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Fun with Fabric / Re: Fabric Confusion
« Last post by Tamnymore on Today at 22:13:20 »
All patterns have a list of recommended fabrics on the back which is a start. It is possible to use a stretch fabric where a non-stretch is recommended but you can't usually get away with a non-stretch when stretch is recommended.

If you visit a fabric shop where everything is labelled up that might give you some ideas. You can do a 'burn test' on a wee snippet of your fabric to tell you if it is all natural fibres or not.
Machine Accessories / Janome sliding guide foot
« Last post by annieg on Today at 22:07:58 »
Is anyone familiar with this foot?  It's for use with a janome C machine (drop in bobbin up to 7mm width).  Jaycott sells them and I thought it might be a useful tool.
Any opinions on this?
Fun with Fabric / Fabric Confusion
« Last post by Lolli on Today at 21:59:45 »
I have some fabric that my DD chose for me to make a dress for her. I bought it two years ago when I was even more inexperienced than I am now (I still don't know what I'm doing)  -< and I'm not even sure it's suitable for the job. I bought it from Abakhan's but can't remember what it said on the label. It seems heavyweight to me and it stretches one way. I'm not convinced it's the correct thing to use but I'm going to try anyway.

My plight is....I have no clue about different fabrics and need some serious lessons. I know the basics like cotton, lycra, chiffon, denim, taffeta but I read all the time on here about knits, wovens, Jersey amongst many others and I'm completely lost. I have The Sewing Book by Alison 'whatshername' which shows samples of different fabrics but I still don't get it fully. How can I learn more to the point that when I go to a shop (especially Immanuel's where there are no labels) I can look at fabrics and know what they are? There's so many different fabrics, I want to learn more about them and what they can/should be used for.
Today... / Re: Bonza Birthday to Rubes
« Last post by Renegade Sewist on Today at 21:52:15 »
What they all said...Happy Birthday!!!  :cake:
The Haberdashery / Re: New SteamGen Iron
« Last post by Lolli on Today at 21:37:38 »
The water supply for us in Leyland came from the Lakes, I seem to recall

You are correct @Marniesews, our water here in Leyland does indeed come from the Lakes

I'm interested in this fancy iron business, my battered Tefal is 23 years old (so is the ironing board). I need an upgrade!
Vintage Machines / Re: Singer 201 has jammed
« Last post by BrendaP on Today at 21:36:03 »
We both had a go at shifting it this morning.  Terry's pretty good mechanically but as he said he's used to industrial size stuff not 'delicate' bits inside sewing machines and was a bit scared of breaking it.  He squirted WD40 at the offending area and it moved a bit but then jammed again, though it was enough to convince him that the problem is the needle bar and not further back or in the bobbin area because of where the noise came from there as we forced it - I knew it was the needle bar because of the stray thread!

Then he tried warming it with a tiny blow torch; apparently stainless steel expands more than most metals with heat, but that didn't work.  So we've given up and it's now with the repair man who didn't think it would be a problem.  Fingers crossed.
Today... / Re: Bonza Birthday to Rubes
« Last post by Lizzy777 on Today at 21:35:22 »
Happy Birthday ruby wishes.  :)

Hope you have had a lovely day.  :toast:

Vintage Machines / Elias Howe C1872 Treadle sewing machine
« Last post by Pinkstar on Today at 20:07:07 »
I confess that I know nothing about vintage sewing machines but I came across this little beauty whilst rummaging around on Ebay.

Its in working condition, comes with accessories and the original instruction book.


Now if I had £395 going spare and the room for another machine... 
What lies beneath... / Re: Knicker making
« Last post by rowe1311 on Today at 19:53:39 »
I bought the Jalie pattern 2568 as I couldn't be bothered with making my own pattern, and really like it.  Here is a blog showing how to alter the Jalie pattern to have a sandwiched gusset instead of it being attached to the front piece.

And then this is a blog just showing the sandwiched method if you already have a pattern you like.
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Extension Table
« Last post by wrenkins on Today at 19:20:29 »
Sometimes functional things are a bit  :\ but that is indeed a thing of beauty.  :loveit: Well done that man!  :toast:
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