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Embroidery and Embellishment / Stabiliser Advice please
« on: August 02, 2022, 07:54:28 AM »
Right ... Im starting to think about the dedication for Heathies quilt and am going to use a bit of his shirting which, if all goes well will be the same size as one of the front squares (6") and will be appliqued on the back with the stitching mirroring  a square on the front ... Well that the plan and I reserve the right to change plans if I want to!

Now I dont want this one square of the quilt to be harder than any of the rest of the quilt so need a stabiliser that will disappear. Tear away is not an option as the shirting is thin and wibbly as it is and Im sure Tearaway will distort the finished item.

Any ideas???

I DONT have any mesh type stabilisers (that I know of ... @Celia ???)
I DO have WSS both light and heavyweight.

Dolls and Toys / TSP's 2022 Bear Sewalong
« on: July 03, 2022, 10:36:14 AM »
This is the Official Bear Sewalong Thread ....

Over to you @sewminds  @Celia @Tamnymore  .... Its all yours!

Everything needed to complete a Zandra Rhodes tapestry.

Instructions, Anchor Tapestry Wool, Printed Canvas panel, Instructions

No idea what these go for as I couldnt find any on the T'internet so Im asking £25.00
to include postage as small parcel to UK.

If you want this but are out of the UK please pm me and I will find the postage cost for you.

Advertised elsewhere.

Had a call this morning from the lovely Aneka who works in our local Interior design shop this morning announcing that after several months of Building work on the Georgian building Modo is part of that they were open once more ... so naturally I had to po along after work and have a look ....

I was immediately struck by a glimpse of fabric in the remnant shelves .. all nice and neatly folded and stacked and pulled it out from its friends and knew immediately that I wanted it ...

Possibly to make a bag from it ...  perhaps the Lightbox bag I mentioned earlier this year ... or was it late last ??? I think its a chenille type fabric and know it was from a range by Romo and that it is now discontinued (No Fair!)

So along with a remnant of their excellent lining I left feeling very chuffed ... Now to draft some simple pattern for it! Wish I could make a real bag from it tho'  :cry:

  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

Aint Google Fabulous, found it with one click and what a bargain  I got !!!!

Hi there, I realise Ive been pretty quiet on here this year and the Darkside seems to have been languishing in the Doldrums a bit recently


Were back with a

TSP Darkside 1st Flash Make 
JUNE 2022

I would like you to a find pictures of TILES;
Tiles have been around for centuries in all the major cultures of the world

They decorate paths, hallways, walls, ceilings, roofs, courtyards, temples, churches ....
Tiles are everywhere!

Choose any image that takes your fancy
and make a block from it!

You can choose to make a miniature block, 6"  8" or 12" block or even larger
as a stand alone wall hanging

YOU have to work out the dimensions, technique and colour scheme.

Here are a few images to get you started

  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

A lot of you may have tiled areas to take inspiration from in your homes
as in the last pic, which is of my redecorated hallway (Yay Lockdown!)

This will run throughout JUNE ending on the 30th.

This has been extended to end 14th July!

Please post pics throughout showing inspiration, materials, progress and completed block
and I will amalgamate them into an album.

House Beautiful / Conundrum
« on: May 01, 2022, 15:11:54 PM »
A while ago I bought a gorgeous William Morris by Sanderson Duvet set from TKMaxx, along with some classy Sanderson Sheets in Heather.

The packaging says Double but I have found that when I use it by the next morning theres a lot of flappy cover at the top of the bed with no duvet inside. This is the firat time this has ever happened to me and I began to suspect that maybe the cover was wrongly sized.

Today I measured it and discovered that the width (folded in half ) was 100 cms so spot on for a double size of 200cms

But the depth, top to bottom was only 97cms for a total size of whatever 97 x 2 is.

So smaller not bigger as I had expected but this doesnt solve the problem of why my duvet doesnt fill the cover by the end of the night ...

Any ideas peeps ???

15 spools of variegated embroidery threads
Various colourways, Earthen tones, Pastels, Primaries, Neutrals ...

£25.00 + £5.00 for TSP members only

a bit of a pic n mix selection. Ive stitched out each colourway and wrapped the result round the relevant spool so you know what youre getting. Theres also a pic of one spool stitched out on a label 

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

Advertised on FA at £35 (inc P&P)

Patterns Discussion / Any tips, help and advice
« on: March 24, 2022, 13:45:32 PM »
about this Pattern ... Shelby Dress by True Bias

Ive seen it made up in a lovely orange floral fabric at my local sewing school and it looks wonderful ... having echoes of one of my favourite dresses from the 90's and I might like to try it in a Tana Lawn????

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

Any advice, tips, hints etc welcome and needed!


The Virgin Dressmaker

Access All Accessories / Hello You fabulous bag makers
« on: March 08, 2022, 14:34:16 PM »
Im wanting to make or design and make a Bag/cover for my lightbox (19"  x 15") and then hopefully for Oz the new lappy! (The Old Lappy has a store bought cover so wont be jealous.)

I dont want to have to buy anything really so was thinking of using wadding:- poly and/or cotton OR I have a yoga mat I could cut up IF it will sew under The Splurgess.

I want a pocket in the front for things like ruler/pencil and of course the power cord (Wish Id incorporated a pocket on Elvistoo's cover  :facepalm: ) and handles so it could be hung up rather than scuffing around on the floor.

At the moment the LB is in its original cardboard box which is now looking very sorry for itself BUT I do have the four expanded puffy plasticky corner edge covers that came with the packaging.
As someone who has never made a proper functioning bag before Im all ears as to any and all hints and tips etc.

Thanking you in advance  peeps xxx

Embroidery Machines / Cheap but very effective Embroidery machine Mat
« on: March 08, 2022, 08:58:10 AM »
When I sew, I sew in the Dining room ... I basically live in there and its the only room I heat.

I sew on the dining room table which is an antique brown jobby made of solid oak? Well its definitely wood and when I use Elvistoo it becomes a boom box!

I have been using Elvistoo on a quilted mat, a never finished example piece I made to help Flobear with her QAYG techniques but having been looking out for a cheap Yoga mat ... from the charity or maybe TKMax but found even TKMax's reduced to clear price (£10.00 ) a bit steep for a bit of foam matting'

Well early last month I was in Lidl wandering through the centre aisle and there on its ownsome was a yoga mat all wrapped up and secured by a bungy type thing ! I picked it up, slung over my shoulder and carried on doing the rest of my shopping (I would've looked like a real Pro if it hadnt been for the fat belly sticking out in front of me  :laughing: ) and then went to the till ...

Beep ... Beep ... Beep ... last thing was the yoga mat .. Could I find a price? Could I bugger!! Assistant came, looked for a price, looked puzzled and said No we've not got these in stock ... and wandered off as did I!

When I got home, I put the mat in the cupboard under the stairs were Elvistoo lives and only got it out yesterday as I had a day with him  on my mind. As I unrolled it a tatty piece of paper drifted out from within its coils ... It was indeed a Lidl Yoga mat with a torn wrapper that had been all wrapped up within it!!!

I cut the mat to size and the difference in noise is incredible !! and the price was right up my alley ... Free!

Do you think Im going to Hell now???  :devil:

Embroidery and Embellishment / Stained Glass Embroidery Design
« on: February 25, 2022, 09:07:17 AM »
Someone on here was embroidering some stained glass designs ... was it you @Acorn  ??

and I just wondered what they were? They look intensely coloured but there were no project details so are they just very stitch heavy or is there something special that sets them apart from a regular design????

Over to you Embroidery boffs ...

Sign up, Sign up, Sign up for

The Darkside's Spring Equinox Mug Rug Swap

A Quick, Easy and Fun Sewalong
open to everybody within the TSP Family

AIM :-

To make a Mug Rug to welcome the Vernal Equinox ...
which is Spring themed, using Spring Fabrics or Colours for one of our TSP Family


Start Date : - 20th February ...
To arrive by: - Saturday 19th March
Big Reveal :- HERE on Sunday 20th March
The Spring Equinox !!!

What is a Mug Rug ???

This is a Quick, Easy and Fun ...
No stress involved ...

Make a Mug Rug using whichever techniques you choose;

Traditional, Modern, Abstract, Pictorial ....
Pieced, Appliqued, Mixed Media, Crocheted or Cross-stitched,
Machine or Hand embroidery, FPP, Blackwork, Whitework, Redwork or even Goldwork !!!!!!

You can make one Mug Rug or a set of them ...
But please note that you must only expect ONE Mug Rug in return.

Its your choice, the only theme is


This could be shown by a pictorial theme
or the fabrics and colours you choose to use.

Spring Lambs, Boxing Hares, Flowers,
Blossom, Trees, Butterflies, Birds, Bees ....


Send me a pm, marked SES 2022, with your name and address to register for this swap,
even if you have sent me your address before  :devil: It really helps when sending out your swappees!!!

You will receive the name and address or your swappee by Monday 21st February

You then have THREE weeks to ensure your Mug Rug
is posted to arrive in time for the
BIG REVEAL on the Spring Equinox,
Sunday March 20 2021.

Have Fun!!!


An auction in Yorkshire which I dearly would love to attend ... some glorious stuff in there (and a couple of quilts)

Your Favourite Suppliers / Wool Warehouse
« on: January 29, 2022, 12:30:09 PM »
Look what the postie brought to me today ....

  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

Such gorgeous fabrics, so beautifully packaged, such quick delivery and such good value!
£10 for 5 FQs and just a smidge over £10 per metre for the yardage ...100% cotton ... Whats not to adore?

Wool Warehouse
... fabulous fabrics (and lots more) fabulous service

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