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Patterns Discussion / McCalls summer patterns
« on: August 06, 2022, 21:51:12 PM »
McCalls have just released their summer patterns - yes I know - summer! Find them here.

I think there are some good patterns here. I love that they are releasing some vintage Laura Ashley patterns and I'll certainly want to snag the pattern with the blouse and pinafore. There's a very flouncy skirt pattern which someone on pattern review described as 'death by gathers'  :laughing:  I can see several patterns I like so to my mind this is a much better release than the last Butterick and Vogue releases.  Very late for summer and no digital versions as far as I can see though.

Sewdirect has its GBSB pattern collection at half price until Sunday. It's definitely worth a good look as there are a lot of patterns on offer, many of which never appeared on the GBSB  - not just sparkly jumpsuits -so you might see something nice.

Patterns Discussion / Vogue summer 2022 patterns
« on: June 17, 2022, 17:51:38 PM »
Find them here

This looks to me to be the most boring Vogue release in a long time. I always find the winter or autumn Vogues better but there is little to tempt me here. Few designer or designer knock off patterns. I seem to be finding indie companies more interesting nowadays. Lots in Fibremood and I've recently discovered Marilla Walker a UK designer. Vogue, you need to raise your game!

I've bought from Allison's Craft Emporium here in her sale a number of times and find it excellent value. It would be of particular interest to dark siders but I do often steal dark siders' fabric and turn it into clothes so you can do that too.... The sales are particularly good value and there's a BH weekend sale on now. I've just bought some fabric at £5 pm which I've seen at £12 pm elsewhere. Worth a look.

Fibremood has teamed up with the sewing thread company, Mettler to offer a pdf sewing pattern for 2 euros which works out at about £1.63(I think you can choose any pattern including from the latest magazine) if you use the code: MettlerxFibreMood
I found this on  Mettler's Instagram feed. The code does work. I almost bought a pattern I have already but realised in time. I'm quite well stocked up with Fibremood patterns as I have a few pdfs and I get the magazine. The virtue of their pdfs is that they are in layers so you only print off the size(s) you want. I have been really impressed with Fibremood patterns. Good patterns, plenty of support and instructions.

For those of you who don't have enough fabric use code HELLOSPRING40 over Easter weekend for 40% off on Rainbow Fabrics. I've had some great stuff from them so it's worth a look.

Many of you will have had the emails from Sewdirect but if you haven't already seen them they are doing 50% off a different pattern brands every day this week on their website. Today - Monday - it's New Look.

Immanuels website here has 30% off with the code BLACKFRIDAY - today only (Friday 19th November). Their prices are already good and they have lots of Christmas cottons and polycottons.

Patterns Discussion / Something Delightful sale reduction plus 25% off
« on: September 03, 2021, 20:23:42 PM »
Something Delightful has a sale. It's the usual $6.99 for Vogue, $4.99 for McCall (including the new fall patterns) and Butterick plus an additional 25% off for Labor Day. This is the best sale I've seen on this site.  They are also selling off Kwik Sew at $2 each and buy 5 get 5 free - I don't suppose there are many of those left - looks like they are phasing KS out!

Patterns Discussion / Fibremood patterns 5 for 15 euros (=£12.18)
« on: August 04, 2021, 17:32:16 PM »
Fibremood have a sale for the next couple of days. 5 pdf patterns for 15 euros which works out as £12.18 once they take off the tax. They are multisized and you can print them off at home or whizz the A0 version off to Patternsy or similar for printing. When you print out the A4 versions there is an option to print only the size(s) you want which is very useful. The instructions are very good and detailed unlike some (ahem - Stylearc, I'm looking at you!!) and there are some nice patterns. Quite a bargain I think.

Patterns Discussion / Jaycotts half price pattern salei
« on: July 31, 2021, 21:00:16 PM »
If you head over to the Jaycotts website you will find a number of patterns half price. None are new and some are probably out of print but I noticed quite a few costumes, Zandra Rhodes, Rachel Comey, Sandra Betzina. Worth a look!

Patterns Discussion / Butterick autumn/fall patterns 2021
« on: July 21, 2021, 22:39:35 PM »
Find them on the Something Delightful site here.

Pretty standard fare, I'm afraid. There's a smart jacket and coat - got a zillion such patterns already. The Kathryn Tilton pattern is for a hoodie which I can't really get excited about and I normally like most Tilton patterns. Think I'll just wait for a sale on the new Vogue patterns - they are much more exciting.

Patterns Discussion / Vogue autumn/fall patterns 2021
« on: July 08, 2021, 19:47:44 PM »
Find them   here on the Something Delightful website.

Well what do we think? There's a Marcy Tilton jacket which I quite like but I have a bit of a backlog of Tilton patterns to make and this one isn't that different from the others. It is a bit what Manuela used to call 'overengineered'.

There's a coat by Julio Cesar. This made me chuckle as it has repurposed men's ties as appliques. As Kenneth Williams might have said : 'He's having a laugh.' Still, it would be a good way of using recently retired DH's old ties.
The Tom and Linda Platt dress with the wavy line down the front is nice. I really like the fit of Sandra Betzina patterns but this one just looks too fussy. There's a nice jacket and trousers pattern which I do like but it looks a bit too smart for me. So a couple of patterns worth buying perhaps.

And I see that the new patterns have digital versions - at last! Unfortunately all the links seemed to be broken. No doubt they'll get there eventually!

Just had an email from Fibre Mood. It's 5 pdf patterns for €15 until Sunday.

Having been alerted to the free pattern offer they had a few weeks ago by @Helen M I'm tempted again. Cos it's a really good offer isn't it?  :devil: And pdfs don't take up space in the house do they?  :devil:
The free pattern I got in the last offer was really good and easy to print out as you can just print out the size you want from a multi size pattern. Or you  can whizz the large size pdfs off to Patternsy for printing.Also FM have lots of customer reviews and photos on their website.

I see that Vogue patterns are $5.99, Butterick and McCalls $3.99 and Kwik Sew $2.99 in a sale which is on until 1st June.

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