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It is indeed a childs jacket, hence the size as you can see from the pic of Georgina holding it ... I think her daughter is 2 1/2 at present so time to grow into it.

Georgina's Patchwork Jacket

Technical Help / Re: Modern Pants
« on: Yesterday at 09:32:48 »
@suburban  ... see those red dots underneath your name in your profile box ... that means you are a subscriber and are able to post pictures


From the lovely Georgina ...

Hi Iminei,
Here are a few in progress pics of the jacket, I didnt take many somehow.

I basically designed my design onto a scaled picture of the pattern pieces, I also drew 1" grid on the paper pattern piece so I could reference and position blocks as I made them.

I made each of the pattern pieces as it's own quilted piece and then stitched them together as the pattern says. Binding the edges instead of hemming and binding the seams inside (you need to take into account hem allowance on length and sleeves that you would have on the pattern piece and remove it or your jacket will be much longer than intended, you can always try it on and cut off excess before you bind the edges).

Also with the sleeves my pattern was a two part sleeve so I made the sleeve quilt pieces with just top and batting and then constructed them and after attaching them to the body of the jacket I added a separate lining to hide seams and batting and to reduce stiffness in the sleeve.

Hope that all makes sense and helps someone somehow haha.

As Promised I returned to the quilt group and the lovely Georgina had brought her gorgeous jacket.

Georgina's Patchwork Jacket

She said if she would make another one she wouldnt use the Poly wadding she did as it made it too puffy and that she made the sleeves from two pieces to avoid it sticking out at a right angle (?) Does that sound right peeps??

Anyway, its gorgeous and a rather nice take on the idea, I hope you'll agree!

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Dolls and Toys / Re: TSP's 2022 Bear Sewalong
« on: August 12, 2022, 08:19:16 AM »
Shes gorgeous and, I suspect, a cool golden colour @sewminds (Shows what I know ... slinks off)

Love the bandana, how about an accompanying bindle???  :laughing:

Only kidding, shes far too elegant to be homeless. You are all very clever!  :perfect10:

Tech Know How / Re: Report an issue here ... adding @Mr Twingo
« on: August 11, 2022, 08:48:00 AM »
Glad youre back to normal @Elnnina  xxx :hug:

Oh Im so sorry Darling ... ARe you sure you dont want to try and recoup half the cost on faceache???
No one seems to be interested here?

The quilt group is from 10 to 12 ... Ie I would have half the time if I joined, as I need to go to work but I do pop in now and then.

I think they would be too thin ... the shirts im using for Heathies quilt, albeit much worn and laundered, are very thin.


See Tickets are moving my tickets to next year so U don’t lose my money as train strike has ruined my visit

From a faceache post by Kathy Wilson in UK Quilters United ... its worth asking ???????

I met a very modest young girl at the local quilt group last week who showed me pictures of a QJ she made her daughter.

It was superb ... A light coloured jacket with carefully placed quilt blocks ... lots of negative space ... It looked divine, she was very clever!

I'll see if I can persuade her to join us and post some pics.

English (?) curtain interlining

Is this electric or treadle ?

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