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Welcome to The Dark Side / Quilt for my bed
« Last post by Francesca on Today at 17:13:18 »
I'd really like to have a go at making a quilt again, after my ill-fated first quilt attempt. The bed is super king but I think if I make a double sized quilt then I can have it on half the bed... is that too much? After I completed my first single quilt I know that at least I managed that. I am happy to consider getting it professionally quilted (I know it's quite expensive) if it's going to be a nice big size and won't fit in my machine.

I think I need to follow a pattern. I am also really stuck on how to select fabrics - I find it really hard to know what will go together. I want it to have a grey background and then the main colours be splashes of navy and orange, with possibly some green and lighter aqua blue if another colour is needed.

I've been looking on Etsy:

I've been looking at precut packs and kits but finding it hard to find what I want. The print needs to be modern and not anything flowery or animal based (the duvet set is geometric white on grey, the picture above the bed is a stylised cityscape). The cushions on the bed are also all printed with geometric and abstract shapes.
I think the secret is to move often then you are continually reviewing and considering.  I have never moved but seeing the stuff my mum left (mostly clothes worn once and never worn again), it did make me stop and think. 

I try and only keep if I know I will use it, wrong colour, don't like the feel, no longer fashionable, it  goes, generally to Sally Army if I don't want to hang around. I hope somebody loved the leftover pale blue linen I bought off Ebay that went in holes  on the first wash, or the wool fabric given by a relative that even my mother wouldn't have worn (very tweedy).  There again I have some lovely cream wool that I love so much I want something really special for it.

If it got as far as boxes on the landing etc., I think I would know I had a problem.  I also don't see the point of wasting money buying fabric only to gift it later because you have too much.

Mind you looks like I'm bottom of the food chain with fabric storage. 

Current Projects / Re: An Applique Quilt
« Last post by Sheilago on Today at 16:55:38 »
That’s beautiful! You must have lots of patience to do all that by hand. :angel:
Today... / Re: Monday 20th August
« Last post by MitchOfTheNorth on Today at 16:53:02 »
Some plans to pick some of our apples and make a batch of applesauce.  I won't be outside for long as the smoke has moved out to the coast.  It's a sickly yellowish haze outside with no sun to be seen.  It's thick like fog - BC has the worst air quality on the planet.  So, I'm indoors as much as possible.
Thank you! I'll post a photo when I've done something with it  :D
No problem! Glad it'll go to a good home. Hopefully you can make it into something amazing. I reckon with a satin ribbon waistband it could be a little tutu/wrap skirt.
The Haberdashery / Re: Clover fork pins
« Last post by Mozzy on Today at 16:19:42 »
Yes, I've got some and I think they're the bees' knees.  They were recommended on a Craftsy course, for plaids and stripes matching, but are useful for all sorts of fabrics.
My youngest would adore that, if no one else has asked could I have it please?
In the wardrobe / Re: Dying(colours) beginner
« Last post by Francesca on Today at 16:01:31 »
Did you wash the garment first and dye it while it was wet?..
Try overdying it.

Yep it was wet! It's just gone all splodgy. I might try using some colour remover on it first, then try a re-dye. I wanted it to be pale blue which it is, just with lots of splodges :(
In the wardrobe / Re: Dying(colours) beginner
« Last post by Efemera on Today at 16:00:47 »
I tried some of that recently and although it dyed the fabric it left horrible little splodges of dye all over it. Like speckles :( I'm trying to work out what to do with the fabric now... overdye it again...?

Did you wash the garment first and dye it while it was wet?..
Try overdying it.
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