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No!  :P mainly ... because both @PBear @SewRuthieSews and @KayK  are suffering from covid ... which is absolutely horrid!

and as Pbear magicked up this make ....

Official Notice

Because so many of our participants are ill will covid (or awaiting fabric)
I have unilaterally extended the JUNE FLASH MAKE

for an extra two weeks!

Postie Hasnt been !!! :rant:


Layered (well laid out) Chenille backing, cotton wadding ....

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Just waiting for the border fabric ....

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this will be the border and Im using a bit of the patchwork jackets lining for the binding

I wish I was nearer, I would be there like a shot! Enjoy Darling xxx

Ok thats done and Im fairly pleased with it.

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I know I probably made it more difficult than it should have been but I got there in the end and without any 'adult' language!  :angel:

I had/have a vague idea of incorporating the cornerstones in the new border but think Ive probably done something wrong to be able to do that at this point so will probably go with running the border straight up through the middle of them ... pity, that would've looked cool!

I had to make one more checkerboard square which I had just enough of the plain calico for (Phew!) and now just need to decide on the colour of the border/s ... Im looking forward to layering this as it fits on the table Woo Hoo!! and am going to use the cream chenille as the backing fabric.

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Im not going to cut the sides until the very moment Im ready to attach the borders.

Hows it going then ?

Current Projects / Re: Bjay's zigzag journey
« on: June 26, 2022, 11:07:33 AM »
Those look good enough to be a quilt on their own like that!! Love the colours. 

Not wanting to hijack the thread but .... 100 shades

I agree, I dont know why it was such a hard decision. Now to google how to sew these strips together.

I know you have to turn it on an angle of some sort so youre sewing straight strip sets ... and Ive done it before with The Sparkling Stars (still sitting miserably on the footstool in the lounge ... Oh The Shame!) but my brain feels like mush at the moment!

and I cant quite seem to work it out (answers in a pm please) :rolleyes:

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Done ... Pleased with that!

Still got the most enormous block about cutting the borders to size but I can categorically state for one and for all

THEY NEED TO BE CUT AT 6 1/2" IMINEI !!!! :rant:

It could instead be machine stitched down which shows on the other side as a line of stitching.

A line of stitching within a patchwork is no problem at all ... choose a thread that blends in nicely and you'll never notice it!

Wonderful! Absolutely lovely!! Brava @StitchinTime Brava!!

Right! Enough faffing around ...  Im going with the BB's ...

Ill carefully unpick the border off the one completed block and get this together ... hopefully tomorrow!

C'mon Girls, lets see what you've got ?

Ok, 3 Quilting emporia within a reasonable radius scavenged through .. Other QE screenshotted, FA quilters implored to look through their stashes and all I can come up with are a couple of FQ s of Bumbleberries!!!

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What do we think Peeps ???

I might try a tea dye on a small piece too ...

The previous alternative offering has green in it which, to my eye, makes it look dirty. Im running out of patience with this .. and time!

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lining for my patchwork jacket ... its a cotton poplin so hopefully slippy enough for the sleeves.

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