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Today... One thread per day / Re: Friday 3rd December
« on: Yesterday at 10:16:12 »
Bit dark this morning and still a bit dull but not raining and no frost.  There was a nice clear sky last night at around 4.30 and I could see a bright star (?) in the sky. It was just above the telephone wire but then it changed position.  Was it a star or  satellite? 

Mr Morrison is late again, but coming from another shop, poor boy, got them going all over now.

I wrapped all my presents yesterday afternoon, well apart from a garden token that I have to get.  Time has a habit of going very fast once you've hit December so best to not hang around thinking about it. 

I need to ring the boiler man again, despite ringing first in September and monthly thereafter, he has not been to service the boiler and gas fire.  Sods law he will turn on on a freezing cold day.  Also the alarm man has not rolled up yet, despite the fact that having failed to meet an appointment he promised he would come.  I know they are trying to catch up from missing 2020, but we are still paying a monthly charge for this. If anything goes wrong  with either one I suspect  there will be angry words. :rant:

Oh @b15erk I wish my hair would take ages to dry.


Today... One thread per day / Re: Thursday 2nd December
« on: December 02, 2021, 10:26:28 AM »
It is cold but the front is scattered cloud and my side window is a pale blue sky.  No wind, no snow and no frost.  Can't be bad.

Today's job is drag my bedside table out and clean all the rubbish that has accumulated behind it (good place to hide little things).  Then repeat the process on the other side, not much at all.

Lunch out yesterday was fabulous, food was wonderful, finishing up with a slab of sticky toffee pudding that I demolished pretty quick.  Something I wouldn't have been able to a couple of weeks ago with my indigestion problems.

Covid incarceration has affected my bladder control, no go out and come back without the need.  I had to visit twice meaning for the first time I actually had to see the toilets, which were fine, it was the flipping doors, very nice solid wood (must have cost a fortune) but a concerted effort was needed to open both the outer door and the inner one.  My muscle power has seriously deteriorated.

Could you laptop be passed to another TSP member  who can help @Iminei most people who love their 'equipment' would be happy to sort another's out.  I'm too far or I'd do it for you.  Google is of great use to me when I'm stuck with something.  I've even managed to get a dead MS Surface back on its feet.

Today... One thread per day / Re: Wednesday 1st December
« on: December 01, 2021, 18:44:05 PM »
Not a soul @Iminei surely there is someone who would help.  Most of the time it's a matter of deciding what extras you want and downloading the software, installing your antivirus and web browser.  Over the years Windows has got quite helpful, too helpful sometimes.  What about HWMNBN?.

Today... One thread per day / Re: Wednesday 1st December
« on: December 01, 2021, 10:16:07 AM »
Glorious morning, but that wind is doing some wafting.  Woke up at 2 and didn't got back again until after 4 :(  I thought I'd given myself another black eye as well, I caught it in the night, probably tossing and turning.  Fortunately nothing to spoil this lovely face :laughing:

Lunch out today.  Kitty not happy, wants to go out, didn't go earlier so not having me worrying what he gets up to if the door is shut and locked.  The feral looks like she is having kittens. In winter, probably remembering the past, she is always after food and I'm a sucker I give it to her, so suddenly she starts looking like a barrel, which disappears as soon as it gets warmer.

Enjoy your retirement @Acorn DH says it's the best job he's ever had.

Keep warm.

Sewing Machines / Re: Best sewing machine for dressmaking?
« on: November 23, 2021, 13:14:54 PM »
Pity you can't rent them for a short time, then if the novelty wears off back it goes.

Janome seem to have a really good range to cater for all pockets @Bjay Lets face it, most of us started on old (sturdy) bangers.

Overlockers & Coverstitchers / Re: Overlocker?
« on: November 19, 2021, 21:36:30 PM »
Worst is when you don't keep your eye on the ball and you find you've grabbed  fabric you don't want under the knife.  You rarely make that mistake again, speaking from experience  :cry:

Machine Accessories / Re: Janome HD2200 Extension Table
« on: November 17, 2021, 16:30:27 PM »
I'm assuming you mean the Perspex ones normally used for quilting @Ian as the others are considerably cheaper.

Sewing Machines / Re: Brother Innovis VQ2
« on: November 17, 2021, 16:24:34 PM »
I hope you don't start a trend @Diane lusting what others have is the only pleasure I have in these dark times ;)

That is very nice @Marniesews  roomy as well,  I like a lot of room for the usual rubbish.  Nice colour as well, I could live with that very easily. :thumb:

I saw this & I thought you may be interested! / Re: Treasure Trove
« on: November 16, 2021, 10:06:31 AM »
Wow, tucked away for a lifetime.

Overlockers & Coverstitchers / Re: Overlocker?
« on: November 14, 2021, 15:42:09 PM »
Don't want to rain on your parade @Andymat but if you major in knitted fabric then next thing on your list should be a coverstitch machine.  They do make the project look finished off.

In the wardrobe / Re: Another Jalie 2795 zip jacket
« on: November 11, 2021, 16:05:37 PM »
I think I could be persuaded on that, I have looked at the pattern in the past but left.  Yours is fabulous @Vezelay

Overlockers & Coverstitchers / Re: Overlocker?
« on: November 09, 2021, 13:26:16 PM »
I've had Janome and was highly satisfied and it worked for its money @Andymat .  I upgraded to a Bernina and loving it (needle threader).  For knit fabric, especially all the time, an essential tool which will earn its keep.  Threading can look horrendous to start off with but after use is a piece of cake.

Spend as much as you can, it will be worth it even if it is a pinch at the time.

A bit of a 'do' / Re: Bridesmaids outfits
« on: November 08, 2021, 16:46:48 PM »
I remember years ago when my next door neighbour made her daughter's wedding dress.  The agreement was that future mum in law would do the bridesmaids dresses, six I think.  The wedding dress was duly done but six weeks before the wedding mother in law had not even started.  It got down to four weeks and my neighbour was getting really panicky.  To cut a long story short she finished up doing all the bridesmaids dresses.  I felt terrible at the time because I was working but really busy and just didn't want to get involved in something that had to be right and under pressure, I had enough of that at work.

You have my deepest admiration @charlotte you have made a wonderful job.

Sewing Machines / Re: Brother Innovis VQ2
« on: November 08, 2021, 16:37:43 PM »
That's a wowser of a machine @Diane what is it replacing?

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