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Title: Sew magazine
Post by: toileandtrouble on February 08, 2019, 16:39:29 PM
In December I posted about their subscription offer.  Two months later, the fabric has still not arrived.  On the third phone call they said it had run out because there had been such demand and I could have an alternative fabric and pattern.  You would think that if they had taken, say 350 metres it would not take a genius to work out that this was 100 pieces of 3.5 metres and then they could contact the extra people to offer an alternative, but I had to chase them.  The girl answering the phone, after a long wait in the queue, was apologetic and asked what I would like - there is a heart fabric, a grey... What is it, a jersey, a cotton or what? - sorry there are no more details.  What are the patterns that goes with them ? -sorry, it doesn't say.  She has been trying to get more information from them. I felt sorry for her but it is definitely cancelled.
 The magazine got less and less interesting each month too.  It is aimed beginners mainly but there were some interesting bits in the first one I saw. 
Conclusion, don't get involved with their offers. If one issue interests you, buy it off the news stand.
Title: Re: Sew magazine
Post by: toileandtrouble on March 04, 2019, 15:58:47 PM
Another phone call last Thursday, the latest girl said she would chase it up and phone me back, "it won't be today, could be tomorrow or early next week".  Well, lunchtime today, no phone call but the post lady brought me a parcel.  Coincidence or what? Perhaps it was the cold businesslike way I asked who to complain to, but the girl definitely sorted it.
It is almost 3 months to the day since I subscribed. It is a dark warm fabric, originally supposed to be a washable wool but not sure what this is, might just be that. (the pattern that goes with it is, strangely, the one from the original offer)
Fabric looks to be a decent quality but the customer service has been appalling. Apologies to you all for mentioning it in the first place, hope no-one got the run around.
Title: Re: Sew magazine
Post by: b15erk on March 04, 2019, 16:08:48 PM
Well done for complaining and getting a result.

Too often I find there is no attempt to put a bad job right.

Title: Re: Sew magazine
Post by: toileandtrouble on March 04, 2019, 17:25:26 PM
Thanks Jessie, but really I don't understand them. It's their loss.  When they ran out of fabric, they could have contacted me and I would have understood and been patient for a while longer. They didn't even have to use a stamp because they had my email address.  As it is, they have lost a subscriber (and how many others?) and the free advertising on here if I had said how delighted I was, instead they have negative publicity.
Since they seem to be tied in with Simplicity, I am wondering if it is the same team as is behind Sew Direct.  Very pleasant people on the phone though, I am sorry for them.