love my job!
« Reply #34 on: February 25, 2018, 14:58:58 PM »
I've enjoyed re-reading these posts this afternoon, I know it's been a while but just wondered how everyone was doing? and if there are anymore stories to tell.
You ladies who tell their stories here are living my dream  0_0
I have been thinking of making a business out of this kind of work for some time and now find the time is right to get going on it, I already have a small contingent of 'customers' that I have done things for over the years, because of my job it would have been impossible to do it for real but I now have plans to do just that, still researching a few things at the moment, but I feel quite excited at the whole idea.
I'm not naïve enough to realise that there is a lot of hard work involved as well, but I do this stuff for family and friends all the time, and for myself, so it's not the work that I will find difficult, although I don't mind a challenge, it will be the business end, I've run a business before, and until I retired last February have been self employed for about 20 years, but hated the business admin and accounting although it had to be done.
Lots to do, lots to think about but excited at the same time
Any advice and tips would be welcome
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