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I was making pretty good progress on my piece, and was following a nice tutorial- but you all know how there is a difference between "reading" and "understanding"? First I thought I needed 10 fabric strips and two small blocks. Nope, I need 10 different fabrics that make 8 strips and 2 sets of blocks. Okay, not a problem, I wasn't really liking two of them anyways.
Finish the block thinking this is going to be a close twelve inches, only to realize I need FOUR of those sets of 8 strips. Ooooooh okay okay okay!  I do not blame the tutorial I was following, it was clear.

That project is going into time out for a minute while I work on a different, more miniature mini.
Tech Know How / Why do my pictures show up sideways?
« Last post by Sara-S on Yesterday at 23:04:42 »
It doesn’t happen all the time. But when I post pics here, some of them show up sideways, even though that is not how they look on my camera or tablet.

I don’t know why it is happening or how to correct it.
Patchwork & Quilting ... Welcome to the Darkside / Re: Mays Mini Marvels
« Last post by Sara-S on Yesterday at 23:01:37 »
Ok it’s done.  Not perfect, but pretty good & I had fun with it. It’s 12” x 12”
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Here it is, with its new owner, Barnsie Bear. He is looking forward to snuggling under it when he reads bedtime stories to the other bears.  But he can’t make up his mind which side he likes better.
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Today... One thread per day / Re: Hernibs Husband Robert.....
« Last post by Marniesews on Yesterday at 22:01:23 »
I'm really sorry to hear this - I'm afraid I'm out of the loop as I only rarely dip into the cafe and don't follow the daily threads.

57 years is a long time together, a wonderful thing in itself and something to treasure but it's hard too. Just like everyone here I send my  heartfelt condolences and hope you can find some means to ease your way as best you can through the difficult days.
Today... One thread per day / Re: Monday 10th May
« Last post by Ohsewsimple on Yesterday at 21:03:22 »
Very late checking in today.  Been busy. 
Batch cooked some stuff for the freezer.  Load of washing done and hung in the garage as it looked dodgy.   Packed stuff up to take to the caravan again tomorrow. 

DH was out at bowls for a few hours so I could get things done.  This evening we went to the forest down the road to check out the bluebells.  Big carpets of them, lovely.    And had a walk down the old railway track. 
Access All Accessories / Re: Spencer Ogg Patterns
« Last post by Clareew on Yesterday at 20:59:06 »
I have covered webbing with fabric for bag handles before.  That might work to stop it itching.
Courses & Classes / Re: Craftsy app
« Last post by Helen M on Yesterday at 20:56:57 »
Ah that would explain it @Vezelay. I haven't used mine much either but have done so on my laptop which is the website. I'll find the website and save it on my tablet.

We all have such good intentions.......... ;)
Courses & Classes / Re: Craftsy app
« Last post by Vezelay on Yesterday at 20:25:17 »
Helen, I don't think there's an app any more. Afaik when Bluprint changed back into Craftsy they ditched the app and made it web access only.

Reminds me that I haven't used my cheapo $5 annual membership at all yet - ah well, still 6 months to go.
If you have finished your 3 piece collection but not yet posted the pictures, please can you do so and I'll see if we have enough entries for voting.

Cheers Ruthie
Today... One thread per day / Re: Monday 10th May
« Last post by Stitches on Yesterday at 20:17:34 »
@Sandra pleased you have been told what wrong with your Mum. I have been waiting for over 2 years to find out which dementia my hubby has they would not do a test when he was in hospital last September.
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