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Your Favourite Suppliers / Heavy linen for skirt, online shop?
« on: November 11, 2019, 09:27:32 AM »
I have not bought apparel/garment :frock: fabric in decades. Looking for an online shop that sells a heavy quality linen? :thread:
Also looking for linen thread for hand sewing? :) :thread:

Tutorials / Yardage chart bias cut skirt?
« on: November 10, 2019, 20:03:37 PM »
Does it exist, a yardage chart on how many metres/yards to buy for bias cut skirt?

The Haberdashery / Hand sewing threads inventory, pincushions.
« on: October 18, 2018, 21:21:00 PM »
So I was sorting out my sewing box today and also made inventory of my hand sewing threads.
My oldest spool bought in 1978 Molnycke a pretty jade color about 1/2 of 110 mtr spool.
The rest of my thread are from the last 13 years nothing older. I got into hand quilting at about that time too.
1 Aurifil cotton 1300 mtr.( I think it is my only  :vintage: machine thread it is very thin got it at FQS sale the brown/chestnut)
1 basting off-white (1/2 of spool)
2 variegated Sulky 100% cotton 450mtr
10 Sulky single color 46 mtr and 1 variegated almost empty forrest green.
Mettler polyester 3 spools variegated 200 mtr
Gutermann 100% cotton 7 spools 250 mtr (2 of which are less than 1/2 spool)
Gutermann 100% cotton 100 mtr 9 (3 of which are less than 1/2 spool)
Mettler silk finish 100% cotton 150 mtr 2 spools
Mettler quilt cotton pink 150 mtr 1 spool
Ikea 4 spools cotton 3 white and 1 red.(3 came as a set of 1 red and 2 white, Ikea is my least favorite thread)
Excell polyester in red 182.8 mtr never used still in foil.
Most used colors are pink, rose, ivory, parchment and Christmas colors gold, green, red. I like Sulky variegated. :thread:
Some colors thread I am running low so looking for an online shop that sells threads with reasonable shipping to EU?
I do not hand sew large items so my thread lasts a long time.
My embroidery floss DMC and silk threads a few metallics I keep separate in other boxes but use those also in hand sewing.
I make little pincushions from leftover quilt fabrics and add dried lavender flowers to some batting/wadding to fill them.
Also made needle/pins books from leftovers. I had seen some of that on Pinterest for inspiration.
I see some people keep their thread spools out on a rack stacked.

Hi, I'm new... / Hello new, many hobbies.
« on: October 18, 2018, 14:41:59 PM »
Hello everyone. I am home with many hobbies as I have health issues.I like hand quilting, hand sewing, beadwork, embroidery, jewelry making, wirework, crochet , painting, making journals with leftovers crafts supplies. I usually make small items. Have some UFOs too like a small wall hanging which needs finishing.Sorting out the sewing kit today and made two trial ornaments from leftovers quilt fabric. I like watching museums online for inspiration and look at what others make on Youtube. Historic costume I also like looking at that.I switch between hobbies. Some I do more time.  :)

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