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Best laid plans


Best laid plans
« on: January 06, 2020, 16:43:19 PM »
Well I have started the year off with a bang and spent money, was tempted by fabric, which I am glad I didn't buy.

Playing Pickfords I was moving my No 1 machine to a table on its own and away from where kitty has taken over.  It was a Gidget table and although I have not actually looked if it will fit into the piece that can drops down to take the machine, I am confident it won't as the little Bernina only just fits in.

Since I have lost track of time I can't remember what day I set off and took the perspex table off the Pfaff Select 4 followed by the machine.  It was then I realised that for some reason, probably with cash to burn, I had bought an extra large extension table for the Expression, which even with my dodgy eyes, clearly was too big for the new spot.  Sitting on the problem for a couple of days and fiddling with the tape measure to see if shifting the legs it would fit.  It would but only if I pulled the table out, which I couldn't because it just fit nicely when butted up with the fabric ottoman going the other way and other things beyond that. :S

So I studied form for a bit, shorthand for scouring the internet..  The alternative was a smaller perspex table, made to measure, a 6 week wait and £20 cheaper than what I had also seen.  So I've gone for delivery next week.

Logically I could have just done without it all together and put the tools tray back on, but extra space is so useful  :fish:

Stash extension 2020 -28.5 meters
Left at the end of 2019 - 39 meters