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Buttonhole foot - hate it!


Re: Buttonhole foot - hate it!
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Most problems with the quality and consistency of buttonholes can be associated with the the feed of the fabric because the long buttonhole foot is not completely level at all times. Even a slight bump from stitching or a piece of seam allowance can tilt the foot and reduce the traction of the feed dogs.

That's why the vintage buttonholers work well.  Lower the foot lever with a snap and the whole of the fabric is held securely and moves with the attachment rather than the foot moving over the fabric.
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Re: Buttonhole foot - hate it!
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Yes @WildAtlanticWay, that’s what I resorted to doing: which was how I was taught at school,back in the days when boys did woodwork and girls did fabric and fashion  :o

Pleased to see that this discussion has helped others with this problem too.