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Sewing Spaces and Furniture / Re: My Sewing Lair
« Last post by Lyn-J on Today at 01:38:48 »
Lolli - do you actually sew? :)
My sewing room currently looks like an explosion in a pink fabric factory. I have an on going project and it won't get tidied until it is done. I can't be spemding valuale sewing time doing tuding. Once done every thing can be put back in itd proper place though.
Sewing Spaces and Furniture / Re: My Sewing Lair
« Last post by Kenora on Today at 00:53:41 »
@Lolli - your sewing room is so beautifully tidy, and you also have a beautiful resident cat. My cat is uncannily like yours but my sewing space is unfortunately not like yours! I have a half-share of the dining table, and have great trouble establishing territory rights with DH who has the other half of the table.

This is Cassie who, I believe, looks a lot like your Rosalie.
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@Francesca thanks for the info. I hadn't looked at any news yet today. You should hopefully be able to see the press conference on the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept Facebook page-I'm listening to it now.

This is news of interest for me dear. I live in the same valley only a couple of hours away. Everybody's Mothers freaked out when we went out alone. When he had switched to do his vile nastiness in Conta Costa County my Mom would come unglued when ever I went up to visit by best friend who lived there. And she was not happy when I moved up there due to the lunatics. Now I want to see photos of this man from the time period to see if it rings any bells from my travels.

California has an abundance of unhinged murderers/bad guys. I attribute it to our mild weather and good water. Everything thrives here. Plus the social misfits prefer the mild climate. With our large population it's easy to blend and slip into the shadows.

I'm thinking I could tell you a couple of stories that would make your neck hair stand up. Apparently I am very lucky.
My bird of paradise plant has been sitting, sulking in the conservatory for years. It has only flowered once so maybe if I make this block it will encourage the plant to flower again. :S I hope so because it's stunning when it's in full bloom. :) :flower:
Patterns Discussion / Re: TShirt
« Last post by Renegade Sewist on Yesterday at 23:53:41 »
Here you go! Video by Louise Cutting on the Threads website. They have other videos for their paid Insider subscribers. Learnt this in a class with Louise. Note there is a limit as to how much can be increased, all explained. I have it all noted on an index card for easy reference.

There are a number of methods online if you do a search. Some get way too complicated to get to the same place. I find the one Louise does really clear and easy to follow. Quick too! BTW-I don't own any of her videos but having taken a couple of classes and owning her old OOP self published books any info you can get from Louise is worth it's weight in gold. She is an immaculate sewist and teacher.
Sewing Spaces and Furniture / Re: My Sewing Lair
« Last post by datcat23 on Yesterday at 23:43:01 »
Woohoo!!  I have found a kindred spirit!   :D

I am like you, I wonder what people must think when I post shots of my sewing room.  I get quite obsessive at times, but I just can't function in clutter.  At the moment, I am contemplating digging out my vacuum cleaner, because I haven't had the cleaners through for a couple of weeks (bathroom renovations happening) and there are threads and bits of fluff on the sewing room floor.  On the up side, without having scraps and rubbish on the floor, I could easily see the dropped needle on the floor yesterday ..... before it stabbed me in the foot. 

Room 2018 by Dani, on Flickr
Publications / Re: Maria Denmark new digital magazine
« Last post by Catllar on Yesterday at 23:19:18 »
Thank you for the heads up. That freebie is just what I need for my London trip.
Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« Last post by Celia on Yesterday at 23:18:13 »

@Bodgeitandscarper -

Re the coverstitch, it's really not a problem beyond making me more niggled than I might be with the no notifications thing! On the other hand, if that's the case, then it was a bit naughty of her to say to me that it was definitely still available when I asked for it.... It would have been better to say that you'd already asked and were thinking, I'll let you know, etc. It's fine, though, and I've decided to support my local economy and buy a Juki from a local shop instead, plus they can teach me how to use it. It's not that much more once I take shipping into account as I couldn't have collected. I'd been dithering about getting one, so it's spurred me to do it.

I am very sorry you feel like this, You both contacted me sepertly on the same day, one on line and one by personnel message, when you asked the machine was still available,  my message to you said there was someone else interested and I did also say I was not interested in posting it,  I did say this in my original add,  obviously you did not receive my message and therefore did not reply to me so I thought you were not interested if I would not post it,  I then accepted Francesca’s offer as she was willing to collect the machine.

I really am very sorry about any misunderstanding  but I hope you are very happy with your new punchase.
The Show Must Go On / Re: Yes, the show will go on
« Last post by Catllar on Yesterday at 23:11:46 »
Bless you, MotN, would you mind putting it in the post? The weather is warming up nicely now. I've cut out all the tops and I do have enough for her, but I've put it all away.

 Started on another group of 5 dresses - all red princess seam floor length jersey with 5 metre hems ,boat necks and a double sleeve - the inner sleeve is contrasting stretch lace and close fitting and the outer sleeve is red georgette pleated into the sleeve head and split down the top . The two sleeve layers are stitched into the under arm seam and then caught into a narrow cuff. This gives a lovely effect when the arm moves but as both sleeve layers are sewn into the under arm seam the layer stay put. Easy peasy :\ Some of them will have bobble fringe hems and some will have - err  don't know but I'll think of something :)
Patterns Discussion / Re: TShirt
« Last post by SkoutSews on Yesterday at 23:02:02 »
Ottobre spring/summer 2/2013 have a couple of very simple t-shirt designs with cap sleeves. here

Renegade Sewist, I'd be interested in the link to the dartless FBA, if you have time.
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