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Patterns Discussion / Re: Simplicity Spring 2021 patterns
« Last post by whofilets on Today at 02:59:24 »
I like the two Mimi G patterns, even if I'm not sure i'd be brave enough to sew OR wear them. At least its something different! I can't say this is the 40th "crop top and harem pants set" we've seen this season, right?  :P

All the rest, with the pastel solid colors is giving me a sisterwives fundamentalist vibe. It's not that they're not pretty, and I respect dressing modestly. But a whole wall of them felt like I was looking at a cult.
Patterns Discussion / Re: New Liesel+Co shirt/dress patterns
« Last post by whofilets on Today at 02:53:55 »
It'd be totally my thing! Maybe if the weather ever clears?
Also they do have a PDF digital download option!
Patterns Discussion / Re: Butterick summer patterns
« Last post by whofilets on Today at 02:37:24 »
Oh YAWN. when I saw these i thought they seemed like good everyday core patterns and clothes but what sets them apart? Now I read they are just reissues of other patterns... No wonder.
Also some of the tops look so shapeless. It's not that I don't like wearing drapery loose tops but... Just don't know what I'd really be paying for.
Patchwork & Quilting ... Welcome to the Darkside / Re: A Boom
« Last post by whofilets on Today at 00:36:51 »
I'd be in! My patchwork skills aren't very advanced but i'd love the challenge to improve them.

I was in a quilt block exchange group once but every one got a yard of fabric and you made 12 of the same block for the other twelve quilters :O yes, I got a lot better at piecing, but it was exhausting tbh. Plus I ended up with so many sets featuring a fabric I didn't pick- ended up giving those to a quilt group that made quilts for hospice care. They loved them, I loved passing them on!

Sewing just one block per fat quarter sounds MUCH more manageable.
The minimum block size could be decided by the fabric buyer? 12.5 inch Square is a common size. Or  6.5 inch blocks, but you make 2-4 of them.
Thanks ladies :)
I'm persisting.
Unfortunately I'm out of pins so these will have to suffice till the next quilt but the various layers so far don't appear to be moving independently too much at the mo. I think it's a bit on the bulky side to start from the middle whilst the pins are still in. I did funnily enough set my stitch length to 3mm. What's happened is that I made the mistake of thinking that my walking foot would be able to pull the weight of the quilt through on its own. Oops  :\
I'll not make that mistake again. I've now set to 3.5mm and I've increased the distance of the stitches from just under 1/4"  from the square edges to 1/2". That way my complete and utter inability to follow a straight line won't be too obvious.
2hrs later and I'm still unpicking the initial stitches which were frankly, fugly.
Patterns Discussion / Re: Free Fibremood PDF Pattern 8-9 May only
« Last post by Tamnymore on Yesterday at 22:51:06 »
Yes there is an A0 version with the blouse pattern I downloaded. It is 3 A0 pages though. I'm sure Stylearc would have got a blouse pattern onto 2 A0s. Still, don't look a gift pattern in the mouth!
Actually, I don't find 40 or so A4 pages too bad. I recently pieced together 100+ A4 pages from a Butterick pattern (no A0 option) - now that was too much!
Access All Accessories / Re: Spencer Ogg Patterns
« Last post by CraftyIrish on Yesterday at 22:43:14 »
I ordered 1 inch webbing because I had the 1 inch hardware already, but it's not big enough for my liking. So I went and ordered 2 inch cotton webbing and then found it hard to get 2 inch triglide but found one then it got lost in the post so now I have to wait for another set to come.
I wish I had a fabric shop near me that had all this stuff.
Access All Accessories / Re: Spencer Ogg Patterns
« Last post by Vezelay on Yesterday at 22:19:23 »
Thanks @RJR_38. Glad it wasn't just me found that odd. I agree the Bummity Bum is a very useful pattern - I wear mine when I'm out and about without decent size pockets. This is it, more leftover scraps including pleather for the belt holder. If the fabric looks familiar it's already been seen on tsp as a padded gilet and several mask pouches 0_0

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Patterns Discussion / Re: Free Fibremood PDF Pattern 8-9 May only
« Last post by Vezelay on Yesterday at 22:18:12 »
With all the talk of 45 pages, is there not a copyshop A0 option?

Yes @Marniesews there is indeed. Anyway, my Noelle jacket might be 45 pages but some of the pdfs are probably smaller so I wouldn't let that put you off.

Patterns Discussion / Re: Free Fibremood PDF Pattern 8-9 May only
« Last post by Tamnymore on Yesterday at 21:51:19 »
Eventually managed to order a pdf but I can't see how or where to get it. I assume they email it

oops - found the instructions.
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