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I was a Craftsy member and my login brought me to Bluprint - just in time to watch free videos. I think it continues for another couple of days.

I know I should watch courses to improve what I do but I tend to dip into things and watch what catches my interest. So far I've watched and enjoyed these three. The Suzy Furrer course was very interesting, it shows how to adjust a bodice sloper to make your own design. The other two are more creative, get the imagination going!

Stitch & Slash by Carol Ann Waugh

Stitch Savvy: Creative Machine Embellishments

Designing Your Wardrobe: Drafting Tops by Suzy Furrer

Technical Help / Add belt loops to elastic waist - after the fact
« on: June 28, 2019, 10:34:50 AM »
I've made a pair of elastic waist pants but now I think I want to add belt loops to them. It's 1.5 inch elastic in a casing. I've done loops before on jeans and have made the loops but when I went to attach them I got worried about sewing through the elastic. I took great care not to sew into it when installing it so somehow it seems wrong to sew through it now.
Should I just sew through the elastic? I don't know the reason for not sewing through it when making the waist, but there must be one when it is stated in patterns.
Feeling a bit silly about this but what to do!! Help appreciated :)

Vintage Machines / Novum Mark III
« on: June 19, 2019, 22:10:57 PM »
My DIL thought she'd like to try my sewing machine and I was delighted, I don't know anyone who sews.... But then I thought... we can't both sew at the same time (uh oh) so it prompted me to search out my late mother's machine and see how it fared after over 30 years in the attic.
Plugged it in and the light switched on. Impressed.
Pressed the foot pedal, not so impressed... So I gave it a quick wipe down and a (good) bit of oil and put it away for a soak. I took it out today and gave it a real good clean up, pressed the foot pedal and wow! Very impressed!!

The solid, smooth feeling while sewing with this machine is so hard to describe. I like my new Janome but yikes! the Novum, it's really lovely. So glad I resurrected it. I'd often thought of it but I didn't want to face the disappointment of it being in bad shape or the problems of finding a service for it. But it just sat there waiting to be used again.   <3

I'm presuming this is a vintage machine. It's got a timber base, is all metal (weighs a ton) and does straight stitch or reverse stitch. I can't find any date information on it but I have sourced a manual which has no cover and no date information.

 <3 <3

In the wardrobe / summery pants - but see through fabric ??
« on: May 25, 2019, 11:16:45 AM »
I was looking at my fabrics and there's one I thought I'd like for a wide leg, summery pant. It's black and has a white border pattern... and then I noticed it's see through  :o
Full stop.
But I still like the idea ... I don't particularly want to line them (and don't have anything I could use for lining) so if I used iron on interfacing, how would that work I wonder? Could that help? I've got plenty of that :)

I'd have to commit to doing a lot just to test but probably just doing it and finding out is the only real way I'll know for sure. But I thought maybe someone else has tried it and knows?

Tech Know How / Members Diaries
« on: March 10, 2019, 10:43:15 AM »
Could you give me an idea how Member Diaries should be used?

Is it a suitable place for me to keep a record of any/all sewing stuffs I've done or am interested in or might be interested in?

Should a member have only one diary or is it OK to have several?

There doesn't seem to be a native way to bookmark, keep or watch interesting posts or posts I'd like to return to when time/interest allows, I'm trying to think if this area could be useful to me for that.


ps I'm aware of sniping, evernote etc etc... I'm wondering about using Member Diaries, ta

Machine Accessories / Rolled Hem foot
« on: March 09, 2019, 17:52:00 PM »
I used my rolled hem foot yesterday and what was I afraid of??? I loved it!
Starting out is a bit of work sometimes, but then all the work is done for you. A-mazing.

The one I have came with the machine, I presume it's 'small'. It worked so nicely on a light (chiffon-y) fabric, I hemmed the front and back of a top, and then the sleeves too, I just kept on going...

I find myself wondering about different sizes, how they are useful and if they are worth having? The tutorial that I used to get started had different sizes but didn't say anything about when or why they are useful. It did show how to get started very clearly though.

Anyone else liking their rolled hem foot/feet?

Hi, I'm new... / Just joined
« on: January 25, 2019, 10:46:36 AM »
I've taken out my sewing machine again (Janome SMD1000) in hopes of using up fabrics bought in enthusiastic bargain beginner mode a few years back, much of it a mistake if I'm honest  :P
Garments (pants/tops) are my main interest and I look forward to going through the posts here to get me into gear, get ideas and maybe keep me on track. I've promised myself if I get through some of this fabric stash I'll be able to buy more purposefully... 
I knit and crochet as well and have a bit of interest in learning - is it called embellishing? - fabrics to add a little interest.

Nice to be here :)

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