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The dates for next year’s show will be 18-21 August.

BLIMEY!!!  :faints:

Hi Gang, Im home and suitably anaesthetised by a glass or two of cool white ... I was in early doors at work and sort of suggested/asked/pleaded to be moved from the BOH ...

Luckily (for me) they were not one, not two but THREE Down in Bay 7 and off I went ...

I had a nice but very boring day and somehow I have offered to cover someones holiday on Friday (earlies) in the search of Karma .... so Two more days to g , two off, one on, one off and it all starts again!

Glad you had such a nice time @Flobear  ... jealous ? moi ???

Today... One thread per day / Re: Thursday 29th July
« on: Yesterday at 06:53:47 »
You and me both @Lizzy777  ... My mum died just after my 16th birthday and Poof!!! family life disappeared after that.

Dad died early 2012 after  a decade or more of hill heath ... His new wife made sure we were kept apart as soon as his last marble left the building ...

and my rota is exactly the same as last Minday which was the Bay from Hell ...

I'll ask to be moved again but like last week, I doubt it will happen

So yet again we have ...

XXX The Biggest B*** on the site
XXX Botoxed, Fake Tanned, Trout Pout, All hair follicles have extensions and still only 20! Also the laziest girl on site, to be found on her phone (Tinder???!!!  :S ) at any point of the shift
XXX Hes special, very special .. and he smells
XXX and XXX Theyre Gay, Ive no problerm with that but sHes more of a man than any male I know and a bully.
She seems to be lovely (but who knows shes never allowed to speak or be on her own)

and Me ... Plenty wrong with me but at least I work and am not (I think) a bitch ... Altho' maybe this post makes me one?

Wish me luck ... last week was a sunny day so I kept myself to myself in the nether reaches of the carpark ... Todays weather promises not such clement weather.

Im not entirely sure about what you are referring to (as no pics) but I trimmed the label from the toddler PJ bottoms I inadvertently bought a few months ago ...

BIG mistake ... HUGE!

I now have a 2" slit in the overlocked outside seam of the botts !  >:)   :(  Peekaboo PJ botts anyone ?

House Beautiful / Re: I Want Fabric - clearance sale
« on: Yesterday at 05:44:38 »
I just paid £21mt for 12 mt of upholstery fabric

Surely a Typo Mish Moneypenny ????


Just got an email saying theres still time to buy tickets ... at a discount methought ,so I went through the motions ...

£19.00 !!!!  :faints:

I kid you not!

Thanks for that @StitchinTime  ... very interesting!

Today... One thread per day / Re: Saturday I think,
« on: July 31, 2021, 22:05:04 PM »
Treed carefully there @SewRuthieSews   (see what I did there!!!)

Today... One thread per day / Saturday I think,
« on: July 31, 2021, 06:07:13 AM »
and thats July done!

Its Saturday and far too early and Im off to work, again!

The weather doesnt look too bad but its much colder so layers will make a reappearance in The Car Park .. Thank you to the TSPer who felt sorry for the girl handing her her test in the wind and rain, that girl wasn't but very well could have been (and has been earlier this year) me.

And if you are unlucky enough to be getting a Test at the Regional Test site in Bornemouth, Poole and Christchurch, insist on Bay 7!!!

Nothing planned except work I hope you peeps have nicer things to be getting on with today ... toodle pip!

Im going to merge the two threads peeps Ok?????

Thanks very much for that link ... interesting!

After the bargain offer price of £11.50 (or was it £13.50, I cant remember) offered a month ago, the prices remained static at £17.50 (!!!!!)  so Sales couldnt have been so bad!

I too am very interested in the How, Where, Why etc

I know @Deafoldbat  and Elvistoo have entered a quilt and am hoping that Deaf takes some good pics of it for us.

@SewRuthieSews  ... Has this been extended???

I like the 'embellishment' ... Is it a snowflake ??? Lovely!

I think a lot of people feel the same ... Im not in the Brum TV area ... Do they cover Festival @Sandra @Pearl  ???

Would be interesting to see how Festival is this year ??? Take up, Traders, etc

Maybe next year?!

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