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Im not starting Today again Today ...

Ooops It seems I have .... Thursday and the binmen cometh .. I went out about 6am with some food waste and despite having a torch nearly went A*** over T*** on the steps down the garden. Well its done now and Im just about ready for my coffee and biccie (on my beautiful new mug rug) before another day at work!

C'mon somebody/Anybody get on with the Today thread!

Ok peeps,

What a wionderful round up of creations! Just beautiful ... Loved the Cat .... and the Leaves .. and the Celtic Cros .... Loved ALL of them, especially Mine, All mine My precious!

We are just waiting on one MugRug to arrive, should be today @Kitten  and, if Im right here, Two peeps to post pictures of theirs come on @William  and @Ploshkin !!!!

Well for whatever reason I ended up with Two MR's this time round ...

Firstly from a relative newcomer to TSP, Cazlyn .....

  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

Why are you not active in the Darkside Hon????

and from William in Germany, more like a placemat, but that will do nicely
 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

Did you make the lil cross stitch tag ??? Its lovely!

and lastly just to show I do use these glorious creations

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

Already in use by my side right now as I type ...

Happy Anniversary @Nevis5 .

Where are these bits of deliciousness called mug rugs to be seen!!!

In the Darkside of course .... You know the way!  :devil:

@Bodgeitandscarper  ... Who says you need a cossie ?????

At the very most a Tshirt and knickers would do ... or  :devil:

Ooohhh @Lachica  is that Hand Embroidery??? Glorious!

OOOOHhhh ... That woven MR is glorious!! Brava @Celia  :perfect10:

Halfway through the week and its the Autumn Equinox too !!!!

Its getting chilly in the mornings now, a real touch of Autumn in the Air. Nothing much to report apart from the fact its
The BIG REVEAL in the Darksides Autumnal Equinox Mug Rug Swap
Woo Hoo!!!

Do Hie thee hence and take a peek at these marvellous makes as our peeps unwrap and post pics of them

Congratulations @Bill you have more patience than .. ahem .. certain people.

It is officially The Autumnal Equinox, Rip away You may open your Packages Peeps!!!

Remember to take nice pics, We want to see them!

I know this must be a difficult time for you @Andymat  (are you related to Laundro ??)
But it would help if you had individual pics and sizes ... maybe a pic with the details of the selvage would be usefui

Or maybe you could find someone else to sell it for you?

Yes hon, Im very sorry .. But I have been assured it is on its way!

Gremlins heads will roll!

Ive had information that the one person waiting will have to wait til Thursday Im afraid ...

Sorry hon, but it is coming  :thumbsup:

Just one Recipient missing as far as I can tell now ...

I'll be posting pics and thanks for mine tomorrow afternoon after work ... (Im very good at waiting to open things  :angel:  )

Today... One thread per day / Are we not up and at em yet? Tuesday
« on: September 21, 2021, 07:00:16 AM »
helllloooooooo ????

NEC Birmingham, UK ... its the biggest Quilt show in Europe (I think)

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