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Your Favourite Suppliers / Re: I need to identify a shop!
« Last post by LeilaMay on Today at 12:19:04 »
Can you go though your payment methods - paypal, visa etc and track it that way?
Sunny and beautiful here today - and I've been naughty on ebay - pictures will follow in the appropriate place when it's in hand  :)
Just finished focusedly watching Bodyguard and have concluded I must have nodded off somewhere last night ...
But My! what a good series ... just shows what can be done and that we dont have to be 'entertained ' by the public on ever more ridiculous shows!

On with SEW red ...
Sounds lovely Francesca, now I am almost all silvery grey I spray or paint on the 1 day washout pink or lilac because I can't be bothered with the permanent colouring, waiting and rinsing business. I have used Colorista Rose Gold which is subtle and pretty.
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Dark Evenings Cushion Swap ???
« Last post by Kenora on Today at 11:40:01 »
Come January, we'll be looking for something "interesting" to get our teeth into. :)
I've been beavering away at my parrots (weird sentence - beavers & parrots together??). It's all taking a very long time, but at least my worries about the s/m needle not going through all the layers were wrong - it cuts through like a knife through butter. :) My stitching is a bit iffy though, but never mind, it's all a bit of fun - isn't it?? ;)
Fun with Fabric / Fabric slueths needed!
« Last post by justpottering on Today at 11:09:07 »
Now I know there are some amazing fabric sleuths on here so I am asking for some assistance  :)

I'm after some fabric like this

For curtains
I am going cross eyed looking for same or similar, so would appreciate any tips or ideas

Thanks in excited anticipation
8 and purple  <3  I've always fancied the idea of blue hair, but I'm allergic to hair dye so couldn't try it.  :(


You don't need to use hair dye! You can use something like Directions or Manic Panic which is just a stain. No chemicals, it's like a strong food colouring mixed with conditioner.

I'll be using Manic Panic tonight but I do have some pots of Directions left - they're cheap and really good!
Corsets / Re: Underbust Corset Newbie
« Last post by Francesca on Today at 11:02:49 »
Getting close to the end now.

I finally managed to put the eyelets in using my new eyelet press, I think they look pretty good, if a bit wonky. I also realised I've put them probably about 5mm too far in from the edge, it means the gap between the eyelets will be quite wide. Well it's not too bad for a first go.

I started pinning in the waist stay to the corset last night but haven't finished yet. Then the boning channels will go over the top and be stitched down. Then I only have to bone it and bias tape the tops and it'll be complete!

Really want to get this thing finished tonight as I NEED to get on with my dress to go with it. However I've got a back-up dress just in case, thank god.

10 and purple  <3  I've always fancied the idea of blue hair, but I'm allergic to hair dye so couldn't try it.  :(

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