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Look on ebay - use the filters for

UK only


and then take a look at what prices are like for machines in condition & accessories like yours.
What kind of plug does it have? Has it been rewired? Is the motor working well? These are the kind of things peeps might ask.

Good luck with it.

Vintage Machines / Re: 221/222k cleanup
« on: August 15, 2021, 15:30:48 PM »
Super! thank you very much for linking.

I like having a's a bit like having a fridge full of comfort food  :laughing:

Fair enough, but I don't have a fridge full of comfort food either.
In fact, when we admit we have too much food, or anything else "for comfort" we are highlighting something in our lives we should deal with, instead of hiding in the 'comfort' of not addressing it. But that's just me, not for everyone, I know.


In the wardrobe / Re: Striped fabric dress help/advice.
« on: July 25, 2021, 13:21:58 PM »
I too would use the fabric vertically on the skirt. All the other technical stuff went over my head LOL

Sorry to be the odd voice out, but I don't see the point in starting with a stash. It's often the case that a fabric you thought would go with something else doesn't work in a composition once you're starting an actual project. And surely part of the fun is choosing something new to work with? Yes I keep left-overs for the next projects, but buying random nice stuff, just for the sake of it, with no project in mind - why? Keep your money until you're making a certain thing.

Each to their own way, I know  :vintage:

Here's a good - machine sewn - tut for flange binding

I have sewn one, the first side on the machine and the front side by hand as I had used cotton of too high a count the then go through my machine properly.

It was a nice finish  :)

Your Favourite Suppliers / Re: Recommended brick & mortar shops
« on: June 02, 2021, 13:15:22 PM »
Nice craft shop in Tintern - fabric, wool, sewing machines (Paff) and lots of useful bits and pieces. Also very nice lady  :)

Sewing Machines / Re: Cutter brush...
« on: May 29, 2021, 11:47:00 AM »
If you were using an old machine I'd ask if it was top threaded correctly?

Sewing Machines / Re: Cutter brush...
« on: May 26, 2021, 20:21:04 PM »
I once pulled out - really carefully with tweezers, all the red fluff next to a bobbin case, and then found it was the felt V for oiling. Live and learn  :)

Vintage Machines / Re: Singer 367
« on: May 26, 2021, 20:19:12 PM »
Sounds like a plan  :)
What is the table like? Any chance of a pic? I have no room anymore but love to look  :)

Vintage Machines / Re: Singer 367
« on: May 25, 2021, 10:11:04 AM »

Vintage Machines / Re: Singer 367
« on: May 25, 2021, 10:08:59 AM »
Is it possible to remove the bottom bobbin and clean and alter the tension on the bottom? That might improve the skipping and allow you to lessen the top tension?

Sewing Machines / Re: Timing ll
« on: May 23, 2021, 09:53:48 AM »
Ah but a sewing machine is a one off purchase isn't it? Unless it's your mine is  -<
It might be an option if I ever get good enough to make my own clothes etc but for now, coats moon does the job and is a step up from the cheap rubbish I used on my last machine.
Using expensive bits and bobs needs to be justified.

Very politely - I have to totally disagree with you. You make a really quality finished product by use of quality ingredients, not a hugely expensive bit of kit.

Use a cooking analogy (seeing as cookers and recipes seem topical on the forum right now) - you can make a glorious meal in very basic good quality pans IF you use great ingredients. But no amount of fancy pans or kitchen kit will turn second rate ingredients into a great meal.

You can make wonderful stitched items on basic machines if you use wonderful materials, and that would include good design and great thread, zips whatever.

The very expensive machine is the last bit of kit to buy, not the first, and won't make a silk purse from a sows ear.

Too many people have been sucked into the "buy this expensive machine and you'll be able to make better stuff" rabbit hole I think. And then speak - even here - about how they don't use all the fancy functions, prefer their simpler and smaller machines, and are going to sell the white elephant.

But enjoy - I hope you get it sorted and working just as you want it.

Sewing Machines / Re: Timing ll
« on: May 22, 2021, 12:46:17 PM »
So - how much did you pay for the sewing machine?
And then balk at paying for a better quality thread?
It's a nonsense I often see here, and I don't get it.

Buy some better thread my love.

I know it was meant to look like a full sized quilt would look, which is why I posted the first picture without scale. Now take a look at the ruler! It's amazing and I treasure it - it was made by Lutestring  <3
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