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Today... One thread per day / Re: Friday 26th November
« Last post by Iminei on Today at 20:02:46 »
No idea ... I did mention it to him and he said the surgery, and phone lines, had been eerily quiet that day

Just luck I suppose ... dishy young thing  he was too and very good at explaining stuff to idiots like me ...

He explained that the Reynaud's thing was caused by the veins to my fingers having spasms in the cold which shuts the blood supply down and that the choking thing could be caused by  a stricture (?) or at worst case C***** ... Well I do like a drink  -<
« Last post by Diane on Today at 19:40:25 »
Magic loop  :faints: i never know which needle to pull through, i always end up in a right ole pickle  :laughing:
« Last post by Pearl on Today at 19:33:37 »
I use 9” circular needles, @Lowena .  I don’t think I could manage dpn and magic loop is a bit too faffy for me.
« Last post by Deafoldbat on Today at 19:31:32 »
@Lowena But you can knit, you said so in this thread a couple of months ago (c mid-September)

I can only do knit and purl on metal, straight needles.

If you can do that, you can do anything. You just need to try...

You are right @coffeeandcake the big hurricane was 1987.
We've been visiting our baby grandsons. Big hold up on the M62 on the way over so we ventured into the little roads across Saddleworth Moor  :S Stayed in a nice airBnB and woke up to snow! The babies were lovely as expected. Would cheerfully go to see them every day if we were nearer. DS and DDiL doing well - they are such relaxed parents. I know I've said it before but there aren't many pleasures in life nicer than cuddling a little baby.   :love:
We're having our last weekend of the season in the caravan in the Amber zone. Home is in the red zone (North East coast).  All appears to be ok at home (we have cameras) but we do have a layering of snow there.

Here we still have 30-40mph gusts and showers with a bit of snow mixed in but we're sheltered behind a leafless tall hedge which is taking the brunt of the wind.  It's bitterly cold out and the poor dogs are getting the minimum, shortest, trips out for their necessities that we can get away with!

Wind is due to drop overnight but with clear skies the temperature is dropping (currently -0.4 degrees).

C'est la vie  ;)

Today... One thread per day / Re: Friday 26th November
« Last post by Deafoldbat on Today at 18:42:18 »
@Iminei You actually saw a real life doctor???? :faints: What's the trick?
Hi all. Been out for the day again researching the area we think we'd like to live in.

 Had lunch on the port and visited an estate agent then went on a drive -by of some houses she thought we might like - Err, no, we didn't. Have decided we need a contemporary house - clean and sleek please. We have seen one on the edge of the Etang de Thau which  could be fine, just need to pull the thing down and start again, but it wouldn't be the first time we've done that!  Mr C is fine but gets tired fast, understandably. Staying in the appartment tonight with scrambled eggs and wine. Back home to Catllar tomorrow.
Today... One thread per day / Re: Saturday's birthday wishes
« Last post by FrancesL on Today at 18:30:16 »
Happy birthday  :D
Reading all of all your storm Arwen experiences makes me realise ow lucky we have been in the south and that Arwen seems to have been on par with 1984.  In that hoolie we had a few ridge tiles come loose, as did just abot everyone else, but that was about all, though there was a house bout a mile away where the whole of the gable end wall caved in.  At that time we had a youngish silver birch in the front garden and my car was parked beside it.  The branches of the tree were going across the car roof and almost touching the ground on the other side.  In his wisdom Terry decided to go out ad move the car!  Fortunately it was sturdy enough to remain firmly rooted.

The power cut, which the whole of Kent experienced, lasted, for us, from the early hours of Friday morning until Sunday afternoon.  I had prepared my Christmas puddings on Thursday evening with the expectation of steaming them for most of Friday.  It was then that I learned that the microwave can do in a few minutes what conventional steamng takes hours to do and the results are just as good.  I haven't steamed any puddings since.
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