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Patterns Discussion / McCall's 7854 Daenerys costume
« on: March 07, 2019, 19:08:23 PM »
World Book Day, and I've been wearing the costume all day, so it's as wrinkly as I am...
But here it is, me as Grandmother of Dragons

Blog post with more pics here

I bought this back in October, on a whim, from the US site...and I have stroked it and petted it and put it aside awaiting its day in the sun. 
Which came today.  I got an email saying we can dress up for world book day, so, I squeaked in glee, and started planning [withing thirty seconds] my 'grandmother of dragons' outfit.
Rushed home, grabbed pattern, got all the tissue out, checked size to start cutting...and I've bloody well ordered the UP TO size 14 one.  AAARGH!

I really don't want to be grading up so much, so has anyone got this and willing to sell/swap it?  I need size 16+ obviously...

PLEASE HELP this is urgent!

The Show Must Go On / Appeal for dancewear makers in Bham/Sutton area
« on: February 18, 2019, 21:47:58 PM »
Hi guys
My niece is looking for someone to make dancewear for her daughter...anyone up for it?  She'd prefer Bham/Sutton area for convenience.

Any takers?

Access All Accessories / Hatty McHatface
« on: January 26, 2019, 20:16:46 PM »
I'm FINALLY having a go at one of the patterns in the Japanese sewing book I bought from someone on the Forum years ago....
I've gazed adoringly at the lovely pictures, fondled the fold out pattern sheets, stared in horror at the japanese instructions...and done nothing
But now, armed with a fairly sizeable piece of the cashmere coat fabric, what better to make?

I've managed to decipher some of the symbols by sheer dint of common sense, and traced [yes, traced- MOI] all the pattern pieces.  I then made the changes required to the brim shape according to the diagram, cut it out...and realised I'd done it wrong.  Bollocks.  So I did it again, and this time it looks OK.

Ready to start assembling as soon as I do the interfacing for the brim, and decide what I should use for lining...

I don't want it to go all static-y when I take my hat off, so I guess the acetate lining I used for the coat is a bad idea?

Any help please?  I have all sorts of stuff in stash of course, but I don't want to mess this up too badly...

This is the book

A bit of a 'do' / Say yes to the Fairy
« on: October 03, 2018, 20:37:25 PM »
I might be meeting Gok Wan this space :ninja:

A bit of a 'do' / MOB Rule
« on: May 24, 2018, 20:33:45 PM »
Doc-daughter  is now well and truly engaged [with a rock the size of the ruddy moon]
I am now having to fend off her attempts to tell me what to wear, so I've been a-browsing.  Just found it, and ordered it from the USA [hope I don't get hit with bloody customs again]
What do you think?

I've got lots of lovely silk chiffons bookmarked on eBay and Stone Fabrics, and have been pondering hats

previous contender was this one, but now fades into insignificance
fabrics are still in the running though

Patterns Discussion / VOGUE Summer patterns
« on: April 06, 2018, 09:28:38 AM »
On the whole, MEH
Vogue patterns

I would have said that there's nothing at all, but on 2nd thoughts, this Tracey Reese V1586 isn't too bad

The rest are too low, too many cold shoulders, cold midriffs etc

And the Tilton offerings look same old same old.  Dull.  I always prefer autumn and winter styles, these seem to be aimes at holidays and posh nights out, neither of which feature in my life!

Bridal / Fairy Finking- wedding dress for a friend
« on: February 04, 2018, 02:30:57 AM »
So, making a wedding dress [probably] for a friend's daughter.  She tried on quite a few yesterday, and the chosen style has a full A line skirt, with layers of blush pink tulle.  If she decides on a train, there are large lace motifs around the hem.
The bodice has a fairly deep plunge sweetheart neckline, overlaid with ornate lace, but is completely filled in with stretch illusion mesh quite high to the throat.  Small cap sleeves in the lace, and a largely sheer back in the illusion, with more large lace motifs arranged symmetrically to the million tiny buttons down CB.
The back 'bodice' is little more than a waistband as far as I can make out.
It was a posh shop with a very alert assistant, so I couldn't do my usual dissection and examination of everything.

My thoughts-
  • bodice foundation/corselette, boned, fasten back waist with lingerie hooks and eyes.  Attach illusion bodice sections to the inside of this, to hold it close to the torso- HOW?
  • Base dress, princess seams in lightweight taffeta
  • blush tulle layers- no idea how to add so much volume while not having bulk at the waist?
  • Overlay lace appliqués to build bodice, cap sleeves, and that back design- adding button loops to reinforced edge of illusion mesh/lace sandwich??

Please comment!  This was easier with my daughter's dress, as she didn't have the plunge neckline OR low back, and it was still a complicated construction [for me!]

Help please- full details on the problem in the bridal thread 'Fairy Finking'

In the wardrobe / Wardrobe Building- stolen from the Guild
« on: January 07, 2018, 13:14:45 PM »
Shamelessly stolen from a currently running 6-pack on the Stitcher's Guild: just as an idea for the way a theme can be interpreted to suit inividuals, I thought this was great.
:Welcome, welcome to the Winter 6PAC!  The purpose of this sew-along is to inspire us to work on the "workhorse" garments of our wardrobe, in a seasonally-appropriate, thoughtful way. The aim is to sew two garments a month over three months, to add up to 6 garments which mix and match and form the foundation of a well-dressed you. 

To get maximum use of your 6PAC, your garments should be classic for your style, well made, in colours that suit you and in styles that suit your body type.  They are made for the upcoming season, not for some future time when you lose weight or gain muscle or transform into another person with a different sense of style.  The "rules" I outline below are derived from considerable conversation with members of this forum over years, and are meant to give you a good idea of a starting point.  I encourage you to first go through your own closet and see what you already have for the upcoming season.  This will reduce your sewing of unnecessary garments and give you more sewing time for frivolous and exciting projects (which are NOT generally 6PAC things).  This sew along may not be for you if you: 1) already have a lot of garments that fit (because then you should just go through your closet and pick; 2) hate following rules of any type; 3) already know exactly what you are going to sew; 4) really want to spend some time creating a special project in the next few months.  If you are a slow sewist, aim for one garment a month, and look through your closet and your budget to see if you can round out what you are sewing.  I also encourage you to close your eyes, imagine reaching in to your closet or dresser, and pulling out the garment you are thinking of -- do you imaginarily pull these things out and wear them delightedly?  Or is your impulse to wonder how on earth you will wear them?  I urge you to use the 6PAC for every-day-no-sooner-clean-than-worn type garments.

With all that said, here are the rules for winter:

2 jackets or cardigan sweaters, one in dark neutral, the other in a neutral or a colour
2 tops, one in a neutral and the other in a print or a colour
2 bottoms, both neutral, at least one to match one of the jackets

For this particular sew-along, please combat your urge to choose many colours and focus on one primary accent and two neutrals.  This will pay dividends as these clothes serve as the backdrop for many other accessories.  If later you decide to make a turquoise moto jacket covered with beads, you will have something to wear with it...

OK, here are some examples of how you can use these rules with different personal styles.

Say you are a classy dresser and are pursuing an important investigation of wrongdoing amongst politicians with your legal firm.  You must be perceived as serious and not to be trifled with.  A fiendishly classy black Italian wool suiting with a subtle pattern is made into a classic jacket, skirt, and trousers.  You machine knit a dark grey cashmere sweater, and add two long-sleeved silk blouses in pale gold and pale green, which complement your green eyes and black hair.  Ha ha let them sweat.  And save your pennies for your Hawaiian vacation when the indictments come down...

Say you are a retired artist living in the desert of New Mexico.  It's sunny and even hot in the day, but cold at night.  Your colours are the rusty brown and turquoise of the land.  A sweater in jean-jacket style made of local churro wool in brown, plus dark brown ponte knit trousers and rusty brown jeans are where you start.  You add in a fleece jacket made up Alabama-chanin style in turquoise and brown, plus two long-sleeved t-shirts, one turquoise, one rust.  Your silver jewellery will make everything sparkle...

You are an urban dweller in a moderately sized city with a couple of kids to look after and a busy work life.  But this year, you want to stop looking frumpy and start dressing for you.  Navy blue brings out your eyes and makes your skin look porcelain, so that's your foundation, and you decide that the seafoam green silk you bought on a whim is going to be used.  You make a navy blue a-line dress and a short navy bolero (lined in the silk).  You add indigo jeans, navy wool trousers, and a seafoam green silk blouse.  You also knit a beautiful fuzzy sweater in a very slightly darker green.  OK, you made seven pieces, but WOW, the dress really adds something.

You're at college and you want to make an impression!  You choose a beautiful rusty red that brings out your chocolate skin, and decide to accent it with mustard.  Rusty corduroy jacket and trousers, and a rust herringbone skirt that goes past your knees but with a slit up the thigh.  You find some mustard sweater knit and make an honest-to-goodness twinset but not like grandma's!  You also use some giant wool to knit up a little tweedy rust vest.  You've got a couple of turtlenecks to round this out... ooh, look, mustard coloured tights!!

You're at college and you could care less but you haven't got too much money to shell out and the cheap clothes don't suit you.  You find a local thrift store with millions of t-shirts, some good quality cotton, not to mention jeans etc. and even some sweaters that could be good.  You get all the t-shirts you can in acceptable colours (red, navy, white, and black as it turns out, good thing they are 4 for $5), four pairs of regular indigo jeans in mens sizes, a big navy-and-red plaid skirt in a size far too large for you,and a giant cabled 1990s sweater with huge shoulder pads in pink wool.  The jeans become a long skirt and a buttoned vest.  The t-shirts are re-cut into two raglan colour-blocked numbers. You remove the waistband of the skirt and refashion it into a straight skirt (the remnants make pockets for the jean vest).  Finally, you unravel the pink monstrosity and overdye the yarn red before reknitting it into what is possibly your favourite cardigan sweater ever.  Not bad for $40 total.  You even found some shoes...

Have fun and let us know what you plan!:

Anyone fancy a go?  I see no harm in sticking this here- the Guild is in financial trouble and may soon have a paywall,  let's hope we stay free to all xx

Current Projects / I'm not staying!
« on: December 12, 2017, 20:12:11 PM »
I slipped and fell to the Dark Side.  It's only temporary, and in my defence, my cathedral window patchwork is intended for a steampunk outfit
Here's the work so far

And here's the link to one of the blog posts on the subject

In the wardrobe / Style Arc Juliet
« on: June 19, 2017, 18:24:28 PM »
Cut out weeks and weeks ago, and constantly shifted and re-stacked since.  It turned out to be a fast, straightforward make [once I sussed the design feature out!]
Blog post here

And a pic to get you over to the blog! [or running, screaming 'my eyes!  my eyes!']

Events / Birmingham Rag Market Meet #4 [and #5 if requested]
« on: May 20, 2017, 10:19:53 AM »
Whitsun week approacheth at a rate of knots, so is anyone looking for a trip to Brum to search for goodies?

If so, this native guide is more than happy to meet, and lead you to find all the delights [including lunch]

Any takers?

In the wardrobe / Shrek trousers
« on: May 18, 2017, 19:46:02 PM »
I done made me some trouziz

Style Arc Misty with a few modifications + green stretch denim.  Worn all day to work, hence creases.  Fast make, comfy, could have been a tad longer, and I had waistband issues. [See blog post]

I like 'em though!


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