The Sewing Place

The Sewing Places' Autumnal Equinox Mug Rat Swap 2019 ... The Big Reveal!!!!!


My second cup of coffee for the morning is on one of mine as I type and the teapot (which I don't use but others others do) is sitting pretty on the other one.

My coaster from TPCMODDD I am using as a mouse mat in work so I can admire it for 8 hours every day....or in the case of the last few weeks two eights and three tens! That's why I'm on my second cuppa and some migraine tablets!  0_0

As it happens I'm also planning 8 more for my peeps. My geek chic squad, five girls and three boys aged 22-29. One of them is getting some very delicious Alexander Henry Pretty Lady, Day of the Dead tattooy stuff, there'll be some geek specs, handsome half nekid cowboys  ;) some petri dish looking things..... I'm having a lovely time.  :loveit:

I might just ignore the Man United supporter in case my fingers go on fire!  ><
Fashion fades, style is forever!


@wrenkins handsome half nekid cowboys sound interesting .

Can we have a photo before you gift them.  :D


Will do @Ellabella assuming I get them started finished before our fabulous Brownie Points Award Ceremony.  0_0

If you want them to move faster, make it a competition I've discovered!  :ninja:
Fashion fades, style is forever!