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Re: Hello from Hampshire UK
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@Pikkewyntjie84 - thanks for the explanation of your user name - it's lovely. :flower: Regarding machines, as I'm sure you know, you really do need to go and try one in person if at all possible. It makes such a difference - no machine feels quite the same, so it's best if you can find one which feels right for you. <3
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Re: Hello from Hampshire UK
« Reply #16 on: September 03, 2019, 21:22:24 PM »
no machine yet. I am looking at the moment. I am not sure whether to go for the Janome M200 QDC or the Janome 4300 QDC. They seem very similar so not sure which is best.

I would like to be able to quilt and turn up curtains and things like that so ideally something that can cope with this. Dressmaking will be phase 2... The M200 comes with a ditch quilting foot where as the 4300 comes with an overcast foot. Not sure if that says something about the machines intended use. Both come with a walking foot.

Either of those machines would be suitable for dressmaking.

The Q in a model number generally means that it is optimised for using with the large bulk of a quilt; sometimes a wider harp (the space between the needle and the upright part of the machine) sometimes it means an extension table to the left of the needle, and often includes a walking foot, or a built in system on the high spec machines.

Those three features are desirable for quilting but generally you don't need the fancy stitches - good old straight stitch is enough unless you're doing machine applique or similar.  For making clothes a few utility stitches are needed; zig-zag, 3 step zig-zag, triple stretch and overcasting are the most useful, and of course buttonholes, but both of those machines have all that and more.

As Kenora said, if you can buy from a proper bricks and mortar shop where you can try it first.
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Brenda.  My machines are: Caroline a Singer 201K-3 born 1940, Thirza a Featherweight 221K born 1949, Azilia a Singer 201K born 1957 and Vera, a Husqvarna 350 SewEasy about 20 years old. Also Bernina 1150 overlocker and Elna 444 Coverstitcher.