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Sewing Machines / Another machine - Bernina, Janome or Brother?
« on: December 26, 2020, 17:58:24 PM »
Hi all
I've a hankering for another machine. 
There's nothing wrong with the one I have (Brother Innovis 2200) but am feeling that it might need a service soon.  I've had it over 8 years now, so probably due one.

I thought I might get myself a spare for
  • When current machine is in being serviced, would not want to be without one
  • So I can take it to classes - sometime in the future I know
I've been looking on various sites, and have always wanted to try a Bernina because of their reputaion, but also like the look of the Janome machines, and am happy with my Brother but that is a higher end machine so appreciate cheaper one may not be so good.

If I were to look at second hand Berninas, how old would be too old?
I've seen a couple on the well known auction site, a B330 for £600 (not sure of age but seemed to be almost full price), a B750 for £1,500 - that comes with the BSR (approx 5 years old), was looking at a B380 for £650 but think I missed that today (just over 2 years old).
Would I be better going for new and if so where to start?

Any comments greatly appreciated.

I need help please.
Every time I sew something quilted, mug rug, advent calendar, quilt, doesn't matter what, no matter how much I clip or pin by the time I get back to the beginning the binding seems to have grown.
I use a walking foot but would have thought that would help me.
I have a Brother machine which is supposed to adjust the tension automatically, and to be fair I've had no issues with that.
I've tried lengthening the stitch (normal is 2.5, so tried 3 and 3.5), and also reducing the tension (from 4 to 3.5).

I don't know what else to try but it makes me not want to make anything I need to bind because I get annoyed I can't get it right.

Anything else I can try?  All help gratefully received.


Hi all
I like quilting - not very good but have only done 2 small ones so far. 
The bit I find less enjoyable is the cutting out.  I never seem to have enough time or if I have time, the space to do it properly.  And I slip sometimes with the ruler and cutter.

Has anyone used a die cutting machine to cut their pieces?  If so which is best?

I've been looking at the Accuquilt Go Big but it's quite expensive, although it should outlast me I expect.

Any views greatly received.


Hi, I'm new... / Hello
« on: March 02, 2017, 14:00:10 PM »
I was Kitten on TSF also and have to say this forum feels great, very "happy".

I don't post much - don't have much knowledge, just enthusiasm - but love reading everything. 

I've had so much help in the past and hope that one day I might be able to return the favor.

Thanks to everyone for getting this up an running.

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