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Hi Everyone!

Thanks again for your replies and advice!

I've had another go using different fabric, so I now have yet another new top to wear in this heat wave!

I am really pleased with the results this time - I narrowed the band a bit (thanks @Ohsewsimple!), and used my wonder clips for the first time (thanks @SewRuthieSews!), and stretched it a bit more.

It's still not perfect, but it's certainly a big improvement which I'm really pleased about - thanks again everyone!!

Yes, @SewingBeeAddict - the linen is Merchant & Mills linen 185 and the ribbing for the neckband is also from there, both in sweeps scrim which is a nice charcoal/black - appeals to my ageing goth wannabe! I would say merchant & Mills fabric and patterns are my guilty pleasure but they're often pretty reasonably priced for the quality.

Also a fan of liberty tana lawn and indulged in a length of this, in the sale (though not lucky enough to get it that cheap!) which I think will make a fine collarless shirt or tunic.

Hi Ouryve, thanks for your reply!

I love Merchant and Mills, and my sister is also a big fan. Their shop in Rye isn't far from us, so I've been over a couple of times and it's a wonderful place. They have baskets of remnants at excellent prices so if you're ever down this way, it's definitely worth a visit.

Btw, I see you're from "up north", we moved down from Northumberland at the end of last year, I'm definitely enjoying the improved weather down here in Kent - hence needing all these summer tops!

Also, ref Tana Lawn, I love your fabric, that's such a great design - very dramatic! Attached is a photo of a top I've just made in the "Liberty Building" fabric which I think was from the same collection. Tbh I wasn't too sure about to start with, but now I've made it up, I'm really pleased with it - I just managed to squeeze the top out of my 1m of fabric! 

It’s really not too bad.  Have you tried it on to see what it looks like on a body?   You may be surprised.
Otherwise the curved areas either side of the centre front may benefit from a bit more stretch than the long straighter parts of the side of the neck.  Another alternative is to make the depth of the band slightly narrower.

Hi Ohsewsimple, thanks very much for your reply! I have tried it on, and it's not too bad tbh, but I was annoyed that I hadn't got it better than it is. I'm not a huge fan of unpicking anyway, let alone unpicking the overlocked seam, but I did give it a go and it was a bit better, but wasn't sure about unpicking it for a third time. It's certainly fine to wear thanks, so I think I'll use the next top I make to practice the new techniques suggested so kindly by you all - ETA tomorrow morning, so I'll post photos - hopefully it will be an improvement!!

Ps. sorry I should have said - thanks also for the suggestion on making the band narrower - I'll certainly give that a go if I don't manage to improve the puckering.... Watch this space!

I don't think its too bad, but if you wanted to use that knit fabric on another top I'd shorten the jersey piece slightly.
It does depend on the amount of stretch and recovery in the knit fabric, so I tend to use the pattern piece as an indicator only.
I cut out a band a bit longer (but the same width) as the pattern piece.
Then having only sewn the shoulder seams, I use my fingers to gently stretch the band around the neckline a bit at a time (normally starting at one shoulder seam) until I get back to where I started. I then allow a bit for the seam, and chop the rest of the length off. I stitch the neckband into a loop, quarter the neckband and the neckline and use wonder clips to clips the band to the neckline edge.
Then before I've sewn it I flip the wonder clips down and see if the band looks like its about right.
If it does I sewn and overlock it, but if not I can shorten the band a bit and reclip before sewing.
Hi SewRuthieSews! Thanks very much for your reply and suggestions - that makes perfect sense thanks - I'll definitely try that as I've recently invested in some wonder clips so they'll be ideal. I also think I need to be more precise with dividing the jersey neckband into sections so that I can more accurately pin it to the neckline. Thanks again for your advice, I really appreciate it thanks!

And, yes, it looks good.

Just checked something I'd made and that has a little puckering where the neckband is more curved. It's a nice effect, with the linen I used, rather than something to eliminate. I did the same pattern with a cotton double gauze and it was less visible on that, though the natural crinkle appears to have taken the ease.

Hi again Ouryve! Thanks so much for posting the photo of your top - I have to say that looks really terrific - I hadn't thought of using that pattern in linen, but your top looks really to google for some nice linen fabric! The jersey you've used is a perfect match - and looks more robust than the plain jersey I've used. Is that jersey what is called "ribbed jersey" I wonder? And you're right, it does look really lovely with the slight fullness on the neckline.
 Thanks again for posting the photo and for your advice, it's much appreciated!

@SewingBeeAddict I think that's a pretty good neckband to be honest  :thumb:

You're so kind Diane, thank you very much!

@SewingBeeAddict , have you tried a good shot of steam?  I've seen a lot worse necklines btw, that is very nice - lovely fabric too  <3


Hi Jessie, thanks for your reply and advice - I'm certainly going to try and give it a good steam press -  and you're very kind about the neckline!!

Thanks also about the fabric - the design is called "Strawberry Thief" and is one of my favourite designs from Liberty's  Tana Lawn range of fabric. Tana Lawn is definitely one of my guilty pleasures - I think it's becoming something of an obsession really. I cannot resist when I see a length on eBay, or listed in Shaukat's offers page and I feel obliged to give it a good home. I've made lots of tops for myself over the last week or so, as with this weather I suddenly realised that I needed some more summery tops - I've made seven I think but have lost count a bit. At least it's getting through my LTL stash! Thanks again!

There will always be a little puckering, simply due to what you're asking the neckband to do - ie Stretch unevenly. It's about finding a balance, as ultimately, you don't want a saggy neckband. A rib with plenty of stretch works best and topstitching and a good press will help with the puckering but not completely eliminate it, especially with a soft, light woven like lawn.

Thanks Ouryve, I will certainly give it a good press to see if that helps. The jersey I'm using is from Minerva (hope I can mention the name) and is their "core range" plain jersey - with I think 5% elastane. It's medium weight, so I may try a more stretchy jersey next time.

Hi everyone,

Apologies for such a late reply, but thanks very much indeed for your replies, advice and encouragement, I really appreciate you all being so kind!! 

I'll reply individually as well, but just wanted to start by saying a big Thank You!  :vintage:

Hi there,

I hope this is the correct place to post my question - many apologies if not...

I was just wondering if anyone had some advice please for sewing a jersey neckband onto a woven lawn cotton top / t-shirt?

As per photo, I followed the measurements on the pattern for the length of the jersey neckband, but it is still a little "loose" and too full on the folded edge, so it doesn't sit completely flat.

The thing is though, that when I tried to stretch the neckband a little more (and therefore shorten the neckband) it then puckered the cotton lawn fabric. This is the best I could get it....

I would like to make more of these tops as it's such an easy and speedy pattern, but I really need to nail inserting the neckband first!

Any suggestions, would be very gratefully received!  :-)

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In the wardrobe / Re: how to cut something from 50cm fabric?
« on: July 14, 2022, 13:27:48 PM »
Hi there, I don't know if you've used your fabric yet, but how about New Look Sewing Pattern 6374 - it's a really lovely top, and there is a version with a contrast section at the lower section of the front/back and the pattern has separate front and back yoke pieces - so you could mix and match with a co-ordinated fabric.

I'm currently part way through sewing this pattern for the first time, and I'm really pleased with it so far - it should be finished later today! If you are interested I could measure the pattern for you and give you the measurements - it's a multi size pattern 10-22.  :vintage:

Embroidery Machines / Old POEM / Huskyvana Embroidery Machine
« on: June 23, 2022, 10:08:00 AM »

I've been lucky enough to have joined the forum and have been enjoying reading so many of the threads, it's been great!

Then I got down to the Embroidery Machines section and my heart sank, so I just thought I'd post on the (very) off-chance anyone can assist!

I'm a very keen sewer and have a great sewing machine and serger, but lurking in the back of the garage is a box with my old POEM embroidery machine, and it breaks my heart! I know I should learn to move on and look at getting a replacement emboidery machine, but it was just so lovely and easy to use, and I did some amazing designs with it - for myself, friends and family.  We moved house last year and I still couldn't bring myself to take it down to the tip!

I think it was bought around 1996'ish and the EMNET software ran on Microsoft DOS 3.1 - yes I know! The problem I had was that the very old PC that it was connected to decided stop working and then I was lost.

What do you think the chances are of ever finding some way to drive the POEM machine using a modern PC? Periodically, I search through Google but there's nothing - sometimes they come up on eBay but I can't find the replacement software.

I'm guessing that I really need to invest in a new embroidery machine, so will be doing some research. What I liked with the POEM was the way that EMNET software allowed you to move individual stitches or change stitch direction, rather than just block-fill an area, so that will be something I'll look for.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice (even if it's just that I need to stop hoping!!).  :thread:

Dear All,

A belated "thank you" for all your welcoming messages, I really appreciate you welcoming me onto your Forum!

I'm looking forward to sharing some of my "makes" soon - I'm really enjoying my sewing at the moment, spurred on by Sewing Bee.

Well, thanks again for your messages & happy sewing!  :thread:

Hello there from a new member - thank you very much for allowing me to join your Forum!

We live in the SE, and now that I have more time on my hands I'm really getting back into my dressmaking. I have been really hooked on the Sewing Bee this series, and at the weekend I indulged myself with a trip into London to buy some more fabric for my projects.

I am looking forward to contributing to the Forum - and reading all the amazing advice and info on here.  :thread:

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