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Title: Tutu made of tulle?
Post by: Heikedog on October 20, 2017, 19:47:08 PM
Actual tulle, not "tulle" when it's used interchangeably with "net."  I'm talking about the stuff that comes on a 6- or 9-inch roll.

DD needs a pink tutu for a school project on Monday (it is now Friday afternoon).  A costume, not ballet quality. If I whipped up some kind of quickie tutu out of readily available and inexpensive tulle, would it be substantial enough or would it flatten very quickly?  I guess what I have in mind is something sort of similar to those no-sew tutus for little girls but with a little more structure to it.  The same amount of tulle that I would normally use of tutu net (for which I do not have a local source) and sewn onto a stretch panty.  Sort of a mutant rehearsal tutu.   :P   What do you think?