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More vintage woes - Singer 401G


Re: More vintage woes - Singer 401G
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The upper bearing is an interference fit on the shaft and retained in the plastic housing with a wire circlip. The plastic neck of the motor will be very tight in the machine as the plastic swells with age. I actually found a spark plug socket to be a good drift as it needs to be a tight fit in the hole so that you aren't hammering against the circlip clips. After you have removed it, file or sand the collar down so that it is a push fit by hand for replacement. You will see that i have applied silicon grease to mine to aid removal. Hence, remove from wall, strip to remove motor, photograph, replace motor, reassemble and replace on wall, total 5 minutes.
Shout up if I can help any further.

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Re: More vintage woes - Singer 401G
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Thanks a lot for your help. The pictures are great, I was hoping that you might just have some of them and I am especially grateful that you took the time to unmount the motor to take them.