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Current Projects / Re: Bjay's Ribbon Quilt
« on: September 15, 2021, 19:35:08 PM »
@Bjay it might have been me - I’ve posted the link up a few times as it is one of my favourite simple quilts to make. It is FQ friendly and looks so different depending on the fabric choices! I love the bold colours you have chosen

Access All Accessories / Re: My first leather bag/purse/thingy
« on: September 05, 2021, 20:28:58 PM »
Gorgeous! I do prefer real leather over PU…

Have chosen sashing and ordered it - Kaufman Kona Rainbow bright jelly roll. I might chose a different colour for each bit of sash and I had enough bits returned to me to cut corner squares.

 I found it on but thought I'd rather get it from Amazonfr.  It was twice the price!!!! WTF????? Ordered it from US so will be interesting to see if there is any additional tax to pay.  Ad says no, but who knows.

I’ve bought a few bits from rather than because of cost reasons (even with high shipping costs from US). I’ve never had to pay anything extra although it has always low-mid priced things under £50

I’m pleased they have arrived! Has everyone else got theirs?

Woo hoo!  I’m back from the Post Office with my beautiful blocks.  Thank you all so much.  They are gorgeous.   :dance: :dance: :dance:

Sorry to make you trek to the post office! But at least they arrived safely..

@BrendaP blocks 1 and 2 are by whofilets who emailed me her pics for the website I’m not sure about the 3rd one  :thinking:

If I get time amongst sisters wedding prep today I will transfer the last of the pics from this thread to the website

The postman came… and left a card.  I was in. :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo:

Oh no!!! They’re not even supposed to be doing signatures etc any more - I only did that so it can be tracked more easily at the moment and so it was insured!!

My blocks have arrived :dance: :dance:

There are ten of them, I was expecting nine!  Either I make two more or will have to use on the back :thinking:

someone did you an extra one Brenda… can’t remember who now will have to trawl back though the thread…  :thinking:

@BrendaP @Efemera @whofilets @Catllar @fajita @Pearl

Start stalking the postman - you should all have incoming deliveries! All BOOM blocks were sent back today. If people sent back your bags or leftovers of your fabric I also included this for you.

Thank you to everyone for my blocks - I love them and will enjoy putting them together and will make a sofa lap quilt I think :)

Pattern book in French??

Ooh yes I see! Sorry I was being a bit dense :) My school girl French is quite rusty so it could have been needed… luckily it is a dual language text with each page printed half in French and half in English. I had a look and this seems to be the way they were all done. Very odd considering she is in Australian designer but hey ho!

I have your blocks now @whofilets!

Tomorrow I will re-allocate them and post them out on Saturday - well done everyone, they all look fantastic.  :loveit: :loveit:

@RJR_38   if you get stuck just shout. I'm sure either myself or Jen will be able to help.

I’m not sure what you mean but I appreciate the offer of help  :)

Don’t worry - life happens! I’m sure a day or two isn’t going to affect anyone in a major way :)

@Pearl your package arrived today.

I believe I’m just waiting on one more from @whofilets then I will send them back to everyone - all very exciting!!

Actually it isn’t your package catllar - I have ordered a quilt book online from a shop and it seems it is coming from France! I hope it is in English 🙈

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