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@BrendaP I think I did all three! You were one of my doubles, so I made you two, and then I guess I made a third? :D I know I own that red fabric, and it's at least a decade old- probably older- so I don't think it's very common any more! I'm glad you like them. They were so fun to make.

@fajita I'm gonna be the dissenting opinion and say I liked the light-bordered block in the middle. But the bright yellow center flower-like block does make a lot of sense in the middle! I made that block and really enjoyed it coming together. I want my own quilt of yellow-centered blocks now!

I got all my blocks so quickly, bought new batting the next day, wanting to make my blocks into a quilt right away. Then realized with my own-made blocks I had 11 blocks. If I made one more I could get a nice 3x4 layout.
So I went online looking for a fun block and found a paper piecing pattern for a rocket! I bought that, and decided to practice the pattern as I have a limited amount of my feature fabric left. I practiced using some avocado themed fabric I bought for a friend who is expecting a baby girl and loves outer space and her pregnancy craving is avocados....
Well before I knew it, my practice block turned into some improv patchwork, adding bits here and there, and it's quickly grown into a throw quilt that I honestly wasn't expecting. So when THAT is done I'll go back to the rocket block, buy new batting, and get my boom blocks laid out again 😄

I meant to get it in the mail Friday and today but my weekend sort of imploded! I work 9-5 Monday but if I get out of work on time I will run and might catch the PO before it closes. If not, I'll be right there Tuesday morning. I'm sorry you're waiting on me  🙇‍♀️🥺

@Pearl I love it! I think I have some of the other fabric you used too!
 @RJR_38 WOWOWOWOWOWWWWWWW. stunning blocks! And so much variety!!

sorry for the radio silence for a couple weeks, I've been working a LOT, but I have a bit more time next week! I was still waffling on making @RJR_38 a third block or just sending her the two I have. I might have to go with option 2 so that I can stop waffling and make sure they get sent out in time!

I also bought a SECOND sewing machine- another vintage bernina- from someone in the next county north of me. I've hardly even played with the "new" machine yet!

I've just ordered the sashing for a different quilt-bee-boom-block set I was in, I have had the blocks for like 7 years now, though this boom should take less time!!! hahah!

@Catllar I love the modern blocks you've made for me! Looking forward to getting them back!

@RJR_38 thanks for updating! I will send you some more pictures of blocks I've finished, soon!

I've finished all my blocks!
Except one for @RJR_38 (one of my doubled fabrics) because I like the finished block so much I'm thinking of keeping it! 🤭 I have enough to make a third... I'm tempted!

Don't be shy @Catllar ! Some of my blocks are on the simple side. And I had to seam-rip and re-sew more than one that somehow finished at like 12.15 inches instead of 12.5!

@RJR_38 I emailed you some pictures of my completed blocks, did it go through? I can email again or upload here.

@Efemera I like how you did a heart on hearts. I've been looking at lots of heart block ideas for @RJR_38 's fabric

@Efemera love those wonky stars!! 😍🤩😍🤩 And great piecing on Brenda's.

@bec I sure hope there's a second round! I am enjoying challenging myself to match to fabrics I wouldn't have chosen myself. And to cut fabric that is so pretty and I have a limited amount of.

@fajita I like how you cut @Efemera 's fabric to highlight those blooms! I've paired a couple fabrics with hers but haven't picked out a block pattern yet.

@fajita omg all those yarn-fiber-producing animals 😍 astronaut alpacas?! Sheep in SPACE?!
And those sweet sleepy sloths! If you change it all it's up to you, but I do really like your fabrics!

@fajita I'm far from an expert! Every block I make, I'm shocked I actually made it. I have been giving my seam ripper a workout... and three times in a row, I cut double the HSTs I needed. With the extras (offcut triangles from blocks, excess HSTs) I have been doing some improv quilt blocks, although those aren't really living up to my vision.

Also, I am finding I own almost no yellow fabric and I'm surprised at how little purple I own! I could make a whole quilt of "words and writing" or "metallic gold blenders." But my local shop has some bright yellow and purple fabrics in clearance on their website. It might warrant a trip :D


Here's a little teaser pic! I have this SCRAP (looks like someone cut a curved piece out.. it wasn't me! I probably got it in a fabric remnant grab bag) of batik that I can cut part of a block from. It's so rewarding to get just what you need from a scrap, but also nerve wracking, because you can't just cut more if you mess it up!

And there's some bonus tiny HSTs from off cuts. Don't know if those will get used up or not.

Current Projects / Re: Captain America Shield here I come!
« on: June 13, 2021, 15:27:43 PM »
It's amazing @Bjay ! I love the idea of Dresden plates to make shield. And your quilting choices were perfect.
It's also something I'll never show my spouse or he'll want one too 😅

I want to keep it a surprise, but I also really want to share!!! 😄 I just finished two blocks, using a fabric I had a double of. I have enough to make a third block... I am thinking of sharing one and keeping the other a surprise!

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