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Today... One thread per day / Re: Thursday 2nd December
« on: December 02, 2021, 09:15:09 AM »

Had my booster yesterday, hurrah! Just feel a bit achy but otherwise, I’m grand.

DH has his dental appointment this morning to fit new crowns at the front so looking forward to seeing him smile again. He is so self conscious at the moment knowing his teeth don’t look great. DH uses self hypnosis so he doesn’t have any anaesthetic when he has dental work done and his new dentist thinks he’s amazing.  :laughing:

The Irish government announced on Tuesday that Primary school children from 9yrs upwards have to wear face masks in schools so I was busy sewing a couple more for DS last night. He’s got the standard paper ones but prefers the ones I’ve made him. Thankfully, he’s just a ‘get on with it’ sorta guy and never makes a fuss about anything.

I’ve got more sewing to do today and DH has the Christmas decorations to put up. He’s almost done DS’s room but it will probably take him about a week to finish the rest of the house. He loves Christmas and goes a bit bonkers with the decorations. :laughing:

Have a great day. x

Courses & Classes / Re: Online Class with Rory Duffy for Ladies Tailoring
« on: December 01, 2021, 09:28:11 AM »
Thank you for posting this.

Rory joined my sewing Facebook group last year.  I set it up in January 2020 and it’s been steadily growing to over 500 members. It’s for people who live in or have strong connections to Ireland, so it’s only ever going to be a relatively small group.

He has posted a couple of tailoring tutorials but he’s doesn’t say much about himself and



I think I’d better re-visit his posts…. :laughing:

Today... One thread per day / Re: Wednesday 1st December🎄
« on: December 01, 2021, 08:51:37 AM »
Morning all!

A pinch and a punch, it’s the first of the month!

It’s mild and sunny again today. Definitely doesn’t feel like December though. We’ve got 2 advent calendars up , both for DS.  0_0

I’ve got my booster jab appt. later. I found a local village pharmacy (15 miles) that was offering them so I rang and got an appointment. I think the HSE (Health Service) have only just started doing boosters for the over 50’s but as I had the one shot Janssen, I was feeling a bit anxious as the HSE guidance says you have to wait 3 months after having the Janssen and 6 months after Pfizer before you can get a booster. It’s been 6 months since I had the Janssen vaccine.

Hope you have a good day wherever you are. x

Hi, I'm new... / Re: Hello
« on: November 30, 2021, 13:05:16 PM »
Hello and welcome to TSP.

Besides curtains, what other things do you like to sew?

Do you need any enabling to purchase fabric, machines etc? If so, you’ve come to the right place!  :laughing:

Oh my! That sounds FAB-U-LOUS.  :perfect10:

Seriously, if there’s plenty of decent accommodation available nearby, would you consider offering sewing retreats for grown-ups? Don’t see why the kids should have all the fun.  :laughing:

Embroidery and Embellishment / Re: Textile Artwork
« on: November 22, 2021, 08:36:18 AM »
I really like it.  :loveit:
Great combination of textiles put together and it has a gentle timelessness feel to it.
I hope you make more of these pieces as you have a real talent for it.  :perfect10:

In the wardrobe / Re: Another Jalie 2795 zip jacket
« on: November 20, 2021, 14:58:15 PM »
Oh, that looks lovely on you.  :love:
Lovely fabric choice too!

Patchwork & Quilting ... Welcome to the Darkside / Re: Misery
« on: November 11, 2021, 08:20:45 AM »

Sorry to hear that. I can imagine it must feel both painful and very frustrating for you. Sending you warm hugs.  :hug:

My sister-in-law fell and broke her left shoulder badly a few years ago and has had to have it re-done this summer as her arm still wasn’t moving as well as it should. She’s in her 70’s and supposedly retired but still volunteers her admin services for a local club (where she broke it in the first place!!) and is still working there about 30 hours a week. I think she’s nuts still working when she’s not fully recovered but it gets her out and meeting people. She explained to me ages ago about how it limits her activities and how she has to rely on my brother to help her get dressed etc.

I’ve never heard of not having anything ‘Green’ in the house being ‘a thing’.
I’ll have to ask around my friends.  :laughing:

In the wardrobe / Re: Adjustable mannequin
« on: November 04, 2021, 18:21:03 PM »

Thank you for your detailed post. You’ve explained so well exactly what I wanted to know.  :perfect10:

I was talking to a friend at sewing group yesterday and we were thinking about making one of those body doubles using an old T-shirt and gaffer tape and I did wonder if it could then be placed on a mannequin and used for pinning things on.

In the wardrobe / Re: Adjustable mannequin
« on: November 03, 2021, 13:17:48 PM »
Snap.  :)

I mentioned this to my husband the other day too when he’d asked for the umpteenth time what I might like to Christmas and I hadn’t thought of anything.

Maybe we could both post on here when we’ve found some options to consider?

Embroidery Machines / Re: Another new toy!
« on: October 28, 2021, 15:23:26 PM »
As for reading the manual I do recommend it.  One customer we had bought a Husqvarna Ruby, very expensive machine.  She didn’t bother to read the manual.  Took it out set it up, started sewing and heard a horrible noise.  Brought it back to us as faulty.  Engineer found that she hadn’t removed the pieces of plastic used to keep the arm of embroidery module from moving around.  Massive amounts of damage and not covered by the warranty obviously.

OMGoodness! What an awful disaster!

When I order a new toy, the first thing I do after ordering it is to go online and find the manual to download and save to my files on my iPad. If it’s going to be a few days until arrival, I’ll start reading the manual in readiness. It’s part of the build up of excitement for me.  :|

I’ve just downloaded the manual for the new fridge freezer arriving to replace the old one in the utility. I’ll read through the installation instructions so I know how to set it up properly when it arrives. DH prefers the paper copies and he’s welcome to find somewhere to store them!  :laughing:

House Beautiful / Re: How is cushion piping made?
« on: October 28, 2021, 09:31:05 AM »
Hi @JohnSnug

There’s lots of very good free YouTube sewing tutorials that demonstrate ‘how to’ and I’d encourage you to watch a couple before starting your project.  This one shows how to make the matching piping cord pieces from your main fabric.

Good luck with your project and remember the cardinal rule….you HAVE to post pictures of your finished project and tell us about the sewing experience.  :laughing:

Great thread!  :thumbsup:

I’m hoping to piece some of my knit fabric waste and make them into a Beanie style hat. I’ve seen a picture on Pinterest but haven’t worked out how to make it yet. Might try that next week.

Sewing Machines / Re: My new Machine
« on: October 18, 2021, 09:46:02 AM »
Partners in Crime…. How about Agatha from Agatha Christie?

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