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Hi, I'm new... / hiya, new to the area
« on: April 21, 2021, 13:02:29 PM »
My name is Claudia, I've been reading old posts and hoping to contribute too.
I'm originally from the US, lived all over the US with a few stints in other countries. For a while I worked in a big Joann's- a "big box" craft store chain, at a location that was big enough to have its own cutting counter staff. I worked just at the cutting counter/fabric department. There was also a mini Husqvarna/Viking dealer in the store. I learned what I could from my coworkers, who were mostly great quilters. I was a newbie- I had sewn a few things off and on, learned as a kid from my mom and auntie, sewed a bit in college. I didn't have a lot of time to actually sew while I worked at Joann's- it was one of two part-time jobs I was holding, which together barely made a livable wage, AND I was going to school part-time.

But I did have time to buy lots and lots of fabric, especially discounted remnants! I carried all the fabric and remnants and tools with me from state to state and now to a new country. I left the sewing machine behind and am looking for one here. I've been mostly knitting or crocheting these last few years, bc that was more portable, especially on long car rides. I also inherited a cross stitch/embroidery stash from my late MIL.

Now ALL of that stash, years of fabric and yarn, is shoved into my awkward little loft space. It's more space than I have ever had for sewing, but I need to get through some stash if I want to be able to move around at all. I've already found a Project Linus branch to give some of it away. Wish me luck in my stashdown goals!

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