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They look great, looking forward to seeing the rest.

I’m hoping maybe next year or one after I can persuade a friend of mine we should go as it looks an amazing event.

Small things and techniques would be very good as is ways of using up small scraps would be quite fun. 

Mug rug swaps have been good, the ones @wrenkins made the other year are getting used as rugs and carpets in little ones doll houses, they’re perfect for that.

Really hope I manage more next year. :vintage:

I’m still amazed by the quilt, it’s so lovely!
Colour catchers are amazing, I try to make sure I always have some in the cupboard.

Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: TSPs Bi-Annual Autumnal Mug Rug Swap,
« on: September 27, 2020, 11:24:47 AM »
Lovely mug rugs everyone, well done all.  I’m hoping to feel up to joining in them all again next year! :vintage:

Block of the Month 2020 / Re: Septembers Final BOM
« on: September 05, 2020, 18:53:32 PM »
We’re all good, staying healthy so far.  I’m missing the patchwork sewing a lot, keep dreaming about getting my 2019 temperature quilt made but when I do sew it’s mending or household things that need done. 

Then when I find time to pop on here I get distracted wanting to make blocks like this instead and add yet another thing to my sewing to do list haha.

Block of the Month 2020 / Re: Septembers Final BOM
« on: September 05, 2020, 18:41:37 PM »
Loving what everyone’s done with this block, they all look great.  It’s the kind of patchwork look I really like so hopefully eventually I’ll have a go at it. 

I’m struggling to get any sewing done as can’t fit in just a bit here and there as my sewing rooms being used for other things so can’t leave things out.

It was v v quick!!
She’s walking all over the place, climbing everything etc.  She’s recently learned to clap which is nice.

I pre wash batiks but don’t think it’s always needed I’m just in habit of prewashing all fabrics.  I do use colour catchers a lot and would with a finished batik project.

This looks lovely, hopefully I’ll find time to make one.

Oh phew just noticed private messages, the recipients received them.

They’re all so lovely.  Here is the very lovely one I received from @Ellabella.
I am still worried post office sent mine wrong postage but hoping it somehow makes it to recipient  -<

I’ve received mine, won’t open it yet but it’s really cheered me up after an awful morning (dog not toddler caused).

I’m now really worried bout the one I’ve sent, just hope gets to destination safely as I thought at post office postage seemed cheaper than I expected it to be and today have looked it up and pretty sure it’s been sent wrong.  Really hope gets there (and recipient doesn’t have to pay the extra  :().

Got mine sent this morning.

Got mine finished today, it’s packaged up and ready to post tomorrow morning and hopefully it gets to its destination safely and on time.
I was silly and forgot to take my own photos of it before I packaged it up.

Not started yet but I know what I’m doing.  0_0

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