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If you buy it on eBay, you might be able to buy the listing but not pay immediately. Then you wouldn't have to faff with them refunding you the difference. Though I'm not sure you can do this on every type of listing.
Patterns Discussion / Re: Raincoat Pattern
« Last post by Acorn on Today at 13:50:53 »

I think @Acorn made a raincoat out of this Lekala pattern?

Not me - I made a wool coat out of this Lekala pattern (with buttons and no belt - it came out pretty much like a duffle coat - which would probably lend itself quite well to being a raincoat.
Typical!   Thanks anyway
I saw it on this page:

and several other pages, I can only imagine it got left off the page you were interested in !
Patterns Discussion / Re: Raincoat Pattern
« Last post by Gernella on Today at 13:09:49 »
I remember looking at the Kelly @Francesca, when I was looking before, but I also wasn't keen on having to pay extra for a lining, plus I wasn't that keen on the collar piece or hood, I like options, which the Tosti gave a lot. I want one that will give the option of longer length, zip front even if not full length, and a bit of shape without cord ties (my waist looks even bigger restrained).  Mind you, I've found more detail on the Truffle and there is an option for a normal collar so  unless I see something more tasty I think I may go with this one.

The designer hasn't given me the actual length but says pictures based on half leg and 5ft 9 in height so I should be okay.
Going down the screen,the next line reads:
Remember to send us a message stating the amount you want, and we will refund you accordingly.

I suppose that means you go to the Contact Us page, and tell them what you just ordered and what quantity you want.
Daren't put in on paper @Celia, in case I fail, but not sewing related. If I fail I will probably be that hacked (to put it mildly) that I will throw it all on sewing. :'(

Hope it all goes well I know what you mean about not putting things on paper.
Your wish is my command... hold onto your hats...

Thank you so much, really not sure how I did that.
Textile Centre say they are happy to supply half metres and to order you should just put in the next whole number but, unless they are telepathic, how will they know to supply and charge you for the smaller amount?  Am I being thick?

"Price is for 1 metre (after one metre, fabric comes in one continuous length)"

"Please note that we are happy to sell half metres, as long as the minimum length is 1 metre (we will not sell less than 1 metre).

To do this, please order the next metre above what you want (e.g. order 2 metres if you want 1.5 metres) - this ensures that we still have quantity remaining that we can re-list when a listing has run its course. " 

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