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Hi, I'm new... / Re: Not exactly new
« Last post by Tamnymore on Today at 20:22:22 »
Good for you with the weight loss and congratulations on the new GD @Tiggy You definitely deserve your Fabworks trip.  :D
Patterns Discussion / Re: Pattern Copying
« Last post by aprilla on Today at 19:59:38 »
I'm not too worried about it but I like playing with all the 'what ifs'   :P
Sewing Spaces and Furniture / Re: Sewing chair
« Last post by Francesca on Today at 19:51:29 »
I have this:

I like that it's firm, but shaped comfortably. I also like that it swivels so I have a bit of manouverability but it does not wheel, which I find more comfortable for sewing as I don't feel like I'm going to "wheel away" when I operate the pedal on the machine.

I got mine secondhand, it's always worth looking at IKEA names secondhand because they tend to sell them often that way and also much better than buying new!
Hi, I'm new... / Re: Not exactly new
« Last post by BrendaP on Today at 19:44:51 »
Congratulations on the weight loss and the new GD.. Both of those are enough to get the creative juices flowing again.  Go for it!
Hi, I'm new... / Not exactly new
« Last post by Tiggy on Today at 19:37:01 »
I drifted away, but the currents of life brought me back this way. 
I stopped sewing for myself, don’t know why, I just couldn’t do it.  I would pull fabric and a pattern from the stash, sit there and look at it then put it away.  Just no inspiration or desire to sew.  I made a new fleece coat over the winter for myself, and that is it.
 I’ve  now lost 2 stone and am starting to feel better about myself, the urge to create something is returning.  I went to Fabworks this morning...... :angel:

I’m now a Grandma, with a gorgeous little granddaughter to sew for as well.   Short bursts of sewing to get the juices flowing again.
In the wardrobe / Re: ...what to do....?
« Last post by Francesca on Today at 19:32:03 »
I don't think I could wear that, I'd be embarrassed at the amount of condensation I would accumulate on the inside.

This is the problem with my clear raincoat :( It's so sweaty and it's visible!
In the wardrobe / Re: ...what to do....?
« Last post by Francesca on Today at 19:31:14 »
Yes Fran, but you are 26 and beautiful, you could, as they said of Marilyn Monroe, wear a potato sack and look a million dollars!

Haha I wish..

But honestly, a lot of these things aren't intended to be worn down to the pub or to do your weekly shop. They're intended for events, nights out, festivals (where anything goes) and probably aren't far off what people wore in previous generations (I just got back from the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A and there are some surprising similarities here!) Last time I went to a festival I wore green lipstick and poured glitter through my hair.
In the wardrobe / Re: ...what to do....?
« Last post by Ohsewsimple on Today at 19:27:09 »
@Puzzler the pocket amused me too.
Just wonder why you'd bother to wear anything
Today... / Re: Saturday May 25th
« Last post by twopence on Today at 19:24:13 »
Went shopping this morning before homemade fish and chips for lunch. 

Went out this afternoon popping in to a Doughty's roadshow locally as I needed one fabric to make my Linus quilt.  They had exactly what I wanted and the piece I had taken nearly disappeared into the fabric there.  We then went on to the Thames and spent time sitting near the start of the Henley regatta watching all sorts of boats going past while we enjoyed the sun.  There were lots of Canada geese around and boy were they noisy. 

Watching F1 qualifying now.
Sewing Spaces and Furniture / Re: Sewing chair
« Last post by Efemera on Today at 19:06:16 »
I’ve got an old office chair on wheels that it from a second hand office furniture place.
I recovered it.
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