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« on: September 15, 2021, 18:25:06 PM »
The gauge says "6 inches per inch worsted weight, 7 stitches per inch sport's weight", which I read literally and stocking stitched those numbers. Maybe I should make a bigger piece then measure a square inch then count. :|  The wool I've been looking at is 4 ply which I've discovered is thinner than sports weight which is 5 ply. So I'll have to use my brain rather than be an automaton, my preferred way of doing things these days!

The yarn is sock wool, so should stay up Iminei. I looked up double cast on method, which may be a help, so I'm going to give it a try. If not, the shirring elastic will come out.

Thank you for your kind words Celia.  If I don't set myself a target to break it will end up lingering.

I don't quite understand the instructions Brenda, but I'll try again to make sense of it.

I've ordered my yarn. Yeah!

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« on: September 15, 2021, 00:12:12 AM »
Yet more research reveals that the wool in the kit isn't enough to make the socks, so I've gone for this and will use the pattern. Looks like I'll have a busy weekend if I'm to catch up. Hope there are a few good matinees on.

Thank you all again.
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« on: September 14, 2021, 21:13:24 PM »
Thank you so much for all your comments, support and stories. I have done a bit more research.
The kit comes with 2.75 needles,which is a bit confusing as the booklet says the mid calf socks can be knitted with from the yarn and needles in the kit. The tension square asks for 3mm needles though and Brenda, indeed has a firmer knit than the 3.25 needles, however it is smaller than the required tension according to the pattern. How can I remedy this? 

The yarn I think is sports weight (is that aran?), or double knitting, certainly not 4ply, and the finished size should be women's medium. With size 4 shoe, I consider myself to have small feet. Do I?

Even more confusing it's written in k2p2 rib, but the gauge is in stocking stitch, which I intend to use. I shall definitely divide the wool into two, but as I only have one set of 5 pins will have to do one at a time. However I have found another set of 2.75 4 pins. so could have one roaming needle and knit the two simultaneouly. 

And the learning from this exercise, thus far, never throw the ball band away until the garment is completed!

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« on: September 13, 2021, 22:34:44 PM »
Embarrassingly, I didn't finish the sock kit socks so now's my chance. I am doing the Unisex Socks. I don't have the ball band and there is only one ball, but the wool is soft so that's a bonus.

The kit has 5 pins, 3mm by the looks of things, which I didn't use last time. I'm wondering whether that was because I needed 3.25 to get the correct gauge.  Is knitting with 5 like knitting on 3 but with fewer stitches per pins?  (52 to cast on.)

I also like the idea of doing two at once so at least there is some chance of them being the same size. Do I knit one from the outer ball and the other from inside the ball or divide the one ball in half as best I can?

Thank you Celia for starting this. You've got me motivated to start knitting again. Only 1 other UFO!

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« on: September 10, 2021, 08:49:58 AM »
Thank you Ann and Ploshkin. Research in progress, will need to check what needles I have. Great reason to go charity shopping with crossed fingers that the right ones are there. All being well should be able to join in.

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« on: September 09, 2021, 23:24:39 PM »
I’ve knitted socks from a kit before so have no idea about yarn or pattern. Any help including stockists gratefully received.
I only buy as much wool as possible socks for winter these days and find the heel gets worn out fairly quickly. Is there anything I need to consider when making hand knitted ones? Is it ok to use 100% wool to knit them?

Thank you
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At Jaycotts and Sew Direct, so I assume it's country wide.

Sale ends 19th September - at Jaycotts, no mention on Sew Direct site that I can see.

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Courses & Classes / Craftsy Did you join? What have you watched?
« on: August 19, 2021, 15:42:51 PM »
Having signed up for the annual membership at rock bottom price, I am only just getting round to watching anything, :| having bought a few classes in the past.
I can recommend Pant Fitting Techniques - Sandra Betzina. I found seeing how trousers fit on people so much easier to understand than trying to work out what the wrinkles/smile lines on diagrams mean, and now know what my fitting issues are (lesson 3).  She also talks about how fabric covers the body to get a better fit, which is a useful insight to the art of garment making. The timings look long, but I am being entertained as well as learning, so the lesson is over before I realise it.
I have also looked at some quilting classes, and realise that the patchwork I do is called English Paper Piecing (who knew it had a name), and at the moment would rather do it all by hand, well maybe not the binding and backing. That said, I love the way blocks are designed and seem to take shape - no pun intended.

I have until November to make the most of it. Alison Smith classes, couture sewing and tailoring are on my list.

And if you haven't joined yet, the offer seems still to be on. Wish I'd started sooner.
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Patterns Discussion / New Vogue Patterns on Sale
« on: July 22, 2021, 21:17:49 PM »
US site only
See here
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Your Favourite Suppliers / Re: Sew Direct has come up trumps
« on: June 26, 2021, 19:11:22 PM »
I’d love to Flobear but with a goodly number of handmade clothes in my wardrobe I’d love to wear again especially as they aren’t threadbare yet.

Daily walks are back on the menu.
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Your Favourite Suppliers / Sew Direct has come up trumps
« on: June 17, 2021, 16:29:33 PM »
Long Story

I stopped using Sew Direct when they changed the platform and searching for patterns was nigh impossible. Jaycotts or local for me.

When someone posted the 50% off sale in April I went for Simplicity 9105 which I'd persuaded myself I didn't want but secretly hankered after, and Kay Unger Vogue Pattern. I am in between the two sizes for the Simplicity and unfortunately there was no overlap. I went for the smaller one so I would have less tissue to play with and it's easier to add onto. Besides, I would lose those extra pounds (won't I?) as summer approaches.

Two months later ... it's not going to happen. Beautiful weather I want to make the dress. On the off chance I emailed Sew Direct asking whether they would swap it for the larger size and that I would pay the postage.
Imagine my surprise when first I was able to swap patterns and secondly no mention of postage.

At size 16 I can go with a looser bodice fit and grade better the waist hip differences. Win win.  Should have done that in the first place.

Now, what to do about those extra pounds?

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Events / Sewing Weekender
« on: May 08, 2021, 11:33:15 AM »
I attended last year, more for the goodie bag than anything else, which contributed to my pattern and fabric  habit. Excellent content which seems even better this year. More zoom sessions and tutorials and like last year, 10% of the profits go to charity.

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Your Favourite Suppliers / Re: Recommended online fabric shops
« on: April 13, 2021, 20:48:43 PM »
What a shame. I hope it comes right for you Tamnymore. It’s the sorting out that’s as much a pain as not receiving the goods. Thank you for the warning.

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Fun with Fabric / Re: Question about cable jersey?
« on: January 11, 2021, 10:06:56 AM »
Thanks for this post. I’ve been eyeing this fabric for ages but couldn’t decide, partly because polyester can irritate my skin. Just in case going to order this for summer.
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[Removed an extra http:// from the link - Acorn :) ]

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