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An overlocker lesson learnt


An overlocker lesson learnt
« on: January 10, 2020, 13:55:11 PM »
I've had my Janome 6234XL for about 5 years and have made sure not to sew over any pins..until yesterday :(.  I really don't know who could have hidden it between the fabric layers but everything stopped and not realising a pin was in the way I tried to coax the machine along.  No luck and said pin found and removed. I checked everything over on the machine, changed the needles and continued to sew.  Everything looked good on the front of the overlocking but there was clearly an issue with some loose threads on the reverse. I then unthreaded, rethreaded and tried again.  Still not right.  Obviously I'd done some damage somewhere :'(
I walked away and made dinner while I thought about it. 
One of the benefits of being married to an engineer is that I can take things apart and troubleshoot them..HA! SMUG ME!  As DH is away until tomorrow I had another look after we ate and decided I'd possibly bent the upper looper. So I spent yesterday evening looking for a replacement part which quickly progressed to looking at new overlockers  0_0. Since I know I make questionable decisions late at night I thought I'd better sleep on my 'research'. I also thought that DH will sort it out for me when he gets back (or render it uneconomically repairable and suggest I buy a new overlocker :ninja:
This morning I decided to clean and oil the overlocker before I ask him to have a look.  I rethreaded in different colours so that I could examine the stitch more thoroughly and discovered that in fact the right hand needle thread was at fault.
Hmmm..checked the threading and noticed that the tension dial was way off.  Bottom line:  machine works perfectly and is lovely and clean and I'm happy!  Just not so smug anymore :S


Re: An overlocker lesson learnt
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2020, 14:14:32 PM »
Well done for keep trying, it’s amazing how often the next day helps :sew:


Re: An overlocker lesson learnt
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Can't you feel smug about how much money you have saved?


Re: An overlocker lesson learnt
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You fixed it!!!  You absolutely should be feeling smug!   0_0
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