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The Splurgess (my machine) makes a different noise when the bobbin runs out ... one thing to listen out for.

How big are those sqs again ??? 

And that, I think, after @William posts pics of his goodies will make  a clean Sweep of the Swap ... C'mon William!

I wouldve sent it back if it was a genuine new Brother WF ...

I suppose you could try that now after your ... errrm ... adjustments ... :rolleyes:

Hi Wayfarer ...

Was your Walking foot a new purchase? Secondhand? or came with the machine ???

The white plastic housing does indeed come off, not completely, its anchored by a metal bar/hinge at the back ... but if you depress each side of the white plastic casing you release two lil metal doodads that hold it in place and flip it backwards.

You can then tighten the teensy screw that holds the lower foot plate in place, this can be a closed toe or an open toe plate  (I always use open toe) ... which, if it becomes loose causes the footplate to fall off as you are quilting ... Ask me how I know all this ???

Out of curiosity, how many of you quiltaholics learnt your enviable skills through college/university/training?

 :laughing:   :laughing:    :laughing:

Very few of us I suspect .... I started in 2013 when it became all too clear that I was not coping with my Dads death and the fact that as soon as his last marble had left his brain, his witch of a wife made him cut me out of his will.

I  started leaning how to quilt through (the then) Craftsy and their free BOM courses. i then bought a couple ... the best being Anita Grossman Soloman's Traditional Blocks Made Simple, an excellent course delivered by the most serene person on the planet ...  and off I went.

I sew on the dining room table and extend it when quilting ... tho is not ideal as its an oval and when layering especially everything tries to escape!!

Today... One thread per day / Re: Hernibs Husband Robert.....
« on: May 09, 2021, 10:15:08 AM »
So very sorry for you and your family Darling.

I dont know how fast you normally sew ... some people sew super fast ... I never have and the secret to quilting in my opinion, especially a Big Beast ... which is 60" + ... is slow and sure.

Plenty of stops (needle down of course) where you can adjust things, making sure the quilt under the needle and your outstretched hands, which are lying palm down either side of the needle holding the quilt nice and flat and just a lil bit taut.

The walking foot should be drawing the quilt through .. you shouldnt need to either push or pull but if youre going at a million miles an hour, which I dont think is the case looking at the original lines of stitching, they cant possibly hope to keep up.

If you have a speed limiter use it ... and maybe you could try slightly wavy lines instead of straight ... which will be a lot more forgiving ... you can achieve that by going freehand (you could make a mark every 6 or 12 inches or so to aim for) or by using your serpentine stitch which will do it for you

I dont remember which machine you have, whether you have a standard WF setup or have an IDT type thing going ...
if its the latter when you press the button to engage the IDT your machine will grey out a lot of stitches stopping you from using anything but a straight stitch which is why I use my old walking foot a lot of the time so I can use the decorative stitches too.

How embarrassed am I going to be whittering on when I find your using an Old 1930's Singer ???  :|

Absolutely spot on Ploshie.

Yes I stabilise before starting the quilting...

Two lines for a small quilt, horizontal and vertical through the middle, 6 lines for a bigger quilt, adding two diagonal lines corner to corner to the previous

A bright thread that is easy to distinguish from the regular quilting ... I generally use a Bright orange Moon thread,

And the biggest stitch length, mine is 5,  to make the stitches easy to remove

When quilting I use a 3.5 SL ... I want these stitches to show and it makes them easier to remove if i *** up!

If Im 'drawing' with the quilting, as in the octopus, shell, fish etc in the Tutorial, I will shorten the SL so I can achieve the curves.

Generally I like Cross hatching the squares ... simple but very effective

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

Just been on their website and seen this, the multi coloured hexie quilt ...

 [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

which Im pretty sure is by one of our members, maybe @QuiltySisty  ... Tho' I dont think shes currently active on TSP at the mo....

So am I @Celia  ... Lets go  with the Festival Of Quilts Rules ....

Miniature Quilts

Maximum size of 30cms on the longest side. Use any technique or combination of techniques. In a photo of the finished piece (with no indication of scale) the miniature should look like a full size quilt or wall hanging.

30 cms on this occasion = 12" (yes I know its actually 11.81 ")

I agree ... Those squares look beautifully joined ... nice neat points (and dont worry if you get a few askew, you can always applique a heart over the join ....

Please dont give it up ... Youre on your way.

The first Miniature Quilt Challenge we ran was TSP Bear wants a quilt which was very successful and of which he now lies under two of the entries

The Winner was announced HERE

and the Gallery HERE

@Renegade Sewist ... Why not just make your Doll a quilt for her anyway???

Im sorry to hear that but thanks for letting me know ... Ill follow that up.

Has everyone received and posted pics of their Swaps now ??? I feel we're missing some ?

@StitchinTime @Ellabella @fajita @RJR_38 @Kitten @TartanPaint @William  ??????

@Iminei To make the quilt maths easier, could we say a maximum size of 12” on the longest side for non-fur baby quilts?

Perfect, thank you x

I can't imagine being able to apply a neat little dab of glue without too much being applied and then making it difficult to remove the paper afterwards. It's lawn too. I don't want to risk any stickiness seeping through. Hate sticky.

@Sandra  .... How about a teensy sq of HeatnBond lite ???
If you reiron the finished item the glue should easily release the papers ... Ask me how I know?

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