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Today... / Saturday 20th October
« Last post by justpottering on Today at 07:30:14 »
Morning everyone
Weather set fair for the coming week, DH suggests a walk today or maybe a drive somewhere then a walk
Nothing else on the cards

Have good days all whatever you get up to
Fun with Fabric / Re: Toy pattern
« Last post by wrenkins on Today at 06:48:04 »
i've encountered deep levels of despair and frustration

Think how the poor elephant feels with an upside down leg!  :o
@Greybird I'm a waif and stray and my ex sister-in-law has a few of us over for boxing day every year. It's by far my favourite day of the year. The age range this year will be 16-82 and we will play old games on modern devices and have a great meal and a great laugh.

Thank you to the angels who take in the waifs and strays and give them their own category!  <3
Sewing Machines / Re: Bernina 1008
« Last post by toileandtrouble on Today at 04:40:33 »
I  paid a tiny bit more for mine, its lovely.  I was looking for single bids. Seems a couple of people must have used one of those last minute bidding programs.
Fun with Fabric / Re: Thai silk
« Last post by Manuela on Today at 02:00:20 »
Love the fabric, what about a lightweight, longish length spring/ summer could add a bit of color contrast on the collar/pockets to break the pattern up, if you thought it too much......

What a great idea. To compensate for a lack of fabric (you mentioned a narrow width) you could pick a colour from the check and a solid coloured fabric for under collar, non-visible part of facing (below the lapels, etc.)...
Hmm, do I discover a distincs lack of enthusiasm here....?
Point taken, we could postpone it to next year and do a ‘Posh Frock Contest’ with the aim of creating an outfit that would suit the contestants’ needs (wedding guest, function, party, or just to have a posh frock).
Sewing Machines / Re: Bernina 1008
« Last post by Happymrsg on Yesterday at 23:10:05 »
It's a Bernina 830. Unfortunately it wasn't £40, I paid £180 although I had an email with a 10% voucher, so the discount covered the delivery cost.
As I said in my earlier post I usually only buy low value items on eBay. I'm nervous, I hope it's ok. Marniesews - your comment about 3 berninas made me feel better.

Yay I'm really excited about my burgundy pieces and should be able to finish in the time frame.
I need bottoms but am sewing a cardigan, so perhaps not the best move!
Tech Know How / Re: No picture attachemnt option any more?
« Last post by Francesca on Yesterday at 21:30:33 »
You also don't HAVE to insert the attachment into the post. You can just leave it as attached to the bottom only if you don't want to reference it in context.
The Show Must Go On / Re: What are you all working on?
« Last post by Marniesews on Yesterday at 21:09:39 »
I've just started one ballroom and one latin dress for my DGD's new partner (matching two of the DGD's existing dresses for speed) and about to start on a couple of practice skirts while I wait for 2 more ballroom skirts coming to me to change their look with a lace overlay.

They're all needed for the first week of December & I can only arrange fittings once a fortnight so I'm writing myself lots of lists to keep me on track.

Yet again the list of sewing for 'when I get a chance' has been relegated to the waiting drawer.

I'm off on the DSI workroom took tomorrow (eek…  :) :| 0_0 :D ) so I expect that list will have mushroomed by next week.
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