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Looking for this Sewing Pattern


Looking for this Sewing Pattern
« on: June 02, 2019, 21:49:06 PM »
I'm looking for this PDF sewing pattern.
The name is: 'The Prudence’ cropped jacket by Shwin & Shwin, 2012.
Comes in two sizes, 1-4 years and 5-10 years.
I contacted Shwin & Shwin and they told me this pattern was retired around 2017 so is no longer available from them anymore.

I think it's cute and would love to make it.
Does anyone by any chance have this pattern that I could have free or paid?
I can't attach a pic of it but if you click on link below the pic of it will come up.

TIA. Happy sewing  :thread:

[I've edited the post to add the image because we ask members not to post links until they have made 25 posts (and been members for at least 2 weeks) - you just put the [img] tags around the url for the image when an image appears on the internet.  - Acorn :) ]
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