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Publications / Love Sewing Magazine #78
« on: May 16, 2021, 00:47:44 AM »
Apparently, Love Sewing Magazine is not available in the USA. I just want to say that while I have heard many people from other places express envy that we in the US can purchase patterns for very low prices, what we don't have are the sewing magazines that the rest of the world has access to. Some that include free patterns!

That said, I found this free downloadable pattern on Love Sewing Magazine's website. FREE downloadable patterns abound on their website. I never want to hear anybody expressing envy about the US getting low cost patterns. Other places can get them for free. OK, back to subject.  0_0

I can't get the instructions for the Think Pink Top in Love Sewing Magazine #78. I can't purchase a copy of the magazine. I can't borrow a copy from the library. Does anyone have the instructions for this top and could tell me if there is anything particularly weird or odd about the construction of it? I know the basic order of construction of a top, just curious if there is anything I should know. For example, recommended fabric or stretch of fabric? Thank you.  :)

If I had a fabric store near me like this, I would camp out. If you look at them on Google Maps you can see their wall of buttons! I want that. Does anybody have a store like that nearby?

Stoffland Graz

Hi, I'm new... / New from the Southwestern USA
« on: December 23, 2018, 17:57:02 PM »
Hope you all don't mind another US American here.
I've been sewing clothing most of my life but am always willing to learn something new. I sew mostly for myself and live in t-shirts, shorts and jeans so not very fancy sewing, but I do like to get creative. I've sewn t-shirts (really more like knit tops) with color blocking, stripes in various directions, asymmetric hemlines, etc. One thing I'm not good at is mixing prints so I'm not a quilter.  :)

Thanks for letting me join.

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