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Fun with Fabric / Does a dog Bandana have to be 100% cotton?
« on: March 28, 2021, 16:28:59 PM »

I've been sewing dog bandanas and decided the curved 'bib' type are the best fitting. I do my best in terms of following the rules.  I know about making little cuts into the curve ( in my case, it's a gradual concave curve), but I wonder if I can avoid doing that - because the seam allowance will be 6 mm and I don't want to finish the seams.

It's not that I'm lazy, it's just that (for research purposes) I deconstructed the same 'bib  / boomerang' type bandanas by a big seller on 'Etsy'.  I noticed that she didn't appear to have finished her seams.  She had zero puckering around the concave curve of her bandana.  I wonder how she achieved that?   How did she end up with no puckering without making snips?  You see, the seam, when opened-up presented no evidence of having been clipped.

If you google suitable fabric for making dog bandanas, you get "100% cotton."  Would any of you use fabric other than cotton to make a dog bandana?  I don't fancy using anything which would irritate or cause harm to a dog, nor do I want to sew with something with a lot of stretch, because I'd struggle sewing with it.

Any suggestions?

The Haberdashery / Vecro for Fastening Dog Bandanas
« on: January 12, 2021, 16:01:35 PM »
Hello again,

I tried using velcro before - this was back when I tried to make a dog coat.  Running before I could walk.  So I'm trying dog bandanas now.  One thing I remembered about velcro, is that it was a pain to work with, but I'd like to have another go before I give up.  Sew-in and glue type velcro didn't want to behave with me.  I don't know whether I used a velcro which was too strong - because after a couple of days they just ripped each other off the dog coat.  Can anyone recommend a type of velcro suitable for fastening a dog bandana?  Any tips re machine sewing velcro onto a cotton fabric?  Needle size, stitch length etc.  I'd rather avoid adhesive, if possible.  Any help appreciated, thanks.

Fun with Fabric / Any tips on "We Print Your Design on Fabric"?
« on: November 28, 2020, 13:30:57 PM »
Hello again,

Has anyone used one of those "We Print Your Design on Fabric" firms?  Are the prices exorbitant?  Supply consistent? Deliveries prompt?  I know it's lockdown and things are unpredictable, but any insight or experience would be most welcome thank you!

House Beautiful / Envelope cushion "fastening" Side Fabric Query
« on: July 31, 2020, 12:51:11 PM »

I'm making envelope cushions because we've got puppies who are in love with zips / buttons.  I've bought a kind of tapestry fabric (it's actually 80% cotton and 20% polyester)  I think they'll be alright for the "good" side of the cushion, so I want something with a little stretch for the reverse "envelope" side.  I like the look of velvet / velour but I hear it's not so easy to work with.  Also, I'll be using a heavy cotton sewing needle, for sewing it to the tapestry type fabric (won't I?)

I'm fine with a velour / velvet LOOK by the way - I know there's fabric with a kind of sheen that is actually polyester / chenile or whatever.  Just something that will be relatively easy to work with.  I visited Abakhan and Dunelm Mill in my neck of the woods and I didn't see anything suitable.  Just so you know, the fabric I'm using for the good side, is Paisley Tapestry Multi from Abakhan.  Ideally I'd like a neutral cream, soft green or soft pink for the envelope side  Any thoughts on which fabric I should use and where to get it online? 

House Beautiful / Piping Problem
« on: September 10, 2019, 22:24:43 PM »
Hello, it's Suburban the perpetual beginner.  I wrote about a year ago wanting to make dog coats.  I did make them - the second was better than the first attempt - but not waterproof as I'd hoped.  Too tricky.  I'm blaming my sister's dog's awkward shape.  Anyway I've had better luck with sewing envelope cushions, I keep calling them "pillows" because the yanks do online.  I watch their tutorials on YouTube.   I'm progressing to cushions with zips ( "zippers!" ) and piping, but my machine is sabotaging me. 

I went with the Janome Sewist 525S, because it had a decent reputation for beginners.  I know there's a newer version of it, but mine is "new" to me.  Anyway, I was advised to think twice before buying because you can't move the needle when you want to.  I mean, if you want to use the zipper foot - you simply can't move the needle right over to the left. I mean you can, but it quickly protests: Manual expressly states, For zipper foots:  "Stitch Width 5" only.  I wish I'd listened.  I regret the purchase.

In order to make piping - which I really need to do on my cushions ( a present for my Mum ), I need that needle to move right over to the left.  I bought a special, adjustable foot online, £16! which I thought was the answer to my prayers.   Marketed as being a 'Janome' and "suitable for all Category B machines."  It can't be fitted, it has a screw where there is no "port" to fit it on my machine.  I'm kind of angry, not only with the lying foot, but because this machine was used on the British Sewing Bee. Why, when it's so problematic?  I can't find a way to sew piping onto a cushion.  Had to do it by hand and my eyes are nearly 50 years old.  No can do.

I'm getting annoyed and insanely bitter at all the Yanks on YouTube with their sparkling Babylock machines saying, "Just make sure you move your needle right over to the left there..."

Anyone else had this trouble with trying to machine sew piping around cushions?  Can you please advise me? 

In the wardrobe / Help! A Waterproof Dog Coat for Xmas
« on: December 06, 2018, 16:55:34 PM »
Hello, I hope I'm posting in the right place.  I'm a beginner, having only made a gingerbread man from felt.  I bought a sewing machine and want to make a waterproof dog coat for a whippet.  I've a feeling it might be too ambitious for a novice.  I'm hoping you can convince me otherwise!

I've seen a couple of patterns but I don't know how to choose materials.  I was looking online and really have no idea if the materials would agree with my machine / what needle to use etc. 

Coat is for a whippet who tends to wee over his coats (as well as his own body). I need a waterproof coat which is also warm for winter and I want to make it myself as a Christmas present for my sis.  I'm worried that the waterproof materials would be tricky to work with and also I'm concerned they might chafe him, as the coat would also have to be waterproof underneath.  Only the lining would be polar fleece or waddding (?) Can somebody guide me?

There are patterns online, but I really need help choosing materials.  Also where to find them.  I went to Dunelm Mill today but they were unable to help me. 

I would REALLY appreciate your help.  Thanks in advance!

Hi, I'm new... / Hello I'm Suburban
« on: December 06, 2018, 16:14:22 PM »
Back in the 1800s at school, my sewing teacher said it was her ambition to teach me how to sew.  She didn't succeed, so please be patient with my stupid questions.  :\

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