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Hi, I'm new... / Hello there!
« on: November 29, 2023, 19:06:54 PM »
Hello everyone,

I just arrived today. My mum was (sadly she can't see well enough now) an awesome dressmaker and I don't really aspire to her levels. I have a sewing machine and an overlocker. I sew intermittently and sometimes badly!

I often find my fabrics in charity shops and sometimes scavenge clothes there for upcycling too.

My current project is refashioning a cashmere blend knitted tunic into a shorter cardigan.
It's not entirely straightforward, because there was a line of pearl buttons knitted in down the centre back, which I've removed. I also wanted to retain the bottom rib and the knitted in pockets, so I've cut the top off, removed the sleeves to reattach later and drafted a new neckline. After I've bound the neckline (using the strip I've cut off from the top) I'll be binding the centre fronts following the instructions at the Cucicucicoo blog (which I've used before)

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