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Vintage Machines / Reminiscing! Singer Merritt 187
« on: March 03, 2020, 18:04:05 PM »
Occasionally, I think back to the very first sewing machine i sewed on. My mum bought it brand new about 1971 but rarely used it. But I used it a lot! It was a Singer Merritt 187 and it sewed like a dream!

If you scroll down this page a bit you can see a photo:

Does any one remember this machinery, even better, sewn on it?

A Good Yarn / Miriam Cardigan (Quince & Co.)
« on: February 19, 2020, 14:14:21 PM »
I am more a crocheter than a knitter but over the winter I found myself bored while watching TV in the evening, so I started knitting scarves. So far I have made about ten - all garter stitch but really nice. At some point I will set up an Etsy page and sell them.

Well, now I would like to knit something different for a while - a really simple stitch so I don’t have to constantly count stitches. I have been looking for a stocking stitch cardigan pattern that doesn’t look frumpy and found this:

Miriam Cardigan

It looks lovely. It would also be my first garment on a circular needle although I think the pattern allows it to be knitted on two needles.

My question is this: The Cardigan is quite short in length and i would like to bring it down to hip length. Would it be quite easy to change the length? Would it look okay in a longer style and how on earth would i estimate how much extra yarn to buy?

Sewing Machines / What to Trade in for New SM
« on: February 15, 2020, 18:55:59 PM »
If I go ahead and buy the Bernina 720, which of these, if any, would you trade in:

- Bernina 570QE - three years old
- Bernina 1008 - six months old
- Bernina 830 Record

I know my dealer would only give about £100 for the 830 so I think I will keep that one. But which of the other two, if any?

I can find reasons to keep them all but what individual needs four machines! The 1008 was purchased for nostalgia’s sake - and as a manual back-up when I heard it was being discontinued.

The obvious one is the 570. It has the 5.5 mm width and CB hook.

What to do! Any suggestions, anyone?

Sewing Machines / Bernina SM Prices
« on: February 15, 2020, 15:44:59 PM »
I have recently been toying with the idea of another machine but I am only in the research phase - and hope I stay there 😳! Anyway, I looked up the best price for the Bernina I am interested in online and all the dealers advertised the same price. I expected this because my local dealer always tells me there is hardly any flexibility for dealers when it comes to prices of Berninas. This made me turn round and phone him because I had some questions about the machine anyway. In the conversation he quoted a price that was £125 MORE  than all the other dealers 👀👀! I ignored it because I told him from the outset I was only investigating the machine at this point - but can you believe it!!

I should add that dealer prices for Berninas that i have seen in the past usually vary ever so slightly, maybe by £50.

Maybe he anticipates price increases soon and thought he’d just go ahead and charge the new price since there is a four-week lead time anyway for this particular model.

Sewing Machines / Juki Sewing Machines
« on: January 29, 2020, 13:40:43 PM »
Oh dear! I have a bade case of SMAD (sewing machine addiction)! I certainly don’t need a machine but I am Interested in learning about the Juki, in particular the Juki DX-7. Does anyone have one or seen one demoed? I wonder how it’s quality and performance compares to Bernina.

Overlockers & Coverstitchers / Coverstitch Machine
« on: June 20, 2019, 15:53:19 PM »
IF I were to buy a coverstitch machine, which would you suggest? I am saying IF because I want to see that I get back to sewing a bit more but the idea has been on my mind so it’s time to begin researching them. I have an overlocker but I know nothing of the various cover machines out there.

I could ask my dealer but if I do that I will have bought one before even realising it. Yes, he is THAT good at selling. 😂

All my machines are Bernina but I don’t believe they make a stand-alone coverstitch machine.

I called MM yesterday to ask about washed linens. Well, anyway, the conversation got around to patterns and sizes and I learned that towards the end of this year, they will be extending the sizes available in their patterns. If you already have the pattern, additional sizes are to be sold as a pdf add-on.

Sewing Machines / Bernina 830 Record Back Plastic Panel Cracked
« on: September 10, 2018, 17:52:00 PM »
I have mentioned I bought an 830 in immaculate condition recently - seriously it looked as if it just left the factor inside and outside. Well, the cat knocked it on the floor. As a result the panel at the back that has the word Bernina on it has cracked. Also the little silver thing the thread wraps around broke off. I managed to use crazy glue to put the thread thingy back on and to glue the plastic piece BUT being the perfectionist I am, I would like to replace that back plastic panel. That also means the thread thingy would be replaced, too, because it is attached to the plastic panel. This is the ONLY bit of plastic on the outside casing. Is it likely a dealer would have this panel and would it be expensive to replace?

PS I wasnt pleased with Felix for three days and he knew it. I told him if he touched my 830 again he could pack his toys and treats and find somewhere else to live! (Not really but I was p@&*ed!)

Sewing Machines / Bernina 570qe - class at Bogod and Company
« on: September 08, 2018, 22:24:43 PM »
I have had this machine for a year and i have to learn the darned thing in order to sew. Every time i am inspired to sew I remember i need to work through the manual. Grrr! I recently bought a lovely Bernina 830 Record and I did indeed sew! I didn’t have to learn software to sew a straight stitch.

Anyway, I have never taken the class that comes with it. It is actually about six hours at Bogod in London. Is it worth doing?

In the USA, you get a full day and work through a workbook  and add your samples to the book. Is it the same sort of thing?

I looked up rail prices and its about £150 pounds first-class. I thought of going first-class because the ride down is about 4.5 hours. I won’t spend it if the class is not worthwhile.

Has anyone attended a class at Bogod?

Sewing Machines / Portable Sewing Machine
« on: September 08, 2018, 20:50:31 PM »
Hi all! I recently found a group of sewers who meet once a month which I really need to get me back into sewing. I just can’t seem to do it without other sewers. Anyway, last week i went to the meeting and bought a luggage trolley so I could take my Bernina 570QE. Well, there were about 20 steps going up to the entrance to the building so i had to take it off the trolley and carry it. It is SO heavy! Plus i am dubious about taking it in the car to meetups because it is computerized. So ... i am in the market for an inexpensive machine I can take with me, perhaps 15 lb or around that. I think my Bernina is about 12 kg which I believe is about 24 lb.  i am not too interested in fancy features but would like it to do a one-step buttonhole and have stretch stitches. My main concern is quality and reliability.

I have been spoiled by Bernina for 30+ years so I am sure i am hard to please 🙄

I went to the Sewing Machines Direct site and had a look. The Elna 240EX and 340EX are nice and not too plasticy looking. However, i have never used an Elna but have heard good things about them.

The other one is the Husqvarna H Class 100Q. I used a Husqvarna years ago - the one that had cams for the different stitches. It sewed quite nicely.

My preference is Bernina but even the 215 is heavy and it is more than what I would like to pay for a portable machine.

I looked at the Pfaff Smarter line on the website but i have never sewn on one and the look very plain.

I also looked at the Janome SMD 3000. That seems nice but it is a bit on the heavy side at 9 kg.

Can you tell I need some help? What would you all suggest?

I could go to my dealer who is an hour away, the one that sold me my Bernina but he will try to sell me a top of the line machine again!

A Good Yarn / Knitting with Circular Needles
« on: July 08, 2018, 14:24:59 PM »
I badly needed something to do while watching TV and just mainly at home so I decided to knit a cowl. I haven't done any knitting for about 30 years so there's a bit of a learning curve here.

It's a simple cowl in garter stitch with a circular needle. First time ever for a circular needle. However, I am knitting it as if I were using normal needles because I don't know how to knit in the round and have it NOT turn into stocking stitch!

How do I do this for my next cowl?

In the wardrobe / Which is the right side?
« on: December 24, 2017, 08:20:46 AM »
Recently I bought fabric to make trousers and a couple of tops. I thought I'd prewash some of it today if I get a chance. The fabric for the tops is cotton jersey and it's really lovely and soft but it's more like a single jersey. I thought it would be a bit thicker. It's cotton with a little elastene. I need to find out what to ask for to get slightly thicker jersey - sweater-type. It's easy to tell which is the right side with this single jersey. It's folded with the right side on the outside (opposite from the USA)

The trouser fabric is lovely, too. I had to ask which side was the right side with this one. Again it's the outside. I can't tell the difference on one of the fabrics and I want to be sure I am using the right side. Are fabrics here always folded with the right side outside, the side that you see on the bolt?

What lies beneath... / Lingerie Fabrics and Elastics
« on: December 23, 2017, 22:49:33 PM »
Where can you buy fabric to make panties/knickers, as well as the fancy elastic you use for the waistband and around the legs? Often when I feel like sewing something quick and easy I sew these. :)

I could have sworn someone posted a resource but I'm darned if I can find it.

Fun with Fabric / Liberty Fabrics
« on: December 23, 2017, 12:49:31 PM »
If anyone's interested, Liberty has a 30% sale on fabrics now.

Patterns Discussion / Lisette/Butterick 6423 - Lovely coat pattern
« on: December 16, 2017, 18:27:15 PM »
I bought my first UK sewing magazine today - Love Sewing. I bought it because it has a free pattern - B6423 by Lisette. You can read about it here.

I had lost my sewing mojo but this might bring it back. I adore this pattern!

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