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A very long time ago on the old forum I remember Hevsi posting something available from Morplan that you rolled along and it measured curves and that sort of thing - cannot remember exactly what it was called - and it sounded an excellent idea and I wish I had bought it then and there.

Well this week I am in the process of making up four identical tops all cut from my own pattern, first top - sleeves went in with no problem.  Second top the sleeves particularly the sleeve head is coming up too gathered for my liking, and I have ground to a halt.  Then I remembered something Surefit Designs had and were offering a while ago and it is called a Rollbe, it is a natty little hold in your hand wheel (20cm) that you can roll around any curve you like, and it has just arrived in the post this morning - I used Surefit's UK supplier Judith Johnson who is based near Banbury.

So once I have managed to get myself showered and ready to face the day I shall put this through its paces.  Believe it or not I have tried measuring using the tape measure standing on its side, also using a flexible ruler and  I keep on getting different measurements, so I am hoping that this Rollbe will sort that out for me.  Whilst I can afford to lose some surplus fabric in the sleeve head, I really do not want to lose any in the circumference of the body of the sleeve as I have had an enormous amount of trouble to make this sleeve wide enough to go around my arm and then creating a sleeve head that fitted beautifully into an armhole that I also created.  I am putting the difficulties down to my using a thicker cotton fabric than the first top which was a poly cotton, however I have two more poly cottons to set the sleeves in.

If anyone is interested in this Rollbe do go and look this up on Surefit Designs website - and yes having their representative here in the UK is a great help.  I only ordered this on Thursday and Judith said she would put it in the post on Friday so fingers cross it would arrive today which it has - so excellent service.

So my task today is to get on with my six sleeves and get these tops all finished and put away so that I can move on to something else.


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Hope this works for you @Elnnina.  I don’t  like using the tape measure method either but have no problem with a flexible ruler with measurements on it. 
I’m sure it’s the difference in fabric that’s the cause.  Something you can try, depending on the amount of excess ease that appears to be there, is to shuffle the ease further down the sleeve a bit.  That way you will maintain the width you need.  I always figure if it was something my tutor was happy doing then it’s something I’m ok with!   :)She was a great pattern cutter.


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Found this on Ali


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I bought a similar item a couple of years ago from Plush Addict. I was disappointed I'll be honest - found it difficult to be sure exactly where the start and end points were and found I was using a tape measure to double check. It's been sitting in a drawer since then so maybe I should give it another shot.

By the way PA don't stock them now, and nowhere else in the UK seems to either. Good luck with yours @Elnnina - it may be a better model.


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Just like a good old map measurer!  Remember maps? And tracing your route with the measuring thingy to see how far it would be?
It does sound a useful bit of kit.


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I have a map measurer for measuring the length of lead needed on stained glass patterns.  Very useful indeed!  I can't remember where I got it (although I suspect Amazon), or what it was called, but it was definitely intended for measuring distances on maps.
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Just like a good old map measurer!  Remember maps? And tracing your route with the measuring thingy to see how far it would be?
It does sound a useful bit of kit.
Funnily enough we still use maps and a map measurer. How old fashioned are we! Must admit never thought to use it re sewing but I will now.
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