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Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: Contests in 2019
« Last post by Sakar on Today at 20:11:22 »
Thanks for this list @Manuela, it really helps planning :)

And yes, @Iminei is right, do we have such a list for the dark side too?
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Wadding Help
« Last post by Pearl on Today at 17:22:11 »
I use Soft and Bright which is polyester.  I usually get it from Cotton Patch but have found recently that orders from them are taking ages to arrive - and now there will be the added seasonal delays.

I was in Cotton Patch last week.  They were very busy putting orders together and there were more employees than I have seen in there previously.
Block of the Month 2018 / Re: Octobers Autumnal BOM
« Last post by Lowena on Today at 16:30:50 »
Very nice....I wish I were creative  :ninja:
Today... / Re: Tuesday 11th December
« Last post by Nevis5 on Today at 15:34:39 »
@sewingj I hope all goes well for your daughter xx

@WildAtlanticWay  well I HAVE lost a little bit of weight but not 50cms worth from my hips  :D :D  I think it's the nature of the crushed velvet - it's crushed randomly with some parts more puffy than others so it's not an even width. It's not a stretch velvet so doesn't stretch (officially) at all.  ><  I've bitten the bullet and sliced off all the excess now, looks better - but I haven't pressed it yet so am hoping that it doesn't shrink now :)  wish me luck!  Haha! 
Block of the Month 2018 / Re: Octobers Autumnal BOM
« Last post by Acorn on Today at 15:06:19 »
Finally... I'm more pleased with the block than the photograph.   -<  The thread I used for quilting is variegated - this one:

and it goes very well with the inside fabric, but the camera won't show the colour - I guess because it's rayon.  (And yes, it's machine embroidery thread, not quilting thread - I'll be hiding behind the sofa from the quilt police.)

Anyway, here is the block:

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The Show Must Go On / Re: Top stitching seams on stretch tutu
« Last post by Lollipop on Today at 15:04:57 »
I use a tiny zig zag, probably 0.5 or 1 and length about 4 on my Pfaff. When it's worn the zigzag becomes like a straight stitch but there is a bit of give.
The Haberdashery / Re: Which scissors
« Last post by sewingj on Today at 14:37:42 »
I use these

they were recommended to me by the tutor when I was doing an upholstery course.  They are spring-loaded which makes them very comfortable to use - especially if you have any mobility problems in your hands.  For some reason they seem to be frowned on a bit because they aren`t "traditonal" scissors but I wouldn`t swap mine for anything else
The Haberdashery / Re: Repurposing
« Last post by Esme866 on Today at 14:13:13 »
I use green painters' "Frog Tape" to work with paper for drafting. It works just like drafting tape and is much easier to come by.

I also use the center roll from toilet tissue to wind lengths of thread that have been waxed and pressed for hand sewing. I secure the ends with frog tape. Makes it easier to store than a pin on the wall and the diameter prevents the thread from wanting to curl.
The Haberdashery / Re: Which scissors
« Last post by Esme866 on Today at 14:02:36 »
I have the Kai 9.5" dressmakers and I love them. Not only because they are lightweight, but also because the grips accomodate my huge "man hands" which is important these days with the arthritis setting into my fingers. My sis bought me a pair of Ginghers last xmas. They also cut nicely and I switch out and cut with them from time to time -sort of like changing shoes throughout the day to accomodate sore feet.

I like having both pairs - no need to worry if one needs to go in for sharpening. Both cost just over $50.
The Haberdashery / Re: Which scissors
« Last post by Kwaaked on Today at 13:10:11 »
A couple of years ago I bought two pairs of cheap craft scissors for the grandchildren to use with paper.  The left handed pair (identical in all other ways) was actually a few pence less than the right handed ones.  I suspect the right handed ones were newer stock which had come in at a slightly higher price.

In Europe they don't seem to treat left handed-ness as anything other then an option.  I don't recall even having to play musical chairs in dinner to accommodate me, which happens here frequently and only one person commented on my left hand...which was my cousin in Holland since everyone but his brother in law was left handed (more along the line of Hey!  Look, true LastName...even Lefty!)

I still get told several times a year in the US I have the devil in me or something equivalent. 

I think the social acceptance plays a part.  In Japan, like America, there is negative connotation toward left handed-ness and they typically charge more for tools (not always, it is changing). 
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