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Current Projects / Re: 3 quilts on the go!
« Last post by Sheilago on Today at 23:02:55 »
...and here is the second of the three. Backed this one with turquoise cuddle fleece , which I wasn’t too sure of , but my daughter said she loved. Simple fmq all over. Made for a friend to gift to a new baby. Quilt 3 still not sewn together!
Sewing Machines / Re: My bobbin thread keeps breaking!
« Last post by arrow on Today at 22:58:58 »
Which type of machine is it? I have had thread braking until I stopped using a particular brand of needles, sometimes the whole package can be a bad batch in the production.

Where does the thread snap, near the needle or some where else? Can you turn the balance wheel by hand and pin point where the thread catches or pulls? Try to check for burrs or scrates in the thread route; guides, grooves, throat plate hole,...
Sewing Machines / Re: My bobbin thread keeps breaking!
« Last post by Mr Twingo on Today at 22:31:04 »
My threads break if:

1. I put the bobbin in the wrong way (thread wound anticlockwise instead of clockwise)
2. The thread has slipped out of the take up lever.

Maybe it's one of these on your machine?
Today... / Re: St Swithin's Day: Sunday 15th July
« Last post by Sandra on Today at 22:23:10 »

Petrichor is the wonderful smell that you get when rain falls on dry soil.  I'm looking forward to it!

It has a name?! I never knew that.  0_0  I love the smell of the dust settling, and stood outside when it rained a few days ago to get a whiff of it.

Technical Help / Re: Is there an easy fix for this?
« Last post by Lizzy777 on Today at 21:51:37 »
As far as I can tell and no.  I've started to undo the side seam without the zip and am hoping to make all the adjustments on one side.  Fingers crossed.

Thanks, all.

Hope it all works out smoothly for you Pearl, and you can enjoy wearing it soon. :)

Patterns Discussion / Re: Shoulder caplete dressi
« Last post by Lizzy777 on Today at 21:50:18 »
The Vogue dress was made up on The Sewing Quarter, with the demonstrator making it as a separate cape.

There is also a review on Sew Direct, where the reviewer also made as a separate cape.

I saw this being made on the Sewing Forum too. The guest was the lady who was involved with the sewing bee in the background. Can't remember her name but she is very accomplished and experienced. I think she has been on twice with the same pattern. I can't remember her name atm or roughly when it was on the Sewing Quarter but will have a look tomorrow. She made it with the caplet attached and with it separate if I remember correctly?

Adding Zing & Bling / Re: Software problems
« Last post by Celia on Today at 21:48:50 »
If you try this link it takes you to the newest free software   this is the Husqvarna version but I think it will still do the job for your Pfaff as they both use the same software.
You don’t need an activation code for the free software that is the code for the purchased software, you do have to register with a password though.
Hope this helps
Patterns Discussion / Re: Shoulder capelet dress
« Last post by BrendaP on Today at 21:43:47 »
I would find it awkward to fasten - and I'd always be aware of it being "wrong".  But as I said, not difficult to reverse.

I've found a freebie basic capelet pattern which I'll have a play around with.  If not I'll maybe go for the Vogue rather than the Butterick; partly because it's for wovens, the Butterick says 35% stretch, and partly because a dress pattern with a waist seam is more versatile.
Adding Zing & Bling / Re: Software problems
« Last post by Acorn on Today at 21:31:54 »
I had terrible trouble downloading the software for my Husqvarna Viking - which was also Premier Plus.

I, too, had to go back to the supplier, and they told me to uninstall anything I had already installed, and then follow these instructions.  They may be similar for you - I gather that Pfaff and H-V are the same company these days.

Complimentary Embroidery Plug-In For your PC or Mac

The Complimentary Plug-In allows your computer to understand embroidery designs. This means you can view your embroideries as pictures, print worksheets with colour information and convert them into different file formats (Topaz, Ruby, Diamond, Epic: VP3)

Premier+ Plug-In – For PC windows 7, 8 & 10
TruE 3 – For Macs

Follow these instructions on how to download the Plug-In onto your Computer.
Please read all relevant instructions before starting the download

1.   Go to
2.   Hover the mouse over ‘Support & Updates’ (top of the page)
3.   Click the drop down ‘Complimentary Software’
4.   Scroll down the page and click ‘Go to Complimentary Software (PC)’ for Windows computers Or ‘Go to Complimentary Software (Mac)’ For Apple Macs
5.   Log-In if you have a previous email & password or Create a log-In. Follow the steps along until you reach the download page
6.   Follow instruction below for PC or Mac

FOR PC: Install all four parts from top to bottom. In the ‘Applications’ download there are three options. Select the third option at the bottom and continue with the installation. This will include ‘QuickFonts’ in the download.
Once all part of the download is complete restart your computer.
To view your embroidery designs locate the folder they are in and change the view to icon view.
Note: Anti-virus protection and windows defender can block or hinder the download if this occurs temporarily disable it and turn back on once finished. ALSO be aware of any hidden windows working behind the installation that may need your attention.

FOR MAC: Install the following three parts from the list; ‘Software’, ‘Components’ and ‘Documentation’.
Once all parts are downloaded restart your mac.
To view your embroidery designs locate them in finder. Click to select an embroidery and press the space bar to view more information.
Note: If the mac will now allow the Plug-In to be installed go to Preferences (The icon with a cog), then Security & Privacy. Unlock the padlock. Under the heading ‘Allow applications downloaded from:’ Select the bottom option ‘Allow from all manufacturers’ then continue with the download. Restore security settings once done.
Adding Zing & Bling / Software problems
« Last post by Tiggy on Today at 21:20:37 »
Hi, I have returned to my spiritual home (so to speak.....) and am glad to be back.

I have treated myself to a new machine.  A Pfaff Creative 4.5

I’m having problems with the software.  I’ve followed the instructions to the letter on how to download the free software, ( Premier+) but then I end up with a window asking for an activation code.  When I enter the code in the manual, it doesn’t work.

I’ve contacted the shop, and their expert will be in on Tuesday.  I wondered of anybody on here has any experience.
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