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A bit of a 'do' / Bride's dress
« on: October 13, 2021, 08:07:10 AM »
So I trundled off to the pub as usual last night after measuring GS's for PJ's and met up with BFF, we were late.
She asked why and I told her.
Another, shall we say acquaintance not friend but we get on really well (another Londoner in the sticks), stared at me.
'You sew?'
I cautiously answered yes.  You just know whats coming next don't you?
Can you take up my curtains? Or put a zip in my jeans?
But no..
'Can you make a 1950's dress for my wedding?'
Interest piqued she showed me the pic of what she wanted.  I showed her pics of DD1's wedding and the 1950's dresses they all wore  :D
All excited now, I'm making her wedding dress  :dance:
She was like a kid in a sweet shop, so happy to have found someone to make what she wanted and it was someone she knows.  I am happy to have a decent project to get my teeth into  :D
Payment?  Well that got even funnier as her OH had given her pretty much an open wallet.  We settled on a girlie weekend away for me, bride and BFF  :laughing:
He has to pay for the hotel room  :D
BFF reckons the weekend away should include shopping for fabric for the dress, I said I don't care as long as it is near a bar  :laughing:
BFF is going over brides house this morning to show her decent wedding photos, this should be fun

Technical Help / Bias binding with stretch fabric
« on: September 02, 2021, 13:09:38 PM »
Would you need to cut binding on the bias for stretch fabric?
Surely you cut on the bias for the stretch? Just starting on a top that I want to put binding on and found myself pondering the necessity of cutting it on the bias.

Sewing Spaces and Furniture / My little sewing area
« on: July 16, 2021, 12:04:35 PM »
When we moved nearly three years ago from a three bedroom to two, I had 20 years of vintage sewing machines, stash and a big double bedroom as my sewing room to deal with!
I had to whittle it all down to a single bedroom that would also be used by my grandsons when they come to stay.  I gave fabric to the local pantomime as well as loads of lace and braids etc.  Gave the hand cranks to charity and brought as little as I could get away with into the new house.
In the old place I had a beautiful, huge wooden dresser that ended up going to a friends, too much wood meant space I needed for stash.  I replaced that with the wire shelving bought from Amazon, some face the sewing area, some open to the bunk beds and has the kids bits on.  Fabric drawers then held the fabric.
When I first attempted to sew in the new house I couldn't find things easily, so we then got the first Ikea pegboard. It now has needles and pins in pots, scissors available and every other small thing either in a pot or on a shelf.  Everything to hand when i need it  :D
I had kept the old sewing cabinet which houses the 411g, which I have now got Nina on and overlocker sits nicely in the cupboard. I used to have a huge table with machine and overlocker always set up but I am now glad I kept the cabinet as it has proved really useful.
This week's delivery included the fold down table, it goes away neatly when  not in use, making room for the boys when they stay, and the tabletop ironing board that hangs on the door when idle.
I also got another pegboard and the last 'bits' are now up on the wall too.
Then a 9 drawer cabinet that sits nicely next to the fabric drawers that holds patterns, trims and fastenings like zippers.
And a VERY comfy chair  :D
Although I do sometimes pine for the big room, I am really pleased with how such a small space has been so easy to work in  :D I have even been able to cut out on the fold down table!

Vintage Machines / Sazzerfrazzin!
« on: July 11, 2021, 20:00:24 PM »
Today I was talking to DH about the new machine I may (or may not) be buying, with grandson (6 Years) perched on my lap. He was looking at the pics of the machines on the website and, after telling me the blue one looked good >:), then exclaimed that they must be old machines.
Of course I then marched him up the stairs to see the 'old' machines I have up there. A 1960's Pfaff 30, a Kohler hand crank and then... the main event... producing the Singer 401 from it's cabinet, which did the job and made him gasp he was so impressed!
However, I then realised I have no idea where the box of attachments are, in particular the cams!
I really hope they are under the bed in the spare room where the machine is, otherwise they are in the loft in an unnamed box that will take forever to find!
My issue is, do I now send DH up there to look?  And if I do send him up there, can I really leave the other machines behind?  There are 2 featherweights and, I believe, 3 x 99k's, plus accessories.
I am not sure if I am now annoyed at GS for showing an interest in them  -<

Sewing Machines / Thinking of new Bernina machine!
« on: July 10, 2021, 07:44:38 AM »
I have a Bernina Activa 135s that is obviously now past it's prime.
I have been looking for a new machine so I can pass old girl onto DD1.
Having been looking for a while I have come to the conclusion that I really do love Nina and have bought just about every attachment over the years, I think I have had her around 15 years, so that is a lot of money on Bernina attachments!  We sat the other night and realised it would cost £100's to replace them all with another makes versions.
I have looked at other makes but see nothing that makes me yearn lol So generally want to stick with a Bernina.
I tend to do just dressmaking, although I have a vintage Pfaff 30 for leather sewing. Not much need for the bells and whistles type.
Any thoughts on the difference between 335 and 325?  Or is it the 435 worth the extra?
I have been pondering this for a while now but DH is unable to give an opinion, need to make a decision lol Need some input!

Your Favourite Suppliers / Immanuel's website!
« on: July 05, 2021, 08:47:10 AM »
Not having Immanuel's near enough to just visit, but having left there with bin bag fulls of fabric on visits in previous years, I was pleased to see they are actually opening up a website today  :thumbsup:
Not got the address yet and they say it has just designer fabrics and cottons going on first, but I am excited!

Hi, I'm new... / HI
« on: June 30, 2021, 10:03:35 AM »
 Hi everybody from not so sunny Norfolk

Back in the day I was one of those TSF members (Panto Princess), but life threw  me a few curveballs which meant i missed this forum opening up!

Sewing has definitely been put on the back burner for a few years.  Just before the disappearance of TFS, we were informed by our landlord we had to leave our home of 20 years.  That  meant a smaller place, we managed to get a small mortgage and buy a place, but no dedicated sewing room meant alot of my stash and machines had to go!  I sent my handcranks off to charity in Africa, kept a few of the others (especially the treadle and my MIL's Pfaff 30).
At the same time I was diagnosed with an oveactive thyroid and Graves disease, which cause a number of different health problems for me.  Fortunately,  this was diagnosed before moving and I was feeling much healthier a few months after we arrived in the new house (I was actually able to move without pain as an example lol).

Then six months after moving DH was involved in a serious car accident that left him with  traumatic brain injury, he is still slowly recovering but for a while I was his full time carer, so, I had little time for little else.

I took a job locally as a carer for special needs adults just before covid hit last year, so I managed to work through the entire thing lol. After nearly five years of only very small projects, I got my machine out at the beginning of this year and finally got some ME time!
I made a leather and tartan jacket (I had kept my favourite fabrics loitering in  boxesfor years, the rest were passed on to the new pantomime wardrobe lady... my daughter!).  Then decided enough is enough.  I have a second bedroom that has bunkbeds in for the grandsons and little else (I think they are both  post TSF so yeah, I am a grandmother), got some shelves for my remaining stash to sit on, then got a few other things over a few months.

I now have a workable sewing space for the first time in years and have been working on a tailored jacket, my Mother of the Bride outfit.  The wedding was cancelled yesterday!  Anyone know what I can do with a half finished tailored jacket in very expensive (for me) fabric, with lining in a colour I don't like lol

So thanks for letting me in, hope to chat with you all soon!


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