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Today... One thread per day / Re: Wednesday 12th January
« on: January 13, 2022, 05:51:33 AM »
@Ohsewsimple  He means that we still have a buyer. I assume probably the same buyer who expressed an interest back in October.
No contract has been signed. In fact, nobody has officially informed me of these developments. Just my (bullying) ex.

He can't sell it without my signature.

The solicitor we saw in October told me that as this is my home, I don't have to go anywhere until I know where I'm moving on to.
My ex thought this was nonsense and can't believe I'd have been told such a thing.
Has he never heard of an upward chain when houses are sold?


Today... One thread per day / Re: Wednesday 12th January
« on: January 12, 2022, 22:15:18 PM »
My ex phoned earlier to ask about a couple of things, then he informed me that the house is sold. Just waiting for a few loose ends to be tied and I may have to be out by the end of the month.  ><

He didn't seem to think I had any right to expect the tenants to move from next door before I agree to a moving date. If the buyer wants us out at the end of the month, then that's what I shall have to do. I'll have to 'find somewhere to go'.

 -< :S :o


Today... One thread per day / Re: Wednesday 12th January
« on: January 12, 2022, 08:10:05 AM »
There's a heavy frost this morning and the wispy clouds over the back are a pretty peachy colour.

I've got to finish shortening the sleeves on an overcoat this morning but it shouldn't take too long. I did most of the work yesterday.
Someone had attempted to shorten them at home by folding three inches up inside the cuff and tacking it onto the lining. The 4 cuff buttons were stitched back on in a slightly wibbly line. No harm done though. Nothing had been cut at all and from a distance it didn't look that bad.

Birdies have come for their breakfast on the bird table. Lots and lots of sparrows. I'm sure they're waiting impatiently in the bushes for me to come outdoors in the mornings.
I'll probably top it up again once this first lot's gone.


Today... One thread per day / Re: Tuesday 11th January
« on: January 11, 2022, 15:30:31 PM »
I've been fairly busy today and have got quite a bit of work done.  :)

I've done all of the work the Dry Cleaner brought this morning  :angel: and my friend (who works for him) sent a carrier bag of all of the Peter May China series books for me to read.
It's thanks to her that I've even heard of Peter May.

Gertie visited yesterday and was here for about 4 hours. She's got an interview on Thursday. Not really the sort of work I'd have liked for her but it's a proper, real job and she'll have to be responsible...she needs that.
She told me that she over indulged on Thursday night and threw up  :x
Then she over indulged again on Friday night and threw up again.  :x

The older woman who she house shares with smokes drugs  >< and some suspicious looking young men occasionally call round to see her. Gertie reckons these must be her dealers.

Good news! We get to keep the cat. Pets aren't allowed.  :meow:


Current Projects / Re: Bjay's Ribbon Quilt
« on: January 10, 2022, 22:07:11 PM »
Lovely work  :loveit: and I love the red too.


Today... One thread per day / Re: Ring Ring it's Monday 10th January
« on: January 10, 2022, 13:23:55 PM »
@Helen M and @BrendaP  Coat lining's been pulled back together.  :thumb: It's a horrible job yet it sounds so easy to just restitch the seams.

I know who it belongs to so I'll mention to her that there's a risk it might now be on the tight side because I've had to take it in a smidgen to lose the frayed bits.
I don't think she'll be interested in a reline. It's up to her. Maybe she just needs it to last her through this winter...?

Gertie might be visiting this afternoon if she can get her dad to drop her off.  :)


Today... One thread per day / Re: Ring Ring it's Monday 10th January
« on: January 10, 2022, 09:00:26 AM »
Overcast and very still out there. It's dry though.

I have a coat on the rail to restitch the lining, but I don't think it's as straightforward as just sewing a few seams back together. I had a quick look at it when it was dropped off and it looked like a lot of the seams have pulled open and frayed away. That's all the work I've got for now.  ><

Don't know what else I'll find to do today  :thinking:


Today... One thread per day / Re: Sunday 9th January
« on: January 09, 2022, 18:07:27 PM »
My son's allergic to the cat and he takes the occasional Piriteze (or a similar type anti allergy pill) if he feels she's 'got' him @Ohsewsimple  We call them anti-cat pills.

Well the hit man oops! The man's been with my brother. Not as scary as I'd feared. He knows his stuff and came across as very professional.
Blimey. That sounds dodgy doesn't it. It's not as bad as it sounds. Honest.

I'm just going to sit my ever expanding bottom down on the settee and watch telly now for the next 3 or 4 hours.


@BrendaP  No it hadn't been quilted at all. It was a proper duvet cover and yes, very much like men's shirt fabric but not the nice, smooth, fine cotton shirts like Imi used. This is slightly coarser stuff.

It was stitched and overlocked together and as you say, the squares were about 6 inches to start with but when I've squared them up they're going to have to be 5 inch. Some of them are so wonky and on the squiff.

I think I'm going to do a simple 8 squares across and 10 squares down quilt top, with the squares stitched in blocks of four, separated with sashing using the original outer border fabric.
That's the plan for now anyway.  :thumb:

I'll remove the outer border fabric coloured squares from the pile and I've now unpicked  :laughing: ripped apart the pillowcase to salvage what I can from that.

I'm not too concerned about it having to be a particular size. It'll be whatever it becomes (within reason).


Today... One thread per day / Re: Sunday 9th January
« on: January 09, 2022, 13:43:14 PM »
@Bumblebuncher  ;) I'll be sure to let you know and @justpottering  :ninja: thank you.

Went in the garden for five mins earlier to prune something which looked a bit untidy. Stood for a while and eyeballed everything to see all was well, than came in for my cup of tea which I'd just made.

Son came downstairs about half an hour later and asked who had been knocking on the front door.  :facepalm:
I never heard a thing. If they'd rung the doorbell I'd have probably heard it in the back garden.

Isn't that annoying? I was only outside for 5 mins. And who the blinkin' 'eck visits around lunchtime on Sunday?!
Not to mention the fact that someone who lives here heard the door knock and ignored it.


I bought this years ago for my son thinking he probably wouldn't really like it (a bit too boring/old fashioned? Too grown up) but he gave it the thumbs up. He's all grown up now in a big bed  0_0 so a single quilt cover's no use to him any more.

Can't remember where I bought it from but it's 100% cotton and it's not printed. It's real life stitched together patchwork squares.

Oh, I do wish they'd pre-washed the fabrics before stitching them together.  :S  ><
It's been an absolute nightmare to iron. Like trying to iron a human body! It's twisted, wrinkly and shrunken in places.
It was even annoying to fold up because it was so twisted.

Didn't know whether to charity shop it or dump it in the clothing bank nearby, but I've decided to take it apart and turn it into a quilt. I like the colours. Sort of denim-y blue-grey.
I simply cut it all apart getting as close to the stitching line as possible, and have pressed all the pieces. was lovely  :loveit: to iron flat.

I don't think it's going to be hugely different to the original. The more I tinker with the squares, the smaller they'll become. They need squaring up for starters, so that's going to trim them down.
I'll try to have a think about some sort of layout.
No idea on a time scale for my plan but one day I'm sure I'll make a start on it.


Today... One thread per day / Re: Sunday 9th January
« on: January 09, 2022, 10:30:27 AM »
*sighs* Wish I lived closer to the sea.
I haven't seen the sea since...  :thinking: ...erm. Blimey! the Bahamas? in 2009-ish. My last holiday was in 2010 when I went with the kids to stay with my brother when he lived in France.

It's lovely and bright here but a bit frosty. The birdies must have been waiting for me to put some food out for them. I hadn't closed the kitchen door and they were already on the bird table.  :S
Might go out and top it up.

Feeling a bit hacked off today. Big bruv's interfering/trying to help about something even though every time he's mentioned how he thinks he can help, I've repeatedly told him NO.
I was awake and worrying at quarter past three last night and stayed awake for a couple of hours or so. He's bringing someone round here later on today (great  :\ ) who will be able to help/advise me.
Don't worry. It's not a hit man.

My friend phoned on Friday evening to tell me a grim story of a resident in the flats where she lives who has died. Poor soul died some time before anyone noticed.
Possibly a couple of weeks before.  :x



Today... One thread per day / Re: Saturday 8th January
« on: January 08, 2022, 12:52:36 PM »
I couldn't get on here first thing. No idea why but it appears it was just me as nobody else seems to have mentioned a problem.
Anyway...good to see you all back.

I had a plan to meet up with Gertie today but the weather's vile. It's piddling down although I believe it's passing over and will dry up in the next hour or so.
She said 'maybe' to meeting but she went out last night and had another very late night so I've been waiting for her to get back to me, which she has now and she's said 'no'. Not a problem. It was only a 'maybe'.

Might still go out when the rain stops.


Today... One thread per day / Re: Friday 7th January
« on: January 07, 2022, 09:43:53 AM »
 :hug: Imi  :hug: you need a double hug after that ordeal  :scream:


Today... One thread per day / Re: Friday 7th January
« on: January 07, 2022, 08:35:41 AM »
 :hug: to @Iminei Hope you're okay.

It's a bit damp out after some rain yesterday evening but it's brightening up nicely now.

Dry Cleaner's been with a couple of jobs. To restitch the hem on a little kiddies dress, and to replace the zip in a jacket. The customer has supplied the zip.  :thumb:

Had a pleasant visit from my brother and his wife yesterday.  :) I'm a bit concerned about my nephew. He seems to be struggling with life at the moment. No motivation and very little interest.
Not working (again). My brother's finding him annoying. My sis-in-law's monitoring him as well as she can.


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