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It’s not even this September 30th see photo.

I had a horrible morning in the big towns, culminating in my MacBook cannot be repaired  :boohoo: they told me to go away fo 1 hour so I had to go shopping and hated it, I couldn’t find anything I wanted and ended up sitting in my car waiting for the time to be up. Still feel very uncomfortable out.

Never mind home now but have to take my Sons car to the garage later this afternoon so not much time to do anything

Today... One thread per day / Re: Todays Twins Birthday
« on: Yesterday at 09:17:16 »
Happy Birthday I hope you both have nice days :VV:

Good morning everyone
Great excitement or anxiety not sure which, I have an appointment today at the Apple shop to get my non working MacBook fixed I hope, I can usually fix these things but I can do nothing when it wont power on….. not sure if it might be too expensive to fix as it is quite old I have to weigh up wether it is worth it.   First time into this big town since  :thinking:last year.
Started making some labels yesterday for my kitchen containers so will continue that later if I have time, I also have to take my Sons car to the garage as it has a warning light on that we cant sort.

Two things in one day I will I cope :thumbsup:

@Iminei not hand embroidery, I can't remember where the design came from, it might be a built-in one on my machine or I may have bought it from Urban Threads many years ago. I'm in awe of the beautiful mitred corners on many of these, I was going to try it but my binding fabric was only just big enough to get straight binding & Celia will already have noticed the hand stitched ends. It's just occurred to me I could have cut down the square to make it fit  :rolleyes:

Ah ha I thought it was you, it is lovely and a very pretty design.

@Lowena yes you are right the woven one was to encourage you to think about it :loveit:  but actually was the first and I thought it might not be good enough for a swop.  It also looks like the binding on the sewn one has puffed up again, I managed to press it down but the journey must have been a bit too much for it. :laughing:

Here is my lovely mug rug it really is lovely and goes so well on my wood furniture.  Thank you Mary you know who you are. :loveit:

Good morning everyone
Bright and sunny here today, have a nice squishy parcel to open but am waiting until coffee time so I can hit.

I had a lovely surprise yesterday the electrician turned up  :dance: he has put new light in my garage/utility/art room and rewired  them, he is coming back to do some more work in the kitchen, new lights and a new fuse box. This has turned into a much bigger job than I originally thought but I am very pleased with the work so far.

  What is it about tradesmen I have been trying to get Plummer, electrician and fence builder for most of this year and this is the first on to turn up and get something done.  It might help that he is my friends grandson and I have know his Mum since before he was born..    :loveit:

Hope Everyone has a good day

I thought we  did put names on, I know we did last time.

« on: September 21, 2021, 13:52:07 PM »
They definitely qualify as socks, if it knitted and it fits on feet that’s good enough for me. 

They look lovely and so cute

Today... One thread per day / Re: Wakey Wakey ... its a New week Monday 20th
« on: September 20, 2021, 09:03:33 AM »
Good morning everyone
Sunny one minute grey the next but definitely colder.

I have a little work to do today for the place i used to work at, don’t think it will take long, maybe an hour or two.  Did a bit more weaving yesterday and would like to get to the knitting machine sometime this week, just to see if I do really want to keep it. It does take up a lot of room so I need to be sure.

Hope everyone has a good day.

« on: September 19, 2021, 22:06:53 PM »
Here is where I am up to

These are made in west yorkshir spinners signature 4ply yarn which is 75%woolon 25%nylon and I am knitting on 2.5 magic loop needles.  This is left over yarn so I might have to be inventive.

Today... One thread per day / Re: Sunday 19th September
« on: September 19, 2021, 10:50:10 AM »
Good morning everyone

Weather is grey cold and wet here so an indoor day I think.

Glad you had a nice day out @Iminei sometimes it does you good to have some nice new things around  you. 

@Diane I have also been shocked at the increase in the price of food lately,I have a very similar delivery every week from Ocado and it seems to have spiralled upwards every week.   I dread to think what Christmas is going to cost most people.

Not sure what to do today, finished my mug rug and posted so that’s off my list, might try some sewing or weaving later, feeling a little in between things at the moment.  Still of course knitting my socks but tend to only do that in the evening.

It has been posted  :dance:

Today... One thread per day / Re: Saturday 18th September
« on: September 18, 2021, 16:50:50 PM »
@Sandra  I think I get the gist of this, you are already divorced and the settlement is done but part of it is the sale of the house when children get to 18, if this is the case then you just need to stand your ground about the timing and not be pushed, I assume the split is already set in stone so maybe you don’t need quite as much advice but it doesn’t hurt to check.

On the positive side try to find somewhere to live that is comfortable for you and in the right location. I moved to my home after my husband died when I was in my 30s and really didn’t think I would stay here it was a stopgap while my son was still at school but I have and that is because it is comfortable for me. I still feel that way.

Good luck to you in finding the right home.

« on: September 18, 2021, 13:42:32 PM »
No problem @Ohsewsimple i am sure we can do it again, I am always up for a knit a long if anyone else wants one  :devil:

« on: September 18, 2021, 10:13:41 AM »
@Renegade Sewist  i have only used sock yarns with wool in but I can’t wear wool jumpers but can wear wool socks, if you go back a bit in this thread there are more comments about different wools.

I am all up for a scarf knit along maybe next month so watch this space, :devil:

Come on let’s have a few more part done photos, with details of the yarn if you can. we might encourage more knitters, not too late to join in if you haven’t already.

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