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Has anyone ever used please?  I got a flyer from them this morning, the overlocker thread is a pretty good price £1.99 for 5000m however as there is thread and there is thread as you all know I'm a bit cautious about ordering from them.  Has anyone used them before?


Re: Sewing-online?
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Not heard of them but perhaps you could use PayPal or a credit card to purchase. That way it's easy to charge back if they are not legitimate.

Looking at the Whois data for the business, it's owned by a Mr Michael Killingworth who is UK based. It seems fairly legitimate to me.


Re: Sewing-online?
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I have used them recently but can't think what I bought  :S.  I didn't have any issues.
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Re: Sewing-online?
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He has an interesting range of stock but far too big a clearance section to bode well. I wonder about some of the buyer's choices that were made. Nevertheless, I'd give them a go.

If you're looking for different sizes of formers for blocking knitted socks this is the place for you! Absolutely nothing wrong with them of course but it doesn't look like the sort of place that you might go looking for them in the first place. Its specialisms aren't that clear.
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