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Patchwork & Quilting ... Welcome to the Darkside / EPP project
« on: June 28, 2021, 19:10:28 PM »
I tried to post this morning but my subscription had run out  :facepalm:

Anyway, I thought I would share my latest project - an EPP block that so am turning into a cushion. It is large scale pieces (finished block is 20 inches) to allow the use of bigger prints. Of course I have used Tula Pink - mostly her newest collection big with one print (the eyes) from an older collection.

It is now fused to some fleece ready for some background texture quilting before I make it up into a cushion. I think I will add a strip of fabric round the outside that sticks out (a flange?) for some added drama but not decided. Also not really decided how I will quilt it  :thinking:

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Access All Accessories / A place for everything...
« on: June 12, 2021, 16:14:04 PM »
I've finally finished my by Annie 'Place for Everything' bag. Most of the fabric is Tula Pink (with a couple of others for backing thrown in).

I enjoyed making it but will never again have the 'bright idea' of using double foam in some places to make the quilting stand out... trying to join it all together was fun!

Despite all that it is now full of EPP goodies and ready to begin a new project

So we are going to host our first ever Boom on TSP (let's hope it is one of many!)

Please sign up below but PLEASE make sure you can commit properly as you will have other people's fabric etc. Time shouldn't be an issue as it is a several month event.

Once the group is confirmed you will receive a list of Board Names of those in the group. You choose your fabric, prepare it and send it to me for distribution to the other members. You need one Fat Eighth (no smaller than 19” x 10”, a little larger is welcome) for each member. Please send 10, even if the group number is smaller! Send all F8s to me along with any special requests for your fabric. I will distribute them to the other members. You stitch a block for each member using your 100 percent cotton quilting fabric out of the F8 you receive. When you have finished all blocks, you post them to me to sort and return to the owner.

Please note: Board participation is an essential ingredient in making this swap successful. So much information about the swap is found there, much more than I can possibly write in this sign-up post. If you wish to join the swap, please understand it is your responsibility to read all posts and post at least fortnightly. If something comes up and you cannot post, please have somebody email me. Absolutely no disappearing please!

Anticipated schedule:

Sign-ups end Saturday 22nd May Noon

ALL F8s due to me Wednesday 9th June
I ship F8s to you Saturday 12th June

Group blocks due back to me Wednesday 11th August

I post group’s blocks back by Wednesday 18th August at the latest.

Please do not sign up unless you can commit to making 10 blocks in the 2 months

Fabric, Completed Block and Package Preparation:
1) Use only 100 percent quilting cotton. Fat Eighths are no smaller than 19” x 10” but a little larger is welcome. No exceptions.

2) When mailing your f8s to me, please make sure they are individually sealed in a small ziploc-type plastic bag. Please label each baggie with your board name (make it easily visible to me) along with any instructions or color requests for your fabric. This may be a note inside or a label on the outside. Labels stuck on are useful to help the recipient prevent fabric mix-ups, something that’s easy to do but a nite inside will be fine. Please then take all the individually wrapped F8s and put them in a large ziplock-type bag onto which you have written your name and address. This you will then put into your mailing envelope. Later, when you send your completed blocks back to me, please seal and label them with the owner’s board name and your board name easily visible to me in a similar manner as you did the F8s (reuse the same bags and notes for ease!)

3) Please mail your F8s to arrive by the due date. The sooner everyone gets them to me, the sooner they go out.

4) Carefully handle all fabric received and completed blocks, placing them somewhere safe until mailing time comes.

5) To help keep track of the fabrics and blocks made, I will create a Google photo album

6) You are required to keep in touch with your group by posting your progress to the dedicated Boom group thread at least once a fortnight, even if you have completed your blocks early. This is a requirement. Nobody likes to make a slew of blocks and not have them acknowledged. If you do not keep in touch with me or the group for any reason, you will not be able to participate in the next Boom. If you don’t wish to keep in touch, this is not the swap for you.

7) All blocks must be completed within the time frame for the group and posted back to me.

8) All blocks must be 12 1/2” unfinished. This means you must measure. Blocks may be traditionally pieced, paper-pieced, appliquéd, whatever the block maker decides to do. It is up to each individual. Please do not request specific blocks as the idea is to let everyone, of every skill level, join in and show their talents.

9) Most importantly, let’s keep this space a positive and enjoyable place to be! We’re all here to have fun, even me.

Important Shipping Details
All shipping costs are your responsibility. Be sure when you ship to me that you have covered the cost fully as I will not accept packages with postage due. You may ship to me in whatever  package you like however I will only post to you using Royal Mail, second class tracked (unless other arrangements have been made) at the rate in force at the time of posting, currently £2.90 for large letter (A4 sized envelope/jiffy bag). Please send a pre-paid envelope with stamps or label or you may send me £3 in well-concealed cash to cover the cost of shipping the F8s and I will supply the envelope. You will also need to send me an additional £3 for return shipping of your completed blocks. This can be done in advance or when you send back your completed blocks.

Sorry for the long post but hopefully this will answer all your questions!!

Patchwork & Quilting ... Welcome to the Darkside / A Boom
« on: May 06, 2021, 07:55:38 AM »
I'm on an American quilting board and they do these swaps called Booms (I'm guessing like Boomerangs). I've 'watched' 6 or 7 now and they look like good fun so didn't know if people on here would be interested. I'll list the 'rules' - I would be happy to host and organise (admin permission allowing).

For ease of explaining we will imagine there are 10 people taking part.

It takes place over 2-3 months.

Each person sends me 10 fat eighths of a fabric of their choice (plus a SAE for return). I then mix them all up and you get back a fat eighth from everyone else.

You then have a couple of months to make a block for each person - any block and technique you like (variety is key! It could be traditional piecing, FPP, applique etc) Using their fat eighth and any fabric from your stash. They may have given additional instructions eg please make the background light. We all post pics and everyone can see the blocks people are making for them- lots of excitement...

People post the finished blocks back to me (and SAE) and then I allocate them back out so everyone gets back 10 blocks made with their feature fabric to make into a quilt etc

What do you think? It is a good opportunity to try new patterns, use up scraps (as you only need to make one block) and it does look like good fun.

Happy if consensus is no

In the wardrobe / Advice from the experts
« on: April 18, 2021, 09:18:26 AM »
I'm trying to shop bridesmaid dresses  :facepalm:

Normally I love a dress- I know exactly the shape that suits me (plunge neck and/or empire line, nips in under the bust and then flares out). I have lots of lovely dresses. I'm a size 18-20 after putting on some weight due to medical issues in recent years so I know this shape works.

However, bride doesn't want a v-neck or plunge on bridesmaids as a) it is similar to hers and b) one of the bridesmaids has a tattoo on her chest she wants covered (without hurting her feelings).

So this is the type of dress she is looking at. I'm really worried I will just look like a blob (both bride and other bridesmaids are slim and gorgeous). If we got something like this is there anything a professional seamstress could do to make it a little more flattering?

I make bags and quilts so have no idea...

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Access All Accessories / Harlequin
« on: February 27, 2021, 22:04:31 PM »
This pattern has been all over my Facebook feeds in recent weeks so finally got around to making my own.  I will definitley be making more as it is so simple to make!

This was all left over PU, fabric etc from other projects

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Access All Accessories / A new bag designer...
« on: February 20, 2021, 21:32:53 PM »
I made my mum a bag ready for Motber's Day - she was quite specific in what she wanted - cross body, outside pocket for phone, purples and plain but pretty   >:)

I saw this pattern and thought it would be ideal - 2 slip pockets ideal for phone etc, zip pockets will prob be decorative but are functional. Inside I put a zip pocket and a slip pocket (not in pattern) as I find these more useful.

I don't think I'll be using this designer again - it was difficult to understand at times and I think I only really managed it as I have made quite a few bags before. Saying that it really isn't my best work and I'm not particularly happy with some elements but I think my mum will love it still. It was one of those projects where if it could go wrong, it did but it got completed!

I used Harris Tweed for the main fabric and Portuguese cork for the accents. I love sewing with cork - it sews like a dream. The zipper pulls are such fun and as my mum loves cows it seemed a missed opportunity not to use Highland cows with Scottish tweed!

The lining is Tula Pink fabric - I love her stuff so much and this fabric is gorgeous as a lining.

I'm glad it's done now and am looking forward to something enjoyable next. There are some small pouches I am eyeing up...

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Access All Accessories / Completing a kit
« on: January 31, 2021, 21:19:55 PM »
Part of my New Years resolution is to use up things I have before buying new so this wkend I completed a bag kit. It was one I bought when a TV channel was closing down and was designed by a designer who I know usually sells good quality products.

This bag kit was not good though. Key parts (zips!) Were missing and not even mentioned on the pattern in the 'what you will need list's I had to guess at what was needed.

In fact the pattern overall was quite poorly written with lots of corrections.

However, it is finished and I will find a home for it. It uses thin cork and pre-made buckle and strap. It is designed to easily change from a cross body to a back pack (which is why I bought it as I liked this idea!)

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Access All Accessories / A quick little bag
« on: January 18, 2021, 06:34:41 AM »
It is a work colleagues birthday today so I quickly  put this together over the weekend. It uses one of my favourite and most versatile wallet patterns by Spencer Ogg. I added a wrist strap so it can be used as a small clutch when we are allowed out to socialise again!

I used Harris Tweed and and PU for the main fabrics and makower for the lining. This pattern is ideal to use up your large scraps as well.

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Access All Accessories / New bag project
« on: December 21, 2020, 22:20:47 PM »
Now I finally have some time off work I am starting my next bag project. Today I cut and fused everything and started making the front panel. I have wanted to use this fabric print for ages but hadn't quite found the right use until today. The purple is a thick, waterproof canvas type material. It is the first time I have sewn with it but I am pleased with it so far which is good as I also have it in pink and turquoise!

Access All Accessories / A 'poo' bag
« on: October 25, 2020, 18:58:35 PM »
So we are getting a school dog that will end up living in my office  :loveit:

I have decided to make his owner (the other deputy I share the office with) a bag she can use in school for bits for him and can dispense poo bags when she takes him out.

I've cut and fused everything (my most hated bit) and have made up the back panel. The pocket has a magnetic catch to keep it shut. There will also be a zip pocket front and back for phone/ dog treats etc.

I can't make up the front panel until the eyelets I have ordered arrive (to dispense the bags).

I am using Tula Pink focus fabric with some teal PU. The lining is a pale green/teal simple geometric print from Lewis and Irene

Access All Accessories / Keep it together bag
« on: October 05, 2020, 21:28:59 PM »
As requested, here are pics of my latest bag project. It is called the ‘keep it together’ bag.
It has been a real skill builder:

 It is the first time I have used binding on anything other than a quilt. I’m not particularly happy with the bag binding but each set of pockets has got better.

So here is the bag - a zip pocket on the front, slip pocket on the bag, kam snap handle keeper   [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

Access All Accessories / Latest Bag Make
« on: August 20, 2020, 08:56:38 AM »
 I’m really enjoying bag making at the moment - it has even overtaken patchwork and quilting! I think I have found my ‘thing’ as I love making things that are inherently practical as well as pretty.

I have made this for a gift as a birthday in October. I think I might make a matching wallet/purse.

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Access All Accessories / Make up bag
« on: August 13, 2020, 17:50:01 PM »
I finished making this for my sister's birthday. I used lamifix to make different parts 'wipeable' - It was horrid to work with and I will never use it again lol.

I did however, get to use my labels for the first time. I designed myself a logo and got these fabric labels printed up for bags or purses that I make - so pleased with them!

House Beautiful / Finished Tuffet
« on: July 28, 2020, 16:26:54 PM »
I bought a kit (minus the fabric) before lock down and have only just finished making it - it was much simpler than I thought. The hardest bit was attaching the button!

I'm already wondering if I should make another and source the materials myself...

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