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Your quilts are all beautiful!  I would love the one in picture number 10.  I can't seem to attach a picture of it here.  :[

This one ?? Imi

Yes please that's the one.

Good morning, would it be possible for you to send me some pictures of this machine? Many thanks, Clare.

How much are you looking for?

Sewing Spaces and Furniture / Re: Cutting table
« on: August 31, 2019, 17:16:09 PM »
@HenriettaMaria I’m so glad to hear that as it’s the one I bought!  0_0  I was told they were really good by the sales chap but I didn’t know anything about them so they could have been awful and I wouldn’t know. I’m so happy with it and surprised at just how often I move it up and down. I find it’s very handy to raise it up for threading the needle so I can get a better view and then drop it down again to sew - all at the touch of a button. I had no idea how useful that would be until I did it.  :D

Sewing Spaces and Furniture / Re: Cutting table
« on: August 26, 2019, 17:25:17 PM »
Last week I called in to a local used office furniture company to see a height adjustable table they had. I wanted a manually adjustable table that I could sew on (had to be super sturdy with no vibrations) and then be able to raise up for cutting out on.
I ended up buying an electric height adjustable table. I too only had space for a table 120 x 60cm in size. They were so helpful, they can put any top on any table in any colour they have in stock. They even delivered it for free the next morning and carried it upstairs for me.
I have to say it’s fantastic! I have it about 69cm high for sewing, 75cm as a desk, and about 100cm high for standing up with my laptop.
I have a Bernina 570QE and it vibrated on every other table I tried, but not this one even when high up. Not that I sew standing up much!  Anyway, it’s worth bearing in mind if you’re still looking for a table. Their website is and they deliver all over. There are height adjustable desks on Amazon by Flexispot that have 120 x 60cm tops too.
Good luck with your search.
Clarie  :D

Hi Annie,
Is this still for sale?
Kind regards,

Sewing Machines / Re: New Bernina
« on: July 05, 2018, 09:41:20 AM »
I bought a 570QE about 18 months ago. It’s a lovely machine with lots of features and I thought it was pretty much the same as the Artista 630 I’d previously owned. It was, but isn’t nearly as smooth to sew with as the Artista...

I’d drooled over all the bells and whistles. Particulately the safety features such as telling it the straight stitch plate is on which stops any zig zig stitches being selected. And it had sooo many lovely decorative stitches but sadly no snowflake pattern which I really wanted. In reality I don’t need all of this. I know what foot to select for which stitch, and which stitch I need for what I’m sewing.

So much of the computerisation behind the lovely colour screen is all about advice which an experienced sewist really doesn’t need. It’s far too expensive for a beginner which all the advice seems to be aimed at. It’s a shame Bernina doesn’t sell machines with ‘options’ for things like the BSR and the walking foot. That way the basic machine could be purchased for a lot less money and the expensive ‘options’ could be bought if needed.

So, moving on to today and I’ve sold it. I found myself constantly using my Activa 240, which is a Swiss made, more straightforward computerised model. This has all the features I like, needle stop position, knee lifter (big thank you to whoever invented this!), and pattern end.  It was my ‘go to’ machine and I like it’s simplicity.

The 570 model is the best machine in the range at the moment and is about 80% Swiss made. It’s the only model my engineer recommends with his hand on his heart. The 5.5mm stitch machines are way better than the 9mm even though those patterns on the 9mm machines are so pretty! The 570 is still in the Bernina line up - at the moment - but if the newest 5 series machines really take off then you can expect the 570 to be discontinued. If you can wait a while there will probably be deals to be had (but not huge ones as this is Bernina we’re talking about!).

All in all I can whole heartedly recommend the 570 but I do think it’s a lot of money especially if you’re not going to use the BSR. BUT... keep the 830 they’re in a league of their own. I recently had the old bakerlite foot control on mine reconditioned (for about £60) and the speed control on it is superb! As good as any new machine I’ve ever sewn on and I sew very tricky items and need good slow speed control.

Choosing a machine is a very personal thing and it’s easy to get lured into buying one with all the gizmos. I found I just didn’t use the vast majority of them and preferred a simpler machine that would start up as soon as it was switched on without having to ‘boot up’ for 2 minutes. Mind you I did enjoy seeing it say ‘Hello Clarie’ while I was waiting.  :D

It’s so much fun choosing a sewing machine enjoy whatever you decide to buy!

Does anyone have one of these machines they would like to sell? After having used my sister’s one I’d really like one.  :D :vintage:

7th July: I’m updating this post as yesterday my sister had a serious house fire. Her lovely Brother was destroyed along with her over locker and all her sewing things. All that’s left is literally a few bobbins. I’m now looking for one of these machines to replace hers. It’s heart breaking but if I can find a machine for her I’d be so delighted!
If anyone knows of one somewhere, even at a dealer, please let me know.

12th July:  Thanks to Annieg I've now found one.  0_0

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